Duke vs. North Carolina Condensed Highlights | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

Duke vs. North Carolina Condensed Highlights | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

Duke vs. North Carolina: In another classic game in this historic rivalry, Duke beat UNC 74-73 to advance to the final game at the ACC Basketball Tournament. In his first full game against the Tar Heels, Zion Williamson did not disappoint as he scored 31 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the win. Cameron Johnson led the Tar Heels with 23 points in the loss.
Watch the Condensed Game from North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Duke Blue Devils, 03/15/2019

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83 Responses

  1. Thejewishpeople says:

    Back to desynced audio 🙁

  2. Caleb Altizer says:

    I just wanna thank sharonda sampson for giving birth to this freak of nature that us humans call Zion Williamson thank god he’s on our side ?

  3. armone Davis says:


  4. Kilo Grams says:

    Num 14 really stepped up he stopped cam only reason they won

  5. Skiieeeuuupp!!!! says:

    GG, Duke. Them boys we’re neck and neck. Hate to see my Tarheels lose, but damn if that wasn’t a good game. Greatest rivalry of all time.

    • Droppin Deuces says:

      Hoop City Mixtapes your spelling is as dumb as your comment! ?

    • Ty Money says:

      Skiieeeuuupp!!!! Yea it was. I’m a Durham native. Bull City was wild last night.

    • Isaiah Parker says:

      Gideon Abimbola greatest rivalry period Michigan and Ohio state is second

    • theloverswineverytime says:

      I hate when fan bases give the “GG, y’all. you got that one…” Msn, shut….THEE…FUCK…UP. You motherfuckers aint playing each other on the damn court. And if my team loses to its arch-rival, for me, its “fuck yall & i hope we can return the fucking favor next time we see you”
      Thats THAT.

  6. Blaze Escamilla says:

    Barrett choked on those free throws lol

    • SuperSpeederSpazz says:

      And sadly that just showed scouts he’s not clutch at the line in big game situations. He’s definitely not going number one now.

    • Bill Russell says:

      +Olladnara don’t matter when one friend is jealous of his friend

    • AussieSpursFan ! says:

      Missed free throws i can understand in pressure situation.. but fundamentally speaking , the very next play on defense – his defensive lapse nearly cost them as his man almost scored a tip in to win it

    • CultureClips says:

      +SuperSpeederSpazz he NEVER WAS. lol Zion is and that hasn’t changed since the start of the season


    I’m happy they won but Barrett missed both free throws ??‍♂️

  8. Giovanni Colin says:

    RJ really almost cost that game smh

    • My Thoughts Are Just That says:

      I dont see NBA right now. Rj and cam need to stay another year. . Cam maybe even all 4 years . He’s good but not NBA right now. And I think RJ is having a hard time letting zion be zion which is why I think it will be even harder playing behind super stars for him instead of finding out how to contribute . He’s good don’t get me wrong just not NBA yet. My opinion

    • 719 YunGn says:

      +Joshua Shepherd yea throughout the game bro always does his thing for the most part…but the last 3 min is what matters most and he always almost does some dumb shit….why would you take that 3 he bricked it was unneeded when they had time to find a easier bucket period then you miss two free throws two CLUTCH FREETHROWS?

    • 719 YunGn says:

      +Joshua Shepherd he’s good but he’s not great yet….but he is only a freshman his desicion making gets better he will def be great

    • Karthik Konuru says:

      Duke has him playing in a role that he isn’t the best in. If you guys looked at the second Syracuse game where he was used in the middle of the zone and as an inside scorer(a role similar to what they have zion doing) the man put up 30. If you put rj in similar positions as zion we wouldn’t be criticizing him. He has to play on the perimeter or else he would completely clog up the lane. Cam is the one who really needs to step up. He needs to be more aggressive and he needs to control himself at the same time. Coach k needs to figure out how to use him as a spot up shooter. This man is oozing talent he just needs to get in the game mentally.

    • Jacob Kadar says:

      Karthik Konuru I hear what ur saying but he needs to stay level headed and make better decisions. So many times he ran down the court and pulled a 3 at the top of the key or drove into 3 defenders hoping for a foul or some crazy layup.

      I honestly think he’s purposely playing out of control to put up big numbers to raise his draft stock but it’s lowering that shit, because scouts aren’t dumb. He cares about stats more than W’s and wants big numbers but Zion just wants to win.

      Zion is leagues ahead of Barrett and reddish just because they either let those 2 guys start plays or they put them in a play, they maybe setup a play for Zion 2 or 3 times that entire game and Zion STILL dropped 31 off 13-19.

  9. Jay Jordan says:

    Zion is the Bo Jackson of Basketball

  10. Daniel Alexandre says:

    I’m sold. Zion is better than rj

    • Jake2Wavyyy _ says:

      Carlton Miller are u dumb are retarded RJ Can’t make a play when it’s crunch time as u can see missed 2 free throws and Zion literallly carried the shit out of them Zion is a much better player

    • Jay says:

      Who ever didn’t know that already stupid

    • king rob says:

      shaec 93 of

    • Getyourbread Up says:

      TheGorn that was dumb take it in Rj is a one of a kind player can shoot playmake and drive to the basket he is also a good perimeter defender.he also can use both hands fast with ball and does make good des ion he is also younger then Zion by a year

    • Getyourbread Up says:

      TheGorn I rather have Rj then Zion, Zion is an athletic freak but when rj goes to the nba u will see

  11. Reece J says:

    Rj cant miss them free throws if he end up in this situation again

  12. Hunter Volcan says:

    Both of those teams can ball. A lot of great shooters and athletes on that floor tonight. Duke/North Carolina rivalry is like nothing else.

    • Bryce Yeazel says:

      Ohio state Michigan?

    • GoBlue576966 says:

      Bryce bwa hahahahahahaha, fat freaking chance that dormant rivalry in hoops is even close to this one. Don’t waste the time crossing sports either. We are talking hoops, not football. Nothing compares to Duke/Carolina in hoops.

    • Esketit Esketit says:

      GoBlue576966 OST vs MICH has always been a beastly game just like this one. New to basketball otherwise you wouldn’t say that stupid shit.

    • Jsome 234 says:

      Louisville vs. Kensucky

  13. Yosafat Darmawan says:

    RJ please…just give it to Zion….barely escaped….

  14. Jeremiah Gilyard says:

    I think the difference between RJ and Zion coming out of high school, is that RJ lived up to the hype, but Zion surpassed it.

    • James Wayne says:

      Zion thinks he is the man wow really yes he is great but he didnt beat north Carolina by himself he scored 31 which in the NBA he will be a bottom feeder

    • Alix Richemond says:

      +James Wayne wtf are you talking about????

    • Isaiah Brown says:

      +Tha Truth exactly RJ has the ability and even makes some nice passes that’s why it makes me upset when he doesnt make the right play even though I know he could do it. People want to say Zion cant shoot outside too but he shoots basically the same percentage from the free throw line as RJ and the same from 3. So RJ needs to work on his shooting just as much as Zion if not more too

    • Zlatan Kuc says:

      We will see them in Nba next year

    • James Wayne says:

      +Alix Richemond you all think this guy is that guy who is better wft are you talking about don’t like my comment die whore

  15. LeBeautiful says:

    The Kyrie shoes Nike reinforced gave him a MASSIVE attribute boost. I’m talkin about +99 on almost every stat.

  16. Almighty Montana says:

    We all can agree that Zion should be the Closer for Duke ??

  17. D says:

    great game. perfect year to see duke-unc round 4.

  18. LE MATT says:

    This game thoo! They went the distance! Zion is ridiculous, we are witnessing brute strength with the finesse of a cat and tnt explosion!

  19. adrian brian says:

    Where NCAA is more entertaining than NBA… Zion is money

  20. Elie says:

    Is this just me, or is this is more interesting than a NBA game ?

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