Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Panic Doesn’t Serve Any Purpose

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Panic Doesn’t Serve Any Purpose

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, host of the “Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction” podcast, sits down with Stephen Colbert for a frank discussion about how Americans should cope in the face of this global pandemic. #Colbert #Comedy #SanjayGupta

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74 Responses

  1. Natal Kumar says:

    This guy is good man.

  2. Lena Marie says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We have to look out for each other – it doesn’t matter what age, people will die from this. We have a responsibility to not only make sure we and our friends and family stay safe, but everyone else’s family does too. Sending love and good thoughts from Austria!

    • I. C. Yewen says:

      Simone Lee lots of people thought this way every day. So…yeah. Not everyone is a jerk. Looking for the good in people in YouTube comments is going to be a tougher slog than many other forums.

    • Kris Frederick says:


    • I. C. Yewen says:

      Billy Anderson sorry you feel that way. I can not imagine perceiving human respect and kindness as defeating the purpose of anything.

    • I. C. Yewen says:

      Donny Drumpf wow! If what you say were actually true, that would also make me mad. But I don’t think it is.

    • Suzanne Berry says:

      Our thanks to the people of Australia for taking care of our national treasures: Hanks and Wilson.

  3. Michele Eslick says:

    As an RN, this was the best interview I’ve seen on Covid-19.

    • Joy W says:

      I agree, Michele. I’m an RN too and have been frustrated by all of the “experts” giving conflicting information. This is a calming and informative interview!

  4. MingWLee says:

    Well said Doctor Sanjay. I find not only Americans but also my fellow Canadians don’t share such mindset to act for the sake of others. As I ‘survived’ epidemic of SARS in Hong Kong, we learn and know how important to at and protect not only ourselves but all the people around us. One less patient more one more space to help those who need the medical resources, this is the time you guys learn what does a true community would mean and act when crisis hit.
    And as Dr Sanjay said, you guys will get there, I do believe you guys can do it for your fellow Americans/Canadians. 💪🏻

    • Tim Perry says:

      It is cultural. The eastern nations tend to follow the principles of Confucius whereas America,, and to a lesser extent Canada, are nations built on individualistic principles.
      “My God Given Rights!’ should be the American motto.

    • Selale Z says:

      I wish I could say Canada is not so bad but we just had the first case in our area and the chaos in the stores is ridiculous. For crying out loud they are fighting over toilet paper.

    • Ben Martin says:

      I think you get the selfish panic at first in these situations.
      Its really just a crappy reaction to a situation where people feel powerless against an all-encompassing threat.
      If people could run away from it and anyone who could possibly give it o them then they would but its worldwide so they do the next human go-to reaction, put plans in place to hide from the threat. Hence panic buying of something as inane as toilet paper.
      Once people have adjusted and realise its not gonna be extinction level event, the flashes of altruism will show through and even panicked selfish people will eventually curb their worst urges in the weight of public opinion.

      Keep calm and carry on. 😉

    • Tahtahme Xero says:

      There is no sense of community in America. Enough people are hellbent on their neighbors having less than them –including less days on Earth–that this whole thing is about to be a shit show. I don’t believe my fellow Americans will actually step up and be good people because they never have before. Even the bare minimum seems out of reach tbh. I expect no good behavior from these people.

    • TK Wallace says:

      ::nods:: We Americans don’t have a great sense of “herd immunity” or social ecology, and while I understand the significance of American individualism as a cultural value, there’s no reason why that can’t coexist with day-to-day common sense.

      Two weeks ago, the Washington Post created the first iteration of its “How To Protect Against Coronavirus” PSA. Besides the obvious wash your hands/avoid large crowds/limit exposure to others if you get sick, the standout advice was to *get your flu shot*. Does it prevent COVID-19? No. But with limited testing kits and months before a vaccine will be available, hospitals and medical offices are going to run low on supplies. People are going to swamp doctors over every fever or cough, and a fair proportion won’t have the virus. By getting a flu shot, you avoid extraneous testing and hopefully free up “your” coronavirus supplies for someone who needs them.

  5. mary jones says:

    ty dr gupta and mr colbert. we need to remember that we aren’t invincible, nor are our parents and other family members, friends, and friends we haven’t met yet. we have to follow good commonsense rules and procedures to protect ourselves, and to protect the world around us. stay safe everyone, and God bless.

    • Donna Brott says:

      Asia Abdi, my thoughts are with you and you precious family. May you be well. 😊🙏🏽

    • Aisha Abdi says:

      @Donna Brott Thank you. My thoughts are with everyone too. We will beat this virus when we work together.

      We can do this. 😉

    • mary jones says:

      @Aisha Abdi so true, please stay safe, God bless you and your family, and all of us around the world.

    • El Cruzer55 says:

      @Aisha Abdi
      May God be with you all.
      Good luck.

    • Annie says:

      Trump wants us to think he’s not concerned about the virus after being in contact with the Brazilian guy at Mar -a- Lago. So he’s been exposed more than once and he’s not concerned?🙄 Well from what’s been said by his own aides “Trump’s having a meltdown and is paranoid that journalist are trying to give him the virus.”

  6. Buch says:

    This whole “no audience” thing reminds me of the movies when they are the only people on the earth remaining and no one is watching. Just trying to carry on normal but nothing is normal. Hopefully most of us get through this. However there are currently 44 comments posted. Hi.

    • Esa Edvik says:

      The whole “no audience” thing is literally Twitch/Mixer/YouTube streaming 😀 Just acting like there’s someone watching at all times.

    • Ilikereddead2 Ya says:

      Esa Edvik no not really because twitch has live chats with millions of people reacting

    • Esa Edvik says:

      @Ilikereddead2 Ya It’s still zero people live on set. You literally have to pretend. I mean if chat is dead, it gets real quiet real fast 😀

    • Slutty McTits says:

      I was wondering why these audience-less shows seemed so eerie. This is it. It really is reminiscent of the Old Hollywood films in which people struggle to retain a sense of normalcy amid a total upending of traditional society. I’m not saying we should lose our minds and panic, or that this is the end of the world as we know it, but it’s odd to think that we’ve kind of seen this play out on film before…

    • Tommy says:


  7. Robin Sumsion says:

    I worked as a CNA for 14 years! All nursing homes are understaff! This is horrific! Nursing homes clean, but there are still sickness everywhere! Hand sanitizer…..lol….wash your hands way better!

  8. enjay py says:

    Trump dumped more of his responsibility onto another cabinet member…the cretin Steve Mnuchin was negotiating with Nancy Pelosi on a coronavirus bill because Trump wasn’t “in the mood”. Yes –
    The safety of America is in the hands of a man with “moods”.

    • Spammy Hell says:

      +enjay py ~ I can’t image a mood of DT’s where he’d want to be in the same room w/scary Nancy Pelosi. She owns him up one side and down the other, and he’s scared witless of her (not a far trip, to be sure).

    • Tom McAllister says:

      Say what we will about Mnuchin, but anyone is better than having to negotiate with a know it all who has absolutely no empathy for anyone except himself.

    • Agent Fungus says:

      @Tom McAllister I refer to Mnuchin as the human tapeworm. Anybody who has ever seen a tapeworm gets it.

  9. Rod Christian says:

    Boring as it maybe to not have a studio audience you still have a global one Steven . Thankyou mate

  10. TheBioExplorer says:

    The testing situation is just negligent on the part of our government… and the crazy thing is that I believe it is intentional on the part of the current administration. He believes that when it’s all over that he’ll be able to point to artificially low numbers as a success on his part… but in reality people are getting sick that might have avoided it.

    • Steve Rundle says:

      TheBioExplorer t

    • Stinker doodle says:

      There is little to no testing for this virus at this point my friend has the “flu” and he got tested for the A/B virus and tested negative he was told to go home and self Quarantine wait till the fever breaks then wait 48-72 hrs to return back to work.
      The US is very unprepared for what is going on right now we live in a third world country when it comes to being on top of this disease.

    • Wesley A Brown says:

      And if for no other reason (and there are a LOT of reasons before this, *especially* what happened with Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria), this is what folks need to think about come November at the voting booth.

  11. person personhood says:

    I’m one of the people who worries about others getting this shit. I’ve got people in my life that will likely not survive (immuno compromised, lung cancer patients, elderly). The part people aren’t talking about concerning the hysteria is that so so so so so many of us literally can’t afford to stay tf home. Like I have to pay rent. I can’t stay home.

    • Greg Spalding says:

      Credit card?

    • RonThePhotoGuy says:

      There is a strong argument for increasing vitamin D. If you aren’t exposing lots of skin to strong sun, supplementing with 4,000 IU of vitamin D might be wise.

    • TheCanadiangirl4 says:

      @LochNessax3 Your co-workers should be wearing masks as well. Have they been tested at all?

    • sharp knife says:

      person personhood :- When this is over in 6 – 12 months, there probably will not be a family that was not affected in some dramatic and tragic way.
      There are grandkids out there who will remember 2020 as the year that they lost their grandparents.
      There will be cemeteries where rows and rows of graves will have 2020 as the year of death.
      A definate effect on our society. Now, and for a generation.

    • LochNessax3 says:

      TheCanadiangirl4 2 out of 15 do. One was tested yesterday; he called from the hospital to let us know.

  12. Susanne Glasl says:

    I like him. he’s such a alert but calming presence

    • Jordan Sear says:


    • blueberry smasher says:

      Speaks like Obama. Reminds me of him.

    • Tyrade Shift says:

      The exact opposite of ttrump and his RepubliiCans!!! Like listening to Bernie Sanders speech to Americans! We must keep our heads and take the necessary precautions! The boomers, who are also the majority of ttrump supporters are the ones who are most likely to contract and die from this virus. They will never get “it!” The rest of us just need to go on and stay calm.

    • Angie F says:

      I recommending listening to (or watching on YouTube) the recent Joe Rogan podcast with Michael Osterholm. He’s an infectious disease expert and he also was very informative and realistic without scaring the audience

  13. Kyle Robert says:

    My god the musical director is absolutely on fire. He played Strayhorn’s U.M.M.G (Upper Manhattan Medical Group) as the DOCTOR was coming to the stage. Do your homework kids, this guy is what the real big brain plays are.

    • Jae Lynn says:

      I have an uncle who plays like that. so good.

    • Istdoch Allesegal says:

      Your comment is utterly inappropriate in this time of Strident Ignorance. It smacks of education, knowledge and insight – that has no room in today’s discourse

  14. AwakeAmericanow. says:

    Tell me why is it more motivating to listen to conversation between a comedian and a doctor, than to the president of the United States of America, broadcasting from the White House to the nation on serious topic?

  15. Michael Smith says:

    What he said about our being obligated to each other, in how we ourselves behave, would definitely have been an applause line with a live audience…

    • Spammy Hell says:

      +Michael Smith ~ So this looks a good place to put this, not to scare anyone, but to have folks consider what they do in terms of other ppl. Word from Italy is that kids have very mild symptoms, but are great carriers, and they’re having a problem of kids “killing” their grandparents when they visit. So we need to be really cognizant of what we do, and what risks we may present to others. End PSA.

  16. Luna DeNight says:

    Has someone that lives in the north of Italy, only 1 hour from where the first cases pop up, and I agree. I’m on house arrest at the moment, as are all Italians. I, my family and friends are just cautious, but we try to not to panic and trust in our government to keep things under control. Some of my friends live why their grandparents, so they are even more careful so to protect their loved ones. And this is all we can do.
    At the moment, one of the biggest concern for us is how not to die from boredom😅.
    Everybody stay safe, be cautious but don’t panic and most of all be kind to your fellow man. In these times it’s needed the most💛

    • obarros says:

      My wishes that you will be able to overcome this difficult situation quickly. Where I live, cases have started to rise this past week, but the government is taking aggressive but necessary steps to try to contain it. We need to protect ourselves, but mainly to protect those who, due to their age or more fragile medical situation, need much greater care.

  17. Black Rod says:

    “..and how you can protect yourself and your family from Dr. Sanjay Gupta.”
    Why do my family and I need protection from Dr. Sanjay Gupta.. he seems nice enough.

  18. Moto_919 says:

    I have emphysema and while i’m not panicking i also dont want to die and hearing people say its no big deal or its just a cold or flu because of some idiot politician or conspiracy theorist they listen to makes me so mad. These are the people who test positive and still go out spreading it around because its “Just a cold”

  19. Jezebel von Tex says:

    When all of this is over, could we plz all remember that this is WHY WE NEED TO MAKE SURE CHILDREN GET THEIR VACCINES – not only to protect them but to protect everyone around them.

  20. T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE says:

    Heres something for you to think about. How is it that nations like South Korea and Taiwan and even China itself have managed to respond better? How is it that America didn’t respond at all? Let me point out a few more ways the response to Coronavirus has been totally absent. Italy canceled mortgage payments until the pandemic subsides. In America, the headlines are about stock markets. In numerous countries, public gatherings were banned. In America, there was simply…no guidance given. Many, many countries did things like extend sick leave and give people time off and buttress businesses. America, yup, bailed out the stock markets. WTF? Global pandemic strikes. People? Left to fend for themselves. Businesses? Abandoned. Families? Who cares! But the stock market? Quick, pump trillions into it!! Now. What’s the logic hidden in all that? It’s pretty simple: it’s the logic of capitalism. In this case, the theory goes something like this: we have to bail out the market, but not offer any other party in society any form of protection or support, because the market fixes everything. In this case, the market will fix a global pandemic. LOL, wait…..what? So here we Americans are, getting tested at rates so small they barely register. That is the net result of a healthcare system that doesn’t really exist, to begin with here, that’s more of our profit system. There’s no profit, really, in testing people for Coronavirus. And that is the precise reason we Americans aren’t getting tested quick enough, if barely at all! This missing response to Coronavirus is, in other words, baked into the system. Not just the government, but the deep logic of being America. Capitalism, supremacy, self-interest, aggression, individualism. All these things made it impossible for our American institutions to ever really be built to modern standards. Yes, some Americans elected a man so stupid he thinks a global pandemic is like a common cold. some made America fail to develop, and turn backwards, into regress, this rich society that has no public goods, because it has no common interest, no conception that one should invest in, care about, support, you. It’s those failed, catastrophic values that made America go into failure. We are what this pandemic really reveals. This pandemic makes this divide as clear and stark as possible. How can a society of hyper-individualists who believe that the strong should survive and the weak perish…do anything to fight this pandemic? We’ll find out the hard way that public goods matter most of all, like healthcare, support, and leadership. This we must act on, and soon.    ~T.Bone~

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