Double CHEESE BALL BARREL Challenge!! (ft. Morgan)

Double CHEESE BALL BARREL Challenge!! (ft. Morgan)

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Cheese Balls!
Morgan & I attempt to consume an entire 28oz Barrel of Cheese Balls! 4200 Calories of Cheese covered… uh… balls…

For this challenge we used the 28oz Barrels. Didn’t realize till later there are multiple sizes, so just FYI.


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61 Responses

  1. Koyas Uddin says:

    5:12 “I’m gonna get kidney stones if I eat that”

    So he does care about his health lol

    • Marius Increased says:

      Koyas Uddin your not that smart Koyas Uddin they were dringking water they are not getting kidney stone?????

    • XxPrincessxX ali says:

      Marius Increased Oh please don’t say people aren’t art when you can’t even spell *drinking* And you say *Dringking* how about you go learn how to spell instead

    • Zac says:

      XxPrincessxX ali ever think that maybe English isn’t his first language?

    • ZombieSlayer22 says:

      @XxPrincessxX ali “Aren’t art.” Bruh

    • -_Mr -UnKnOwN_- says:

      Of course man. As a competitive eater, he has to take care of his health including his tooth,tongue and jaws etc. Its very necessary to stay fit because if he didnt he wouldve been a fat ass guy rn ??

  2. Putit Inuras says:


  3. hanreh says:

    one hour of eating cheese ball. sounds good for me.

  4. funnyadmiral ft says:

    Try doing most number of ham burgers eaten under 3 minutes

  5. Vizzi says:

    Matt: Is your mouth coloured up yet?

    Morgan looks at matts barrel*

    Morgan: ehm no

  6. pratham dhakan says:

    Morgan has came for just taking the enjoyment of cheese balls

  7. MINELAND미네랜드 says:

    At frist, my stomach growling.. but middle of the video i have a stomachache ewwwww
    You guys agree it ??? ???

  8. D C says:

    Morgan not even picking up 3 to 4 at a time…..just one at a time damn self-control ????

  9. imstephencurry143 co says:

    Matt stony: crunch crunch
    Morgan: this is better than it smells like

  10. Amruta Gaikwad says:

    After eating whole barrel of cheese balls
    Matt :” I’m not eating the dust, I’m gonna have kidney stone ” ???

  11. DocZero says:

    Morgan be like: Challenge? what challenge? Imma just sit here and quietly enjoy my cheese balls

  12. Eugen G. says:

    Morgan should run for the slowest eating contest, 100% winner

  13. Kroto Zoa says:

    Goes to a restaurant

    Matt: I want the menu please?

    Waiter: But you already have the menu on your tab-

    Matt: I want the *menu please!!!* 🙂

  14. Sigger din mor says:

    I like the facts that morgan looks younger over time ?

  15. Guste 'R' says:

    I guess I can eat both of theirs continously and then finish it.
    I’m not a fast eater, competitive or professional eater. I simply just love cheese balls.

  16. Teja1221 says:

    Thanos should have hired Matt instead of searching for the infinity stones……..

  17. TheRandomGamer12895 says:

    9:08 when Morgan said 10/16th I was dying??

  18. Dont Read My Logo says:

    Matt Stonie enters*

    Bathroom: hears bass music intensifies ***

  19. Dont Read My Logo says:

    Matt Stonie will name his kid

    “Kidney Stonie”

  20. Juanation says:

    Waiter: “what do you want in the menu?”

    Matt: “iS tHe MeNu An oPtIoN?””

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