Driving while Black pt.3

Driving while Black pt.3

Imagine pulling over to send a text then all of a sudden you unlock 5 stars on GTA.

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65 Responses

  1. Brendan Neyman says:

    My solution: A cop’s body cam is their time card. When their shift starts, they need to have the cam on and it can’t be obstructed. If the cam gets turned off or covered, that cop loses out on being paid for those minutes/hours. This applies to all cops. That should at least lower the times that an atrocity is committed and the cop’s footage was “conveniently” off.

  2. Stanley Animations says:

    BROO YESSSS YOU DROPPED A FIRE VIDEO. I Literally can’t count how many times I’ve gotten stopped,pulled over, harassed, profiled etc by cops. Both in Florida and Virginia. Video resonated with me HEAVY 🖤 I’m glad everyone is starting to create solutions.

  3. Challenge 100K Subscribe to me for no reason says:

    Swoozie when a cop passes by: ”I sense a great disturbance in the force.”

  4. ODO says:

    Swoozie: *rubs his nose
    Officer: *I am requesting backup IMMEDIATELY! THERE IS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN OVERDOSED WITH COCAINE! I think he just gestured that he wants to cause a GENOCIDE!*

  5. Tokyo's Worst says:

    Swooz: “When I interviewed Obama…”
    Me: Hahah funny joke

  6. Aj_Gaming says:

    The dislikes are probably from all the cops that stopped him for no reason

  7. ZayZay Toons says:

    When you’re black and drive 0.01 miles past the speed limit….

    *and then start to see 5 stars above your head*

  8. Karizma Toliver says:

    sWooZie: •has the common sense to PULL OVER and then text, but then gets harassed•

    Other Ppl: •texts WHILE driving•
    Some Ppl: •driving while DRUNK•

    Yet sWooZie gets pulled over for having the come sense to pull over and stay safe….wdf man

  9. NTA Games says:

    8 year-old me: I wish I lived in the U.S
    Now: *nevermind*

    P.S: sorry if the English is bad

  10. Ian Bora says:

    This is the most fair critique of the police I’ve seen

  11. DxnR Xaniel says:

    Cop: Your license plate light was flickering.

    Swoozie: *My car is on the side of the road turned off*

    Cop: …

  12. Grown&Unsexy says:

    This makes me so sad cause this could have went so wrong….

  13. lai was here says:

    Is it just me, or do all black people sense the police? Like, I don’t even need to look in the rearview, there’s just a disturbance in the force.

  14. Ice-C says:

    Why is no one talking about how he casually talked to Obama

  15. Isabella Belleza says:

    They take so long to run license and registration, you’re not wrong about that.

  16. philophos says:

    Why he bald but his hair so fresh. Out here being a walking contradiction 😭

  17. Nick Roblox says:

    cops be like: -a black guy drives next to them-, *ALRIGHT, GUYS HE IS BREATHING, BRING THE SWAT TEAM*

  18. sWooZie says:

    Tried to talk about dwb in a light hearted but serious way. Anybody wanna share their dwb story? If u don’t have a story I’m def interested in chatting about some problems and getting the convo going w/ some common sense solutions.

    • Assualt Reckzo says:

      wish you would upload more

    • Eagle_strike_50 8 says:

      Wussup love ur Chanel here since day 1 ❤️❤️❤️

    • Crimphanto says:

      @Christopher Why are you making your own narrative that you’re so sure that he’s trying to be on both sides of the argument? You’re not him, and you dont know what he’s thinking, so don’t try and speak for him.

    • Otto Coldbeer says:

      Swoozie you lost me when you started kissing pig ass.

    • Jordan Scott says:

      There are really great cops but however, there are some very bad ones. Most of time you probably get pulled over those cops have their racial blindfolds on and they are trying to get something out of you just because your black. How can we teach those kind of cops not to be racist because a cop growing up from Denver, Colorado is different from a cop growing up in Orlando, Florida? Not trying to start any tea I’m half black and half white and I’m trying to be a cop myself in college

  19. Pragna Sri says:

    Swoozie: Literally just texting while parked
    Cops: Hi, we have a criminal that is trying to escape. We need backup NOW.

    • sWooZie says:


    • Vars says:

      sWooZie no no don’t ask me questions my fathers the head of the neighborhood watch!

    • 9Howls says:

      “Attention all units: The guy I was going to pull over didn’t move so I went back and he was still parked so I went around again and try come up with a good crime for this occasion but he disappeared. We need every unit to try and find this car. Red hatchback with a license plate light that flickers every 10 mins or so. Please hurry before he gets away!”

    • Pragna Sri says:

      ​@sWooZie OH MY GAWDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! Swoozie you’re amazing and I hate that you have so many dwb stories to tell. I can’t believe you responded! Thank you! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DrAe kiNgStoN says:

    Gets pulled over by Cop

    Cop: License and registra…

    Me: It’s okay officer…
    *Whispers* Hail Donald Trump

    Cop: Apologies sir, you may go

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