Dogs love to swim in pools

Dogs love to swim in pools

It was dogs day Monday in Calgary outdoor pools. Dogs were invited to take a plunge after the pools closed for the season to raise money for charity. To see more:
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20 Responses

  1. HARD RESET KING says:

    :40 dat ass

  2. Eitan R says:

    Can dog pools be a regular fixture in all cities please.

  3. infinity pool says:

    I really wanted to say “What a waste of water, why would they dump the
    water in the pool”
    Then I remember I live in California and every other state actually has

    • TheMissingSockz says:

      +infinity pool this is calgary alberta canada. If they do not dump the
      water in winter it will freeze solid breaking all the pumps and cleaning
      systems and possible damage the cement pool walls.

  4. zed1207 says:

    Sounds good, eh?

  5. theworldowner111 says:

    for a moment I heard Caldari instead of Calgary..

    Nearly sent the Erebus there phew.

  6. insanic1 says:

    lol only white people would do this

  7. Brad S (TheBusDriver86) says:

    sounds pretty hairy

  8. Jerry Leadbetter says:

    It’s frighteningly hairly!!!

  9. Mark Cam says:

    great idea ;-)

  10. LotusEater says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Who wouldve expected dogs love to swim in pools

  11. Caedeus Cadavera says:

    I wish i could get my bitch to swim with me but she hates water

  12. leshpar says:

    I’ve never understood what’s wrong with swimming with your dog or other
    dogs. So what they might pee in the pool or something? I take a shower
    after I get done in the pool anyway, cause chances are some human kid did
    that anyway.

  13. How To Make Sushi says:

    Can I bring my cat?

  14. jigglymabob says:

    Her high rising terminal, or voice pitch going up at the end of every
    sentence is so annoying!!

  15. felipe vareschi says:

    soo cute awww

  16. vuqar Eskerov says:


  17. quityojibbajabbaa says:

    Dogs love to swim in pools! Next up on CBC News we find out if the sky is
    blue and the earth is round!

  18. SeeTheWholeTruth says:

    Well thought out. Likely safe with the amount of chlorine as well, so no
    cross contaminating the pets. Otherwise? Nightmare potentials all the way
    around for pet and owner families.

  19. Josh Gómez says:

    amazing :-)