EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Official Gameplay Trailer

EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR Official Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to the Next Generation of Golf and experience golf without limits. Learn More: http://o.ea.com/36863

Available June 2015. Pre-Order Now: http://o.ea.com/36862

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20 Responses

  1. zeBattos says:

    rip TW

  2. XboxWeb.cz - vše o Xboxu says:

    finally! We need good golf on the XboxOne!

  3. alexander traina says:

    Tiger outlawed huh

  4. Christopher Bird says:


  5. Caleb Hunt says:

    The post-Tiger Woods era of the PGA Tour is in full-swing. 

  6. gun1987gunn says:

    Personally I think just calling it EA Sports PGA Tour 2015 is a much better

  7. Saranay raña says:

    Better play GTA5 with golf and stuff. 

  8. minifratellijames says:

    Bring back McCord and Feherty and TW 2005!

  9. Chris Chapman says:

    I would have preferred Phil Mickelson

  10. SwoleHouse TV says:

    Can’t freaking wait!!!

  11. CarbonitePlays says:

    Gameplay? I must have missed it…wait, nope it’s not there.

    This was like a memo from EA just saying “Hey guys, we dumped Tiger Woods
    since his drop in form / fall from grace but here’s Rory McIlroy to endorse
    our new game in exchange for money!”

  12. Cory Campbell says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  13. Reyhockey35 says:

    golf is fun to play but boring to watch

  14. Deniz Erkan says:

    ea sport you is ashole fuck you motherfucking

  15. Tom Ato says:

    I’m not really into golf or golf games, but I must admit this game does
    have some pretty spectacular graphics.

  16. George Molyneux Buckley says:

    Rory McIlroy PGA Tour? WTF?!! This is Tiger’s domain. Ain’t nobody got time
    fo dat.

  17. lukcy23 says:

    Is it for PC too?

  18. Deven Clark says:

    Rory, really? That’s a disgrace to the TIGER WOODS franchise

  19. Eric Pace says:

    YEA!!! Tiger Woo… What?!

  20. Brad Moss says:

    if tiger isnt in this game i’m not buying it. Also shoulda just went with
    “PGA tour 15” Rory is not the next big thing.