Dunkirk – Announcement [HD]

Dunkirk – Announcement [HD]

From filmmaker Christopher Nolan (“Interstellar,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” Trilogy) comes the epic action thriller DUNKIRK, in theaters July 21, 2017.

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20 Responses

  1. Lbp boricua says:

    Those helmets look from the first ww era not second

  2. Sean V says:

    Hey Nolan fans, did you even watch The Prestige? Or just the Dark Knight
    and later films?

  3. tushar mehta says:

    Why 100+ dislikes? :3

  4. HERECOMESKYLO!! says:

    Is this World War 1 or World War 2?

  5. x zStylez says:

    The trailer played before the start of Suicide Squad and legit everyone
    booed because the trailer didnt play through.

  6. Enemy of David Gamer says:

    Lol did you see them all do the Wave haha

  7. Василий Егоров says:


  8. Ansar M. Smith says:

    Nolan’s Full Metal Jacket

  9. John D says:

    Harryyyyyyy where are u

  10. Daniel Ybarra says:

    Nolan please save dc right now

  11. Ibrahim Mulhim says:


    the second guy on the right turning around looked like he was smiling

    bad acting from him.

  12. Zayn Malik says:

    Watch this because Harry Styles ????


    Is this nolans first Vietnam movie ? That would actually be interesting.

  14. Damian Reyes says:

    I’m hyped…

  15. bobby kodela says:

    The Geniuses are Back.. Christopher Nolan.. Hans Zimmer.. can’t wait 2017..

  16. Genoveva Martinez says:

    Honestly I was just looking for Harry. Not even sorry lol

  17. adanilo379 says:

    1 word… InNolanWeTrust !!

  18. Jose Ibarra says:

    mutherfucker…he just enticed me @ 42 seconds!!! how does he do it?!!!

  19. lucia haines says:

    “Omfg Harry where’s Harry” nah mate where’s Zimmer on his keys belting out
    some tunes to make this film even more brilliant than its going to be

  20. Christian Lee says:

    Hans zimmer is a movie music writer not a director by the way, I’m so hyped
    tom hardy is my favorite actor he can play a character with any accent spot