Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Talks Sniffles, Cuba, More | The View

Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Talks Sniffles, Cuba, More | The View

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20 Responses

  1. TheRoafer says:

    Conway is just full of crap.
    Her excuses for Trump’s tax returns………..e-mails!!…wahhhh!

  2. Angel Che says:

    They were so rude to Donald’s manager wow!!! The view are Hilary supporters

  3. AnnaBelle says:

    First off, gods job “the view” for having a table full of liberals to talk
    with a republican campaign manager and then “trying” to have an adult
    conversation with her. Second, Whoopi maybe you should let a grown woman
    finish her sentence instead of drag her down every three seconds.

  4. pineappledust says:

    Whoopi was very disrespectful towards Kellyanne, and Kellyanne held herself
    up to that disrespect beautifully.

  5. Eric Koontz says:

    At 4:30 Kellyanne’s smirk/smile DISAPPEARS. She really cannot take Whoopie,
    and is she’s running scared. GO WHOOPIE!!!!

  6. Michelle Alvieri says:

    Whoopi was bullying this woman. She completely held her own, and I respect
    that immensely. This whole election is just so crooked and slimy. I’ll be
    voting in this election but damn, I’m just waiting for the next
    election…….#BERNIE2020 #FEELTHEBERN

  7. Mike Brande says:

    Let’s deport Whoopi and Joy into AFGHANISTAN. They are abominations to this
    country. Sick, vile girls.

  8. Nikki N says:

    GO WHOPPI!!!!!

  9. Debra J Bush says:

    Kellyeanne .. you are so much more a lady of class … why in the world why
    you would waste your valuable time with these loud mouth hags … they are
    all awful to their guests…. these hags are so biased and prejudice …
    these hags are mouth pieces of Hillary Clinton … Talk to Us? These blow
    hards will not allow their guests to talk ..

  10. jplion says:

    These women try and overwhelm and talk over Kellyanne because she is making
    truthful, positive points about the Trump campaign. Whoopi and Joy simply
    CANNOT accept anything positive about Trump because they are close minded
    spinsters incapable of making a logical argument. Spewing lies…

  11. D. W. O. says:

    I don’t know why I even come here because these bitches are a fucking joke.
    Trump Taxes, Trump Taxes…
    If #Trump releasing his taxes will save this country from a foreign
    government compromise?
    This bitch HilLIARy deleted emails after they were subpoenaed, lied about
    how many devices she used, obstructed justice, but to these fucking losers
    like Whoopi and Joy Mr. Trump’s taxes is far more important to them.
    Fuck these stupid Hos

  12. Mike Untch says:

    Trump, forget about Clinton and start comparing yourself to every other
    presidential candidate in the last 40 years, and release your tax returns.
    Its a false equivalent to say I’ll release them if Clinton releases her
    emails. Its apples and oranges, and the American people are not that dumb.

  13. Jim Wilson says:

    Shifty Conway, never answer a question, deflect to Hillary, not working

  14. superchitownhustler says:

    This Conway bitch is a total bottom feeder.

  15. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Whoopi is one dumb disgusting sack of shit.

  16. Dennis Menace says:

    Whoopi is a Pompous Jack-Ass very much past her best before date !!

  17. rocky west says:

    Trump supporters are pissed that whoopie interrupts, acts like a baby, acts
    annoying just like Trump… funny

  18. salinas831100 says:

    Yo is the female in red completely clueless on what’s happening or is she
    deaf.. Hasn’t said one word

  19. Jason Gregory says:

    They are both crooked but Hillary knows how to be president he is just a

  20. JakeJunker says:

    Whoopi is ugly as fuck. Jesus can’t you just try and look like a woman?