Dumbest His Vs. Hers Products (TEST)

Dumbest His Vs. Hers Products (TEST)

Can we find the differences between products for men vs. women? GMM #1542
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67 Responses

  1. HereforRandL says:

    Okay the doggies’ bath was so freaking cute

    • R Lux says:

      Anyone else get irrationally angry that link does not know how to wash his dog. Water is not suppose to go in their ears

  2. Liam Goldstein says:

    Rhett: “Did we just create a GIF?”

    Me: Y E S

  3. Yung Cain says:

    How do you just cruise passed “lady anti-monkeybutt powder” with no reaction ?

  4. Ree says:

    Y’all should’ve tried the Bic pens that were specifically for women.

    • Emma R says:

      ThatMarchingBunny but also men will often not buy health/skincare etc products unless it’s made more masculine looking, regardless of ingredients, or if its even just neutral/subtly feminine. It goes both ways! I will buy mens razors because they’re cheaper and more effective, but alot of women won’t consider that for the same reason. Gender stereotypes are weird.

    • trisha honey says:

      That Marchbunny where did you get that information from. Do you have a link? Because I heard none of that was true.

    • Furious :/ says:

      Neon Moon Pie but they would have seen the Pens and therefor be able to tell

    • Cat Poke says:

      I love going back to those pens just to read the reviews

    • ThatMarchingBunny says:

      +trisha honey
      Even certain colors of cars cost more. Why do you think that is?

  5. Jollie bic says:

    I lost it at the powder ? The dog washing was very sweet ?

  6. Jashan Singh says:

    5:11 when you think you are outsmarting your friend but fail

  7. ya boi 2: electric boogaloo says:

    link sealed both of their fates the moment he said “I feel like I need to turn away to do this.”

  8. Lily Jones says:

    the fact that rhett gave his dog lil bows on her ears

  9. cpcarstens says:

    Watching two 6 foot+ men wash little bitty dogs just made my day.

  10. Param Jain says:

    Here I am…watching two grown men washing fake dishes while dirty dishes are sitting right in front of me.

    That’s really _F A S C I N A T I N G_

  11. wwilsey8fitness -IG says:

    Ok,that intro song that link sang was actually so good!!

  12. Kaitlyn J. says:

    “Did we just create a gif…?”
    ??? yeah i think so, there’s goin back now

    • Martin Tha beast says:

      Kaitlyn J. He said jif I don’t know him anymore

    • David Blue says:

      +Martin Tha beast That is the way it is said.

      The creator made it to be that way. People who say “gif” are silly and can’t accept the world doesn’t cater to their nonsensical preference.

  13. Happy place says:

    Rhett: “Did we just create a gif?”
    Link: *sniffs fingers*

  14. Bjartur Kristinarson says:

    The perfect name for tea targeted towrds men is masculinitea

  15. Jess Higginbottom says:

    I’m always tickled by how Rhett talks to Barbara.

  16. K-Conn 22 says:

    Rhett: A female dog which is called a *BEEEP*
    Me: ? *WHEEZE!*

  17. mira ann says:

    “dogs transform when they get water on them”

    Trying to say Barbra and Jade are gremlins, link?

  18. C Molloy says:

    Isn’t go girl also that product that we-
    tested where girls pee-
    while they’re in a car-
    Or anywhere else besides the bathroom?


    6:06 for anyone wondering

  19. Thysillia says:

    Women, don’t make the same mistake I did. I once touched a razor JUST FOR MEN and immediately grew a beard and started a DIY project

  20. Sam Show says:

    Should’ve included a price comparison between the products, too!

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