Donald Trump on Russia & missing Hillary Clinton emails (C-SPAN)

Donald Trump on Russia & missing Hillary Clinton emails (C-SPAN)

Donald Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” Watch the complete video here:

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20 Responses

  1. LanguageMan1 says:

    The Democrats are just trying to turn it in their favor. Their fault that
    they rigged the election.

  2. Alan Tapia says:

    How would anyone respect Trump

  3. Kyle Smith says:

    Trump takes an accurate stab at Hillary, but judging by the dislikes
    apparently people don’t like it. Lol.

    And before you say “Oh he’s asking them to hack”, first of all, you’d
    rather not be exposed to the truth at all? Second of all he was taking a
    jab at Hillary. Stop taking everything and politicizing it.

  4. Fahana Ana says:

    His is really Stupid

  5. James King says:


    Edward Snowden leaks classified information that threatens national
    security, he’s considered a hero.

    Trump asks ANOTHER COUNTRY to uncover information about a high ranking
    official violating the The Federal Records Act because our current
    administration won’t, and he’s demonized.

    A republic if you can keep it indeed.

  6. agsztf atsstk says:

    Spicy boi

  7. EnvyNinja says:

    I’m Muslim. A real one like the 99.99%. Not an ISIS one like the 0.01%.
    What do u trump supporters have to say to me?

  8. Woodrow Wood says:

    This guy is a scumbag, this guy is a traitor to the American people.

  9. Assaf Atias says:

    If the FBI doesn’t do his job maybe Putin will

  10. chickens366 says:

    Russia will nuke the fuck out of shitty America. Fuck off American pigs

  11. Psycho John says:

    I hope he doesn’t make it. He should go back and invent some more stupid
    shit, Trump Vodka beats it all…

  12. Andre Bowling says:

    Donald Trump you a Bitch nigga

  13. mays junes says:

    100 likes.. I will tell my dad not to vote Trump

  14. A Mor says:

    The Jewish Media (Judenpress in the old days) is just trying to make the
    only white superpower left, Russia, into our enemy.

  15. Christina Vinnacombe says:

    If ALL The Donald says is TRUE about Hillary Clinton…there is NO WAY she
    would be in the running. Certainly she would be investigated and removed
    from her position. Think about it -Trump is good at a few things.. marrying
    beautiful younger women ( wonder why they would .. hum )….. talking about
    himself… and making the MOST false statements possible about Hillary
    Clinton. AND …. News Flash Donald….America is already GREAT and will be
    GREATER when Hillary IS President!!!! This guy has lost his mind……and
    his followers should run away from him NOW if they want to save themselves
    from his mindset.

  16. Gasper Kosmac says:

    Who would respect this clown haha

  17. Stev3 says:

    Your hand gestures need to stop Mr. Trump, it causes headaches.

  18. Anson Alocious says:


  19. Jamie Holmes says:

    This election is a disgrace to everyone. Don’t vote..

  20. Sam Acer says:

    can’t wait until Trump becomes president and has sexual relations with
    Putin !

    just like bill Clinton in the 90’s