Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott

Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott

Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott during campaign rally in south carolina. donald trump rips apple and tim cook for not assisting the fbi in getting into the suspects phones in san bernadino. At a rally in South Carolina this afternoon, Donald Trump called for a boycott of Apple because of how they’re refusing to unlock the San Bernardino killer’s phone for the FBI. Trump heavily criticized Apple for resisting the order (the DOJ filed a new motion to force Apple’s hand today). Apple CEO Tim Cook argued that unlocking one phone for the government creates a dangerous precedent for future cases. As Trump was going on a tangent about China today, he again said Apple’s in the wrong, even saying, “What I think you oughta do is boycott Apple until such time as they give up that security number. Boycott Apple.” He suggested Cook’s “looking to do a big number, probably to show how big a liberal he is.” Here’s a partial list of other things Trump has suggested people boycott: Macy’s, Starbucks, and Megyn Kelly. Oh, also, Trump is a complete hypocrite: Good luck with that Apple boycott — Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper) February 19, 2016 UPDATE –– 4:35 pm EST: Trump elaborated: I use both iPhone & Samsung. If Apple doesn’t give info to authorities on the terrorists I’ll only be using Samsung until they give info. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 19, 2016 “The government requires Apple’s assistance to access the … device to determine, among other things, who Farook and Malik may have communicated with to plan and carry out the IRC shootings, Donald Trump has called for a boycott of Apple products until the tech company obeys the government’s demands about unlocking a suspect’s phone. “Boycott Apple,” the pumpkin-themed businessman said at a rally in South Carolina. Trump’s boycott suggestion comes in the middle of a fight between Apple and the Department of Justice. Today, the DOJ filed a motion for a court order to compel Apple to help it unlock one of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone by creating a software to help the FBI brute-force the passcode. Trump uses an iPhone, so we’ll see if this boycott extends to his own electronic devices. This is not the first dumb suggestion Trump has had about Apple this election season—hey, remember when he suggested that he’d force Apple to manufacture inside the US even though a president can’t do that?—but it is, perhaps, even dumber? I’m losing my ability to discern when Trump says something idiotic and when Trump says something extremely idiotic. It’s all blurring together. I’m so cold. where Farook and Malik may have traveled to and from before and after the incident, and other pertinent information that would provide more information about their and others’ involvement in the deadly shooting,” prosecutors said in their initial filing on Tuesday.
Apple Slams Judge’s Order to Unlock Shooter’s PhoneThe FBI and the IPhone:

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19 Responses

  1. Project Kilimanjaro says:

    Also, anyone who knows computer security Knows that it may not be so simple
    for apple to unlock the phone. I’m no expert, only a kid who reads about
    stuff on the Internet, but if you want to get a professional idea of this,
    look up “numberphile RSA.” This should give you a good idea of why it may
    not be so simple. Also, a message to Mr. Trump: Your next video post on
    YouTube had better be you smashing that iPhone of yours.

  2. TheLegendaryLinx says:

    Trump is part of the establishment pretending to fight on our side. That
    statement alone tells me he is willing to take away our rights for a false
    sense of security

  3. OnStar77 says:

    Death to trump

  4. Alex Chavira says:

    I hope this nigga realise how low they pay in tjose factories. Or the
    shitty conditions in them

  5. Bennett Woody says:

    That descripton is toooo long

  6. System Arc says:

    It sounds like he’s making it all up as he speaks.

  7. Bonbadil Moi says:

    lol, i though after his Pope bashing he would rest a bit but this dude is
    just full of hate, it’s pathologic.
    Take your pills, moron.

  8. Mohamed Abbas says:

    I wanna ask him question.. Are you fucking human???

  9. Alex Albaugh says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The once internet famous, Annoying Orange, speaks backlash
    against former co-star Apple

  10. Ozzy _ says:

    Take back? Most of you don’t even wanna work. You wanna be famous and get
    money from the sky.

  11. Meredith “The Glaceon” Robling says:

    what the fuck Trump get the fuck out

  12. Ozzy _ says:

    Most people are watching this video on an Apple related product. . .

  13. Hatta Gavrila says:

    The fuck did he just say?

  14. Jenna Mikaela says:

    Can he ever just shut up

  15. Samuel Reyes says:

    Doneld trump is a racist he hates Mexicans he wants to get red of us

  16. Splinta_Xx says:

    Too bad the CEO is American..?

  17. Jake Cool says:

    Opens this video up in iPhone, iPad,MacBook

  18. Saint Walker says:

    a pinkie being hypocritical.I’m shocked

  19. miyuru1 says:

    He is just a guy who says something people want to hear….
    Obama already tried encourage companies to make their product in US.
    But here’s the thing, US labor is expensive!!
    If companies make their product in US, they have to increase their price a
    lot and no one will buy it, then bankruptcy.
    So companies ask back to Obama, if you can guarantee my company can make
    money, theyll do it.
    That’s why Obama gave up on that.