Dream – Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters)

Dream – Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters)

This is extra scenes from Dream’s channel of the “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters” video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.

Original Video: https://youtu.be/hgdSJdeGF_0

This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.

Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do 🙂

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56 Responses

  1. DreamXD says:

    Uncut version out in the next day or so! Also going to be putting out an analysis in the next week 🙂 lots of things to say in the analysis

  2. OwO says:

    I was amazed that they revived the ender dragon and killing Dream in the progress.

  3. peenk says:

    “uhh thank you guys for watching… i’m sad, i’m sad, but it’s okay :(“ pretty accurate summary LOL

  4. HoneyBagel says:

    It didn’t feel like a loss until he remembered George was the one who killed him lmao. He seemed so surprised.

    • Leo Leandro says:

      @apple yes, i still remember when he walked in the air, and he knew that was a glitch, in this case the hunters weren’t trying to pull of a glitch

    • Chill Person says:

      @Matej Kovačić you can reaspawn the dragon it’s not a glich

    • Matej Kovačić says:

      @apple Gltiches have been used, but they haven’t been game breaking to the point the other team (in this case Dream) is completely incapable of completing their objective. Even if Dream had somehow managed to destroy all the respawned crystals plus the new ones on the ground, the Ender dragon was still hundreds of blocks up and out of reach. There was no way Dream could kill him now.

    • Phystals says:

      @Arcane Force I tested this myself in a singleplayer world. I placed the crystals and then killed the dragon. What happened here is that you only get the achievement when the dragon starts its dying animation, and for that animation to start, it has to fly over to the centre of the map. But the dragon was several hundred blocks away from the centre when it died, so the hunters either placed the crystals before it managed to get to the centre, or they were already there before it died. There were no glitches involved. The Hunters win.

    • Arcane Force says:

      @Phystals no that had to be a glitch there since it didn’t die how did it revive?

  5. Kabeer2004 says:

    2:34 “it’s not our fault that it was a bug”

    Zombie : bruhhhhh

  6. Music Power Faith says:

    Y’all imagine if he went for the Totem Of Undying, and then went to The End. That would be awesome!

  7. shoto says:

    The bug is all the more reason to have a rematch


    everyone: *talking about dream not killing dragon*

    me: so no one gonna talk about him making a boat mid air and boat clutching?

    • Dino Fidel Rondez says:

      That was actually pretty epic

    • Swamp-Deity says:

      @Veluta “spread fake news” I was meaning it about this video, hence my comment also being on *this* video. and for the record I did not like my own comment go take your pent up frustration out on your pillow instead of bringing it to a YouTube comment section.

    • b1rd says:

      I wonder how that got there

    • Edesgera says:

      @Capn Late Night also it is true you gotta check before you talk its not rude. Its advice for someone to follow so then they dont do it again.

    • Edesgera says:

      @Veluta The second sentence was unnecessary man. You couldve just told him to go back to the video man.

  9. Cooper Hinz says:

    The achievement “the end…again?” Says “respawn the enderdragon after killing it”

  10. El Gran Beltrán says:

    – Hunters: the rule is you have to get the achievement “Free the End”.
    – Dream: so if I killed it and it respawned, you were gonna claim that I had to kill it again?
    – Hunters: of course we were

    Big brain

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