Drake Cut Off During Grammys Speech

Drake Cut Off During Grammys Speech

As he accepted his award for Best Rap Song, Drake was cut off after dissing the Grammys, and Graeme O’Neil wonders if it was a deliberate move by the Grammys.

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80 Responses

  1. god is woman says:

    I’m proud of drake ??

  2. Ben Cart Wright says:

    Aubrey Graham such a truthful man so proud of man in the six all the way from rolling wheels gone and speak big lad do your ting

  3. Annamarie Sieberns says:

    I didn’t think he was actually dissing them as much as most people, plus going on to watch the rest of the show they cut up Kacey Musgraves and even to some extent Cardi B. Seriously they need to do a better job of not cutting off their speeches because these people do you deserve their awards when I get them. The Golden Globes didn’t pull that kind of crap. They tried to play people off stage, but they didn’t actually cut because that’s flat out rude. I’m sorry…

    • Irfan Yakub says:

      Well they cant just his and leave everyone else safe thats too obvious

    • Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman says:

      They each have a certain time limit to give thanks, they will play them off the stage if they go over. It’s always been that way. They have to get everything done so the show doesn’t get cut off before they are done. To many people want their awards to, can’t have a few take away the time of everyone else.

    • Rey King says:

      nah he was dissing them. drake & the Grammy’s had beef for a while .

    • Rodrigo Pecón says:

      Girl we dont want the show to last 4 hours

    • Ace Rothstein says:

      They are entitled to it here in liberal California.

  4. Shasha Vengesayi says:

    One of the realest things he’s ever said. Straight facts

  5. Linda Harrison says:

    So Proud! So Proud Drake! God ‘s Plan! You tell them!

  6. Queen Fu Fu says:

    They cut off a lot of people speeches. Lol

  7. Mitch mitch says:

    Grammys are lame now.

  8. Walle C says:

    Keep sticking it to the man Drake and thanks for realizing that we “normal” people matter

  9. Jhané Tatyana says:

    I wonder if the full speech will ever surface..
    I honestly wanted to hear what he had to say.
    We don’t get to see him say real things like that very often, and it seemed like he had everyone’s attention and everyone was all ears, and he spoke about something real, like he gave us a inside look at the music industry and gave up and coming artist some tips.

  10. Jani Turner says:

    But what he is saying is right tho. Dont know why people care about Grammys so much.

    • TechnoFreak says:

      +Ja’Mari Keith LOL he’s confused

    • Vulpe Complex says:

      I never did
      Never understood hype for grammys

    • Jay Anthony says:

      Grammy gives an artist bragging rights / stance in the music industry

    • Brandon Lee says:

      Grammys are opinion based awards. Who really decides what the best song of the year was or who had the best rap song ? It’s not like the NBA or NFL where the award is given out based of numbers, stats, and performance. That’s what Drake was trying to say

    • carltonway1 says:

      It’s because the Grammys give artists high self esteem. It’s like when you reward a dog with a treat when you command it to sit and it does. No disrespect though.

  11. Rowlan says:

    Man is SO real for this. ? People needed this, the music industry needed this. Inspire legend.

  12. Lona Walker says:

    Good for him he said enough to piss them off?

  13. The Oily Boily Guy says:

    Grammys need hip hop, but hip hop doesn’t need the grammys

    • Zeke D. says:

      +Elthora all those guys are “top artists” yet Jay Z has sold more records and won more awards than all of them lol

    • The Oily Boily Guy says:

      +Bomnuk Don Black music must be so trash that people have been emulating its sound for a near century and having one of its genre be the most popular genres in the US. So popular in fact that major award shows will litterally jump through hoops to appease artist. Normally I don’t think there are bad opinions on hyper subjective subjects such as music, but come on man, trying to justify your music opinions with your IQ is cringy.

    • Chukwu Alpha says:

      Elthora no body cares abt what you like hip hop is what sells the most now so many genres was made from it but your ignorant thats why its trash to you

    • Bomnuk Don says:

      +The Oily Boily Guy naah I just think God’s plan was trashy music I mean the guy just mumbled gods plan for like 5 minutes … Not my kind of music

    • Mi U says:

      +Bomnuk Don The majority of music created is inspired by black music. Rhythm and blues, rock n roll, soul music, afrobeats, jazz, Reggae, bashment, Soca music, hip hop, black folk music, neo soul, drill, grime I could go on and on all are inspiring music today. You’re playing dumb because the truth hurts.

  14. TheGGMan says:

    The fact that Kendrick and Gambino both declined the invitation speaks volumes.

  15. The Freedom Universe says:

    Wow really RESPECT Drake for doing this. He didn’t have to !

  16. oedipa maas says:

    Will Smith gets shit from within the hiphop communityfor being corny and not seen a “real”, but he called the Grammy’s out 30 years ago when hiphop _really_ went unrepresented at the awards.

    • Quinn Dang says:

      Yeah, he just wasn’t ever that good. Not using profanity really hamstrung his potential.

    • Jay Rayton says:

      Like Jada and the Oscars

    • Nhlanzeko ninela says:

      Where is Nicki

    • Queen Marie Princess Sweetheart says:

      AlliouaganaQueen using them to make my point?!? The whole comment was about Will, who has absolutely no relevance to the Grammys today, so what point am I trying to make other than this persons comment is irrelevant as is ur response, ur all saying Will stood up to the Grammys and I’m saying so why is his wife there? If they had not stuck together on similar issues like this before then I could see ur point but they have, so bye, I don’t have time to watch their life story I’m too busy living my own, as should u be and none of this still doesn’t change the fact that a wife should support her husband especially when it comes to standing up to racial injustice, especially if like u say, Will is against the Grammys so much, how am I using anyone to make my point, I’m stating the facts, that u don’t want to see, this persons saying Will stood up to them how many years ago like he’s some sort black rights civil rights activist when number one he’s not nominated and neither was his wife but she still there smiling for the white folk like she Uncle Tom or something

    • stryfetc1 says:

      +Nhlanzeko ninela at her house.

  17. Alyslesa Franks says:

    Hello Grammy’s executives, can we hear the rest of Drake’s speach….

  18. Marijan Piano says:

    2019: YouTube clicks > Grammy

  19. nani dafuq says:

    He is not dissing the grammy.. He is just motivating other singers to do what they do even if they didnt win the award, they r still successful and loved by many ppl

    • Claire Nguyen says:

      I agree! Moreover, he understands that the meaning and value behind all awards are socially constructed which therefore suggests that trophies/awards are just materialistic items. Their success is defined by the people they influence and inspire. The valuable thing in having success is the love of the fans. This may be cliche, but emotions like admiration and love is far more important than any award.

    • Tupacsnotdead says:

      Ramon Lovato if you think that’s bad you should see how rock has it

    • Tupacsnotdead says:

      They gotta have their own award show bc they get like 2 categories for the Grammys

    • bryanfukingfox says:

      Jon Tha Don nailed it.

    • movies com says:

      yeah exactly

  20. Brian Tobias says:

    All about that clout now-a-days but Drake said the right thing ?

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