Dream Learns To Swim…

Dream Learns To Swim…

Dream Learns To Swim…

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Dream gets swimming lessons from BadBoyHalo. What could possibly go wrong?

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35 Responses

  1. Lumiex says:

    I love how bad doesn’t even try to save him he just watches with a condescending face

  2. Zyphon says:

    Plot Twist: Dream brought a door

  3. PomaGIER says:

    It’s actually me learning how to swim
    It’s so realistic

  4. Narm its says:

    Dream’s backstory is so sad his dad tried to get rid of him but luckily he’s a minecraft pro speedrunner and crafted a door 😭

  5. GohSL Goh says:

    I’m pretty sure Bad wanted to get rid of Dream after the pizza delivery

  6. Leticia F says:

    I like to imagine Bad’s just thinking, “Ah, there goes my son, learning to swim… I’m so proud… Wait… Where’d he go… I don’t see him… Oh no…” *dramatic close-up* “What have I done…”

    Alternatively, Bad actually brought Dream here so he could face a fear of his own: the fear of losing his son 👍 And face it he did

  7. Brianna Patel says:

    No one:
    Bbh: “he hasn’t called me yet, so he’s fineeee”

  8. FunnehDevil CC says:

    I feel like if Dream stepped one foot into a body of water… a whole US Army of Dolphins would just slowly and dramatically rise out of the water and start circling him with the power of D O L P H

  9. Piyali Chakraborty says:

    Bad : “If you never face your fears ..you’ll never be able to overcome them”

    Dream : *cusses

    Bad : “AAAAAAA!!!!!”

  10. DreamSMP Hangout says:

    I’m guessing Dream found dolphins and became a Disney princess

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