Drone captures dramatic Ohio River flooding

Drone captures dramatic Ohio River flooding

Floodwaters along the Ohio River are at their highest levels in two decades.

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60 Responses

  1. s s says:

    This all the reporting for major flooding ? USA Today is lame on REAL NEWS…39 seconds. SMH

  2. B B says:

    Trump took a piss in the street … See what happened !

  3. Nuclear Potato says:


  4. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    Tears from the Bengals Fans

  5. TheUnbeatableFroggy S. says:

    How is this trending with 7k views?

    • Jesus Hitler says:

      Runs by dumbass

    • Loveya226 says:

      TheUnbeatableFroggy S. Trending videos aren’t ever truly trending

    • Cece Ruben says:

      It has nothing to do with views. It’s how many people are looking up/ searching that video currently. Factoring in the normal amount of views the channel gets and subscribers they have.
      Pewdiepie (for the guy that mentioned him) has millions of subscribers that haven’t increased significantly in a long time and a continuous level of views. Not trending when he’s staying stagnant.

  6. Mason Lane says:

    Looks like hurricane harvey, i feel for them.

  7. Top 10 says:


  8. XBOYS says:

    The Paul brothers deserve this

  9. Alika Ostermiller says:

    trending? ok

  10. Bri J says:

    My home. I’m so glad this is trending. This is not normal for Cincinnati. The last time I’ve ever heard of the river flooding was when my grandpa told me a story of when it flooded when he was young. If you’ve never been to the Ohio River banks, it’s hard to understand how high the river is. It’s normally so low. Homes have been flooded. Sure riverbend has flooded a bit before in the summer, but we’ve never seen this happen.

  11. MrWebster773 says:

    Click bait

  12. Pasquale says:

    Fake news

  13. Korigan cards & coins says:

    That’s what happen if you don’t build a wall around the rivier

  14. Gabby says:

    *O C E A N M A N*

  15. AWSOMUS PRIME says:

    Were gonna need a bigger boat….πŸš£πŸš€β›΅βš“

  16. Too Simple says:

    *When you pay cash to get on trending to stay relevant*

  17. MrTony 19 says:

    If the Browns stadium drowns and they have to forfeit all their home games that still won’t change anything.

  18. Griffin Wagner says:

    I’m a student at UC who rows. I say it’s rowable, but my coaches say otherwise πŸ™

  19. Derek A says:

    Turd water

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