door tier list

door tier list

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Here’s the tier list:

I’m an idiot and made the tier list to have an A+ instead of an S and didn’t realize until I was almost done with the video but whatever the concept is the same. That website is kinda sketchy too for making a tier list. I wanted to make a tier list and it wanted me to sign up with a twitter account and requested ALL ACCESS to my twitter account. And there’s no other website that lets you make tier lists so I just made a different twitter account so that I could make the tier list anyway. And it’s only shady for making tier lists you can use tier lists for free without account access.

Also I am so tired cuz I needed to get this video done by literally today and I procrastinated a ton and stayed up really late to make sure it was finished. Idk why I do these things to myself. But it was a fun video so whatever! I always feel like I am worried about telling a story correctly and making sure it makes sense but for this I’m literally just ranking doors. No pressure at all. And that made it more enjoyable to make. I just need to get better about procrastination is all.

thanks for watching ❤️ hope you liked it.

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66 Responses

  1. TJ Toons says:

    How could u not exit the video through a door >:(

  2. Nawnii says:

    my room used to be in the attic, like it was carpeted and had air condition but i still had an attic door.
    anyways i fell down the ladder and now i dont have an attic door

  3. Infamous Swoosh says:

    I like the door part

  4. pinkbunnygirl43 says:

    This was the best 5 minutes and 16 seconds of my day.

    • Andrew Epp says:

      @Noodle Animations liar, you are clearly off by about 0.000042069 seconds
      Any mature person can clearly see that

    • Raquel Knabben says:


    • Raquel Knabben says:

      Another verified YouTuber wow

    • Smirnoffski says:

      Well it’s the best 30 minutes of my day because I continued to enjoy it after the video ended. It’s not a competition or anything but uhhh get rekt

    • Noodle Animations says:

      5 minutes and 16.75838264738283737483837583928475748382746573727475648383747574839994857584838838384847575758492936366374848484647372836637484846464737373747474838392992020201001010101919292928838384477565656565657574747383929101010102928374775565657474738291919101011011 seconds

  5. Winter Bear says:

    “Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Cover girl.”
    *inserts Jin*

  6. Jason Seo says:

    And I quote from Ice Cream Sandwich: STEP ASIDE DAVICHI EUFHEUDHDBEFJKBFNL

  7. Fishy Bass says:

    I wondered for a hot minute why you didn’t mention Elevator doors, and then I realized that those doors lead to the bridge between “Safe Transportation” and “Hell”, so…. Yeah not even the lowest tier could do my fear of the “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory” horror ride justice.

    Also, for a second I thought I was having a delusion, and that Mr. Kim Seokjin didn’t make an appearance… But after checking again I realized that I had not witnessed a Mirage.
    *Maybe I’m slightly embarrassed that my heart beat a little fast.*

    • Ethan Seward says:

      When I was a kid, my dad lived in an apartment complex in Detroit that had one of those old elevators where you had to manually open both the outer door and the inner door, then make sure that both doors were manually shut before pushing the button to go up. My dad lived on like the 8th story of that apartment complex, and every time I visited him I would demand to walk all 7 flights up to get to his apartment instead of ride that iron death trap.

  8. Emily Miller says:

    I was gonna get mad about revolving doors not being higher, but then the hidden door came up.

  9. GTAndre says:

    “You can even use them to kill a spider”
    *all references entered*

  10. Jelly Jess says:

    Imagine having a doggie door on a hidden door. Now that’s the best of both worlds 🙂

  11. Jamie R. says:

    This channel is a gem. The jokes? The hilarious animations? The cute little sound effects? The fact that I was able to sit through that sponsorship bit and still feel thoroughly entertained every minute???? Chef’s kiss. CHEF’S FUCKIN KISS 😤😤😤😤😤

  12. DasUuuhYep says:

    At this point that guy should just move to the edge of the universe to avoid Ice cream Sandwich.

  13. RushLight Invader says:

    i A-DOOR this video

  14. H i says:

    1:07 did he just say “Jessica ko-bey-saai”😂😂🤦‍♀️

  15. Kenji Otake says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone, including me, ignored the fact that the sponsorship is almost 1/4th of the total video lenght, and we all enjoyed that as well.

  16. Not Relevant says:

    “When is a spinny door not fun?”

    During a fire Jim

  17. Fridges says:

    We don’t have an attic door, it’s just a hole we ignore.

  18. Sunari says:

    I wonder if some potential sponsors ever watch the channel and think, “What would he do for us?” Cause I would

  19. Random_Stuff says:

    “You can even use them to *kill* ”
    me: *panik*
    “A spider!”
    me: *kalm*

  20. Vidio Unik says:

    Indonesia here 👋, i watch this video use cc

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