Dude Perfect Golf FACE OFF | Jon Rahm & Wesley Bryan

Dude Perfect Golf FACE OFF | Jon Rahm & Wesley Bryan

Tyler and Garrett tee off against professional golfer Jon Rahm, announced by special guest Wesley Bryan.

COMMENT with the sport you want to see Dude Perfect FACE OFF in next!

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20 Responses

  1. Whistle Sports says:

    COMMENT with the sport you want to see Dude Perfect FACE OFF in next!

  2. Epcisawesome says:

    Who saw the xxxxxxxx one

  3. XtremeDanger Gaming says:

    You should do a wipeout type Face Off video!!!

  4. Cody Estrada says:

    whistle sports soccer with Cristiano Ronaldo and neymar jr.


    they change the title it was xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Nicholas Salanitri says:

    You gotta love badminton. Like if you agree.

  7. Quicksilver Studios says:

    Coby still won in my eyes

  8. Xindan Wang says:

    my pencil died can I have likes

  9. Tyler Delipper says:

    Hi guys let’s play a game
    Last digit of ur like = a dog breed
    Let’s start

    0 = golden retriever

    1 = lab

    2 = German shepherd

    3 = pug

    4 = rott

    5 = mastiff

    6 = pitbull

    7 = chihuahua

    8 = St. Bernard

    9 = Australian shepherd

  10. JD Tough says:

    The last number of ur like is who u r
    1: Me 🐐
    2: JD Tough🐍
    3. Nobody
    4: Nobody
    6: Nobody
    7: Nobody
    8: Nobody
    9: Nobody
    0: LAVAR BALLπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ

  11. Patrick Blue says:

    How could you dislike a dude perfect video????

  12. MrTryal says:

    Like = Love Dude Perfect
    Comment = Want More!
    Sub = My Love!

  13. kenanmeng says:

    WHO IS WATCHING THIS WITHOUT SOCKS?????????????????????

  14. Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

    Don’t Read My Name,

  15. 806Tv says:

    That’s the most fake drawing of names ever, first of all why didn’t he accidentally pick another dude perfect member when picking the pro golfer if all the names are inside combined and secondly why was he already there waiting like he knew he was getting picked.

  16. Koolwes 1097 says:

    My name is Wesley, so when they announced it I was like “ITS MEEEEE”

  17. Sheharyar babar says:

    fidget spinner battle face off

  18. Dave Stewart says:

    i love how garret has to wear sunscreen

  19. yanis sushansky says:

    cody is 6ft 6 not 6ft 4.5

  20. Kalvin Cochran says:

    Do a soccer face off

    Like if you agree

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