Dwayne Johnson Wants to Marry Frances McDormand

Dwayne Johnson Wants to Marry Frances McDormand

Dwayne Johnson admitted to Ellen that he got a major crush on Frances McDormand after she was very kind to his daughter at the Golden Globes.

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62 Responses

  1. FARYAL SAJID says:

    The rock is made outta steel ??

  2. Shravya B L says:

    I am a huge fan of the Rock…… And this video was wonderful…….

  3. Colibr Colibr says:

    I want to marry her too, but I’m a gay man, are we allowed to marry women still? ?

  4. space lover says:

    Here before the comments gets disabled…???

  5. mai2oo says:

    Aw The Rock <3 Now get Lilly Singh.

  6. Paul Hoggard says:

    I’ll never forget Robin Williams communicating with a gorilla. Animals need to be respected. Still like meats but thankful to God for being human.

  7. NeluTheCurious says:

    I like him because Lilly Singh likes him

  8. James Moore says:

    I think Ellen needs check her panties,and she may not be as gay as she thinks she is

    • Melanie Jaid says:

      U probs think ur the person people get offended at because they can’t handle the truth?
      Ummmmm. Wow?

    • jlbueno0611 says:

      James Moore thats not how it works …

    • Lauren Cameron says:

      Wwwoowww! To all the ppl in the thread, ITS A JOKE!!! Im sure he knows that Ellen is STILL GAY! I mean Dwayne just spoke about marrying a woman even tho he has a girlfriend and said his girlfriend is cool with it! I bet yall thought The Rock was serious about that too huh!? SMDH! Stupid ppl! Maybe YALL should check your heads to see if somethings there!

    • NK11ism says:

      She seems to be drooling over the Rock and Milo Vintimiglia

    • Melanie Jaid says:

      Lauren Cameron okay i acknowledge i didn’t take this as a joke. It relieves me to think that’s what happened. But your shock and outrage lead me to believe you’ve never known someone who would say this and it wouldn’t be a joke? Surely you know of ppl like that? Anyway i hope it was. Yeah sorry after i read it and i read the other commenter taking it seriously in hindsight i think i was reminded of my step-father. Who was awful, abusive, and had some kind of deep mental health issues going that will never be diagnosed now. Because after threatening to kill me in front my sister and shooting my mom (after assaulting her in a manner i wont mention here for fear of the sick enjoying it) he killed himself. So i apologize for being triggered.
      Happy now Lauren…(?)

  9. Carli Petow says:

    Frances McDormand sounds like a wonderful human being!

  10. Vanshaj Khera says:

    This man never fails to amaze us.
    THE ROCK ❤️

  11. Vanshaj Khera says:

    How can someone hate Dwayne ‘THE ROCK’ Johnson??

  12. Georgina says:

    Don’t we all want to marry Frances

  13. M V-PlAyEr says:

    She’s 16 I am freaking 17 and I look like 71

  14. Kbear2097 says:

    I bet I could beat him in arm wrestling…

  15. Sumukh says:

    DJ just 100x Savage.

  16. NG Tech says:

    The 3 luckiest girls in the world!!! ?

  17. Mohamed Farouk says:

    I would love to see Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in more movies, like two cops or whatever.

  18. Susan Burris says:

    Dwayne..Frances said pass..so I ll marry you in her place!

  19. Mermaid Motel says:

    “That’s weird..”

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