Drake Freaks Out After Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry Heist

Drake Freaks Out After Multi-Million Dollar Jewelry Heist

UPDATE 4:42PM PT — The guy who allegedly nabbed $3 million in jewelry from Drake’s tour bus just got arrested … TMZ has learned.

Full Story: http://www.tmz.com/2016/09/07/drake-jewelry-heist-suspect-arrested/

Drake went ballistic early Wednesday morning after learning one of his tour buses was targeted by thieves, who made off with 2 to 3 million dollars in bling.
Drake and Future were performing at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix Tuesday night when a thief or thieves made it onto a bus shared by the 2 rappers. They took a briefcase that contained millions of dollars in jewelry.

Full Story: http://www.tmz.com/2016/09/07/drake-jewelry-stolen-future-concert/

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20 Responses

  1. Joe Kalani says:

    Thanks for making Arizona look good!.. assholes?

  2. OVI-Wan Kenobi says:


  3. King Aadam says:

    he’s making like a million a night on this tour he is doing…fuck it.

  4. Jason M says:

    If you’re dumb enough to buy millions of dollars worth of jewelry, and
    leave them on a tour bus, then you deserve to have them stolen.

  5. Sarah says:

    uh… WHAT? LMAO.

    tmz literally wtf is this.

  6. Whis Khalifa says:

    Drakes like you had one job. ONE FUCKING JOB.

  7. Steven Daniels says:

    The problem with having excess is that there are people who want to take
    it. Jewelry is not a need. Have things worth protecting – jewelry is not
    worth it.

  8. Happuhkilling says:

    So wait I don’t get it who’s the thief in the video?

  9. mindoermatta says:

    TMZ is the worst.
    Yea he’s pissed off at the heist how does that translate to drake freaking
    Fuck off

  10. Galactic Federation of Light says:

    That’s what he gets for not bringing back his Uncle’s keys on time.

  11. Alastair Vergara says:

    How I feel when my teacher loses the homework I turned in and blames it on

  12. Raul Iglesias says:

    Damn TMZ, back at it again with the retarded bullshit.
    Drake “freaks out.”

  13. JOE KICKASS says:

    Drake the type of nigga who said I’m not mad I’m just disappointed

  14. IXG says:

    Damn GTA” 6″ on his ass ?

  15. Mason Turner says:

    Please call this Hotline if you find they’re Bling.

  16. David Michael says:

    Catch you out in Brooklyn, get your chain tookin’
    My Philly boys’ll creep up on you when you ain’t lookin’ (I know it isn’t

  17. xMarthal says:

    They put Drake walking and waving his hands in slow motion as if something
    happened lmao

  18. Damian Jesus says:

    OMG a celebrity acting like one of us? What? How does that work

  19. Tommy Cox says:

    Looks like he’s raping lol

  20. Ippo Makunouchi says:

    Dear YouTube, do us all a favor and shut this channel down