Does Damian Lillard’s tweet mean he’s open to joining LeBron James on the Lakers? | Get Up! | ESPN

Does Damian Lillard’s tweet mean he’s open to joining LeBron James on the Lakers? | Get Up! | ESPN

The Get Up! crew of Jalen Rose, Mike Greenberg and Michelle Beadle react to Damian Lillard’s tweet response about a potential trade to the Los Angeles Lakers to play with LeBron James.

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99 Responses

  1. King Wani says:

    Rather have him than Lonzo bust

    • sundance kidd says:

      nah u a clown lonzo is more valuable to a team. he makes everyone better around him. u just look at stats and bs like that. i know dame is clutch but i dont want that high usage pg

    • Imee Lagrata says:

      Fran Detrovi lilliard isnt a choker, he puts up 30+ pts this playoffs, they got swept bc NO were a better team!

    • deon brinson says:

      Jordan Bledsoe don’t even have to explain cuz there just TROLLING at this point.

    • July Stylez says:

      King Wani hahaha agreed bro!

    • jeff jefferson says:

      sundance kidd the lakers won 35 games last year. Yeah dude he really made the lakers better. 🤦‍♂️

  2. William Jean says:

    1 Thessalonians 4: 17 “After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.”

    • Tony Montana says:

      William Jean Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

    • Andrew Comley says:

      This is a basketball video my man

    • Elijah Gonzalez says:


    • Jo - Jo says:

      SUPAMAN I know about Enoch and the other lost books of the Bible, still an atheist bro, just saying lol. I can use the Bible to disprove the Bible including or not including those “LOST” books. The Bible is man made and has many flaws… Christianity isn’t even the first religion and not even an original story either lol, look into that. They have religion and stories older than Christianity of a son being born of a virgin #facts. I study all that bruh, all religions. That’s how I know it’s all bullshit.

    • Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety says:

      spikeball pro8 not atheists in general. I dont believe in god but i dont really care what you quote or say, doesn’t have anything to do with me. The people who get mad are the same people who get triggered about countless other things people say that have nothing to do with them.

  3. Alex Davinci says:

    Would love to see this trade

  4. Lil Dagga says:

    Y’all be acting so dumb, not to long ago Dame said if he ever had to leave Portland he would go to LA or Utah he isn’t pulling this idea out of thin air it’s been on his mind for a while now hope we can pull off a heist for him but then again it might get vetoed

    • King Luckey says:

      Tell me what u guys think about this…

      Super Team: LBJ, Kawhi & Damian

      BOOM 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Ruben Santana says:

      King Wani boy we dont dont want lonzo. We want Ingram and a 2nd round pick

    • jeff jefferson says:

      Lil Dagga you must be tripping if you think the lakers will get dame for a bag of chips. Lonzo will get traded if the Lakers really wanna make some power moves

    • The Greatest says:

      Lil Dagga Ingram, Hart and some picks for Lillard asap!!! Lillard and Lonzo in the backcourt it’s scary!! Lillard the scorer Lonzo the facilitator 🔥 and lonzo can catch lobs and guard every shooting guard in the league!! Lonzo was playing sg at ucla too! And he’s really good in the passing lanes, hope magic is smart

    • jeff jefferson says:

      The Greatest “can guard every sg in the league” 🤔 *cough* James harden

  5. Lavish Kane says:

    Lillard x Lebron = 🏆🏆🏆

    • Tired of Fools says:

      just Ls

    • Christopher Jaymes says:

      Kellz lmao that’s different they drafted 3 of them, any team that lost the finals is going to try to improve there team don’t blame GS for trying to get KD in the FA and actually succeeded, bron went to Miami and recruited Bosh to join him and wade(All top 5 picks) GS besides KD, we’re all picked 9-32, Bron paved that road, don’t hate the player hate the game!

    • Christopher Jaymes says:

      bob saget lmao tf are you even talking about, ball movement beats that stale ball like haft the NBA teams these day, unselfishness is what teams lack, you tell me when GS has a slight advantage and lost(not in the regular season) and cousin won’t even play till February and that’s a big fucking maybe, on top of that he ain’t saying longer than a year, quite your bitching and go watch soccer then

    • July Stylez says:

      Lavish Kane Hell yes! We gonna be champs if we get Lillard! Best PG ever!

    • Adrian Rubio says:

      Ya’ll wouldn’t make it past the Rockets. Remember you have to jump and swing up to reach GS ankles

  6. Jsmoove TV says:

    Lillard joining the Lakers would definitely mean Lonzo and Lavar are outta LA

  7. YoungJerl24 says:

    Since NBA is more about forming super teams than taking the challenge,I’m more excited for the MVP race than NBA champions.thanks a lot warriors.

    • Manish Amin says:

      oh no i think you misunderstand me. I give GSW ALL the credit for doing what they did, and would expect nothing less. GSW has one obligation, keep the fans happy by competing for championships. If they could also sign LBJ, kawhi, and AD they absolutely should. As for the celtics, I am COMPLETELY impressed with the organization, the coaching, and the players. That team is looking really good. However, I would say something similar if the celtics ended up adding lebron to their current team. That would be comparable to GSW getting durant, in terms of amount of talent on one team. My issue is not with the GSW, but just with the nba in general, and a little with durant.

      Boogie may not have worked well with NO, but that has more to do team chemistry and how good a team can be playing thru one player or another. However, on GSW, he’s so talented that having him as the 3rd or 4th best scorer/player is just overkill. I blame other teams for not taking him, cuz 90% of the teams need him. However, if Boogie is your 3rd or 4th best player, that is MUCH easier to assimilate in.

      GSW I call a cheat code after they signed Durant. before that, they were probably the most feel-good story of the nba, except for maybe draymond annoying people. I loved how they stuck with and developed curry and klay and that team as a whole.

      I do not hold anything against GSW. but in terms of enjoying the nba, the much more enjoyed watching OKC with durant go up against the warriors, and then the cavs go up against that same warriors. watching these new warriors just steamroll teams when healthy isn’t as fun. It seems that they only way they don’t win is if their are injured.

    • Kenyatta Clay says:

      YoungJerl24 Bill Russel played with 9 other hall of Famers. Larry Bird walked into a team that had three future hall of Famers. Magic Johnson walked into a team that already had Jabar, Michael Cooper, Norm Nixon and Jamal Wilkes. Jordan played with another top 50 all time player and all NBA player and when Grant left they brought in another hall of fame player and the best rebounder in NBA history. 2/3 of all the titles are owned by five teams and the majority of them are between the Lakers and Celtics. Stope acting like this hasn’t ALWAYS existed in the NBA.

    • Bill Latibay says:

      Manish Amin well there is really nothing we can do about it. As any superstars have their own preference of whom them want to play with and whom they dont just as all other regular players do. As for boogie, 5mil is like signing him 20mil because of the number of games he will actually play. His first choice is Lakers but did not get an offer, its obvious he wants to play in a winning team, so much sacrifice he did with playing in sacramento. So i dont blame him signing with the champs. And also he’s cool with dra, kd and step. Its only for a year though. So lets give this man a break, he just snapped his fckn achilles.

    • Manish Amin says:

      oh yeah again, i may not have been clear in my first post.

      I do not have any problem with the warriors making all these moves. Sign everyone if it means getting a better chance at winning a title. thats what you are supposed to do. I don’t blame Cousins cuz most teams were willing to offer him what he’s worth. He made a smart move going to a championship team because regardless of how well he plays, everyone is just going to consider him a champion after this season. he has a better chance of getting a top offer playing one year with the warriors then for any other team.

      the only point I was making is that this team is just unfairly good. Again, not blaming them or cousins, its everyone else’s fault. I liked the nba a few years ago when the clippers were thrilling going up against those awesome spurs teams. You had OKC that was just a shot blocker, a superstar, and a tazmanian devil, and yet they scared everyone they played against. You had a warriors team that if you followed over the years, you saw them develop and actually get better every year, and it was fun to watch. there were small rivalries everywhere. I loved seeing steph v. russ or steph v. kyrie. I loved seeing durant v. kawhi. i liked watching teams that seemed to be on an equal footing. Now it’s just going to be like watching Team USA vs other players.

      The only person in the entire Warriors organization who i put any blame on is KD, I still do not and will not ever agree that him going there was good for the nba. IMO he took the very easy way of getting a championship.

    • Bill Latibay says:

      Manish Amin well thatS the problem, aside from warriors having a very good front office they also benefited from a very good luck. Just after they suffer a finals defeat there is a free agent in the name of KD and the allowance that can accommodate his monetary demands (which is low, why everybody is going crazy). But at the end of the day he’s still a free agent and we don’t really know why he went to the warriors, maybe he want an easy ring or may it be he likes the system or the atmosphere of the team or maybe he just doesn’t care what other people say about his legacy etc etc. As for the NBA, this opens up the idea that the ball is not only played in the court but also in the entire team’s culture. Its time for the GMs to live up to the new standards, that good culture attracts talents. Its definitely way different from the 90s and 2000s, the league is evolving so should every other teams.

  8. Malik The great says:

    Damian lillard is really good, ofc, averaged 27 over last two seasons, clutch, unguardable, perfect for lebron.

    • John .B#4 says:

      thekingbradable y’all expecting lillard wud Carry the lakers offense but u act like teams won’t have to worry and plan their defense towards a dude named Lebron and what makes y’all think Ingram and kuzma wouldn’t take leaps in their game next year this trade wud make the lakers nasty

    • kaki langit says:

      clutch unguardable???? get sweep to Pelicans and have worst game/stat

    • Imee Lagrata says:

      John .B#4 lilliard will not gonna get too much pressure considering he got lbj in his back, not what he did to portland this playoffs..

    • July Stylez says:

      Malik The great If Lilard joins Lakers might be as stack as GSW

    • Malik The great says:

      July Stylez yea I agree because all Damian lillard go to do is be a score cause they already have rondo and Lonzo as point guards. It’s scary to see a lebron james that only has to score

  9. Kaasi Mutanda says:

    LeBron elevates a Team not players who on the cavs Got better playing with him?No hate still the best in the league

  10. Luke Samerson says:

    I like this move. When cavs played Portland LBJ said in an interview “give me Dame!” He been putting this together all along 😂

  11. Lil Dagga says:

    I just peeped no one is talking about summer league last year it was the talk of the nba that’s the Lonzo effect

    • Geechie says:

      Lil Dagga yup

    • Kxngace says:

      Aaron Murrell it was crazy but it wasn’t this crazy bruh like jimmy went to the wolves in a trade on draft night, cp3 to the rockets George and melo to okc, it jus wasn’t “let’s throw away the NBA” crazy like this year

    • July Stylez says:

      Lil Dagga yeah everyone was hyped about him but not anymore, we saw him play in the NBA and hes average at best. Gtfo trade asap!

    • nmb Memphis beast24 says:

      Jason Jasonson so lonzo rookie season was garbage outside of his shooting % how?…..

    • bep 2 says:

      and then we saw why he was all hype, tatum, rozier, mitchell, kusma , are the real deal when the real season started and you haft to play against elite players lmao fucking clown

  12. Jay Lee says:

    Lillard with lebron would be dope af but lonzo would have to go and then rondo comes the bench but rondo playoffs stats says otherwise tho


    Happy cancer😂😂😂

  14. E C says:

    Dame should go. All of the Blazers salary cap is taken up by Evan Turner, Mo Harkless nd Meyers Leonard. Straight garbage. Dame’s smart.

    • Get It! Work A Lot! says:

      E C he does need to leave but not for LA. He need to go to the East. Miami, NY, Cha, Orl, even Milwaukee.

  15. Cole Phelps says:

    Don’t give me this he’s not as good as Steph Curry shit. If you put Lillard on the Warriors they are just as good and he has atleast one finals MVP. Lillard a better passer and doesn’t choke as much as Curry… you just notice it more when he does because he doesn’t have Durant or Klay to bail him out

  16. Veridian says:

    As long as it ain’t the Warriors we’re good

  17. Veridian says:

    He bouta drop his LA EP soon as another hint

  18. MG kyo says:

    Tired of people thinking everyone wanna go to the lakers

  19. Tony Hemetona says:

    Damn this would be nice

    • The Greatest says:

      Tony Hemetona I would not trade Lonzo…….. I would trade Ingram, hart and some picks for Lillard… Imagine Lillard Lonzo LeBron Kuzma Mcgee!!! Lonzo will be back to his UCLA days where he was catching lobs after lobs by playing with another point guard in aaron holiday! And lonzo doesn’t need the ball in his hands too much 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  20. Chet Avdic says:

    Im a blazers fan, but wherever Lillard goes I go

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