Drone captures aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida

Drone captures aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida

Drone footage shows Hurricane Irma’s aftermath when it hit Naples, Florida, on Sunday evening.

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19 Responses

  1. Are You Tired Of Winning Yet? says:

    That Chinese conspiracy sure is getting convincing.

  2. getfitafter50 says:

    Seems if you lived outside on mobile home parks, you were OK.

  3. Mr. K P says:

    time to move outta that area

  4. johnny reb says:

    It’s a trailer park……. What did you think was going to happen

  5. jasmine k says:

    Doesn’t look so bad, beside some flooding. Considering these are mobile homes, most of these shacks actually withstood the winds pretty well, beside some debri flying around, which shows whatever they got there wasn’t as powerful as they expected. But why would u build unstable mobile home shacks in hurricane n flood prone areas! Makes no sense! Lol

  6. Richard Alfred Blanco Ambrosius says:

    Since 1978, more than 750,000 square kilometers of Amazonian rainforest have been destroyed throughout Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana. For which capitalist interests is the largest rainforest on Earth destroyed? During the year 2016 in Brazil more than 200 aboriginal protectors of the nature have been assassinated. NATURE IS NOT STUPID !!! – When you shower, the parasites and microbes that live on the skin are horrified! … but after the shower, you feel happy !!!

  7. AmericaNWO says:

    Looks like a water pipe broke

  8. balak88 says:

    Is The hurricane there over? wonder how drone being put up there?

  9. Kevin vanderPoole says:

    Nice job CBS… went straight to a mobile home area because you knew really could get the best video of destruction for more clicks.

  10. Kenny 92 says:

    Irma = Wind , Harvey = Water …seemed like with Harvey the rain just wouldn’t stop out here

  11. Adrián Skultéty says:

    Damn you guys left the sink on

  12. Ron Horne says:

    I have a trailer springs that went through hurricane Charley 1 mile from the ocean zero damage.

  13. Bill MacDollars says:

    Why they only showing poor quality trailer houses smh

  14. Rubin Turner says:

    why would anyone ever want to live in the carribbean, midwest, california, by the south eastern shoreline or gulf? hurricanes, tornados/flash flooding (mississippi river missouri) earthquakes, upper northeast with blizzards? you can hear the hurt and despair in the people’s voices when they realize what they worked for all their lives are gone following these devastating storms. even if they are resilient and vow to stay and make the effort to rebuild.

  15. John Jauregui says:

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  16. Krautmaster86 says:

    houses made of carton. If it would have hit Naples like St Maateen nothing would have been left over.

  17. John Russell Foster says:

    I am ashamed of Americans who say this is fake news and make comments like “these are not homes, they’re trailers.” Some people can’t afford other houses! There will be huge expenses for repair all over Florida. Yes, the news is overly dramatic, but the damage and loss of lives in the Caribbean totally justified a cautious approach and the alarms being sounded. 28 deaths before Irma hit Florida is not fake news.

  18. Eye Catching Videos says:

    Click here for more videos https://youtu.be/O3CYkT46K8k

  19. Culture Hub says:

    Guys this is fake im in naples right now and i also was here yesterday and its completley fine just some trees have fallen and theres a bit of flooding

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