Donald Trump and Little Donald (8th Grade Impressionist)

Donald Trump and Little Donald (8th Grade Impressionist)

Donald Trump introduces his running mate, Little Donald (played by 8th grade impressionist Jack Aiello).

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Donald Trump and Little Donald (8th Grade Impressionist)

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20 Responses

  1. Galag says:


  2. Anthony Frade says:

    The kid has bigger hands than Jimmy LOL

  3. Keran Kerai says:

    they stole this from the uk last week

  4. TimmyTime says:

    Out of all three impersonations trump was the worst.

  5. Mohamad H_F says:

    holy shit he is good

  6. Brian Piper says:

    Anybody remember Austin Powers? This is mini me all over again!

  7. Michael Phoenix says:

    talk shows. where internet memes go to die

  8. gheraioznvvv123456 says:

    What were YOU doing the summer after eighth grade?

  9. TheMadThresher says:

    *RING RING* You hear that Fallon? It’s the service bell of the liberal
    elites within the media, they are demanding you summon yourself, post
    haste, so as to bend at the knee and suckle their testicles. You won’t have
    to think for yourself, be impartial, and she’ll, I MEAN WE’LL deliver to
    you a nice fat payout. Go on now little Fallon, they are waiting to be

  10. futbol boy says:

    Donald Trump fused with Austin Powers is what Jimmy Fallon sounds/acts like
    haha :D

  11. Myrna Giles says:

    They keep doing this over and over again come on we are sick of it.. I
    don’t like trump but just plz they aren’t funny anymore.. Just stop.. TBH
    it just got old, make fun of someone else now… They keep on going on
    about trump and using all the jokes over and over again.. And it’s just not
    funny anymore??

  12. Ryan Ashton says:

    That kids suppost to sound like donald trump. Just like trumps campaign he

  13. Bernardo Gonzalez says:


  14. metalbird767 says:

    Lame….the mirror interview video was funny but this one is really
    overdoing it. Didn’t laugh.

  15. Hail Satan says:


  16. Bass mastet 427 says:


  17. Linda Duncan says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t find this funny. I’m a Trump supporter and I’m
    getting tired of people making fun of him. He’s the only one who makes any
    sense in this campaign, and the only one who will be able to fix all the
    crap the former presidents have done over the last 40 years.

  18. Parisgamergal 67 says:

    Another one plz

  19. Deathstroke says:

    The kid kinda lost his accent after the first 2 lines, and this wasn’t all
    that great.

  20. Daniel Yeh says:

    Jimmy s got talent