Dog is playing drums – Metallica Enter Sandman

Dog is playing drums – Metallica Enter Sandman

Our little dog is playing drums. Enjoy !!!

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20 Responses

  1. DeLL116 says:

    The dog actually looks like Lars.

  2. Wendy Bloink says:

    Looks like Lars has some fierce competition

  3. SargeSparta says:

    nice puggo

  4. Benasr Haylem says:

    lol he missed at 0.40

  5. Alexis368 says:

    Very nice!

    Now here comes the dumb comments like “still better than Lars”.

  6. Sidney Santana says:

    I love you internet! ???

  7. SpiderDanny says:

    Missed the bang on 0:56 🙁 but still awesome. 😀 😀 :D

  8. Angelooos says:

    Well played man!

  9. ibad 5 says:


  10. Bob Kosgak says:

    I think I figured out how they made it look like the dog is playing the
    drums. The drums all have metal on them, and the drumsticks are painted to
    look like they aren’t metal, but are. There are hidden wires behind the
    drums, connected to them with electric current running through them. So,
    every time the dog hits the wrong drum it gets electrocuted, so it has to
    play it correctly.

    • Bob Kosgak says:

      Maybe the jumpsuit is made out of material that makes the person wearing it
      unable to be electrocuted like how the pug is.

    • xxXXUltimateLordDogeXXxx says:

      Or somebody wearing a black jumpsuit could be moving the dogs arms, just
      look underneath his arms.

  11. TEXASCAT 100 says:


  12. XCometX says:

    Still a way better drummer than Justin Bieber though.

  13. christos stylianou says:

    ise oreos re file

  14. Nut Slayer says:

    The sunglasses

  15. Gooby ! says:

    LMAO that tongue

  16. Venzo says:

    He’s gonna get so many bitches after that