Drake Presents Rihanna with Vanguard Award | 2016 Video Music Awards | MTV

Drake Presents Rihanna with Vanguard Award | 2016 Video Music Awards | MTV

Drake honors Rihanna with the #MTV #VMA Vanguard Award. Check out more at the VMA News Hub: http://www.mtv.com/news/event/vmas/

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20 Responses

  1. Αγγελιάνα Ιωαννίδου says:


  2. Karim Mehdi says:

    Lowkey dating

  3. David “Turtle Squad” Esparza says:

    Their contractors really had a nice script for them. Even if it was just a
    cheek kiss, they’re getting millions with their effort

  4. Nicolas Douglas says:

    meek was there too right??

  5. Taurus Reddick says:

    she low key said not in public

  6. Amelia Kay says:

    Drake love everyone lol

  7. Sofia Salvatierra says:

    I want someone who’ll talk about me like that

  8. ♥Haitian Sensation♥ says:

    I think she just want him for sex i feel bad for him cause u can see a nice
    guy and that he really love her .

  9. başak ulutaş says:

    Drihanna ❤️

  10. MICHAEL JACKS0N says:

    Idk, maan, but the sound of “MICHAEL JACKSON Video Vanguard Award” is a
    music to my ears.

  11. Katka Tran says:

    He’s such a gentleman I can’t ❤️

  12. ece demir says:

    oha mk drake ile rihannaya bak sn zhsnhdjdjdj

  13. Sunshine says:

    They are such a gorgeous and successful pair of diligent entertainers. They
    would reproduce beautiful kids!!!

  14. Grant Mitchell says:


  15. hydrox says:

    Drake sound like a high school kid trying to stuff all these big words into
    their essay

  16. North American YouTuber says:

    This speech felt so long. I almost fell asleep.

  17. Dustviller P says:

    They got laid the night after

  18. lusanda mlatsheni says:

    I love a soul with no pride

  19. Birthday Waffles says:

    No one laughed of his photoshop picture I was dying because everyone was
    silent except for rihanna

  20. Joeki11a says:

    Begging for Punnani