Eagle-cam: Incredible POV shot as bird descends from world’s tallest building – BBC News

Eagle-cam: Incredible POV shot as bird descends from world’s tallest building – BBC News

The eagle has landed! And what a journey it was. Watch as Darshan soars above the Dubai sky, capturing stunning views of the world beneath his wings. This Imperial Eagle has broken a world record by flying from the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa It was set up by conservation group Freedom Conservation, in order to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered bird of prey. Eagle-cam foogtage courtesy of Freedom Conservation.

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19 Responses

  1. CraZayTube says:

    the dive made my stomach sink in lol

  2. Moidem Grunderkraumpf says:

    I guess I don’t get what conservationism has become. Joint efforts with
    Dubai and the BBC? Catching possibly endangered species in the Mekong?
    Umm, what?

    Oh no, it’s conservationism because now it’s about going viral.

  3. mosam beak says:

    if u change the cam angle next time i will kill you

  4. ssway28 says:

    BBC=big *black* cock

  5. aburges says:

    That’s some awesome ActionCam footage!!!

  6. Josh Ahrens says:

    rendered with the wrong settings = lines

  7. fiziks says:

    Wonderful. Thanks +BBC News. I really wanted to anticipate the bird diving
    from its POV for 5 minutes and then not get to see it. How did you know
    that that’s what I wanted?

  8. Sherri Tibbett says:


  9. Benjamin McEachrane says:

    Aw, we don’t get a POV for the dive? That’s the whole reason I watched…

  10. Jenny Boerding says:

    want to fly like an eagle, to the sea, fly like an eagle, let my spirit
    carry me…

  11. Abiodun Akindele says:


  12. Unmei says:

    All I really wanted to see was footage of the eagle divebomb from the
    eagle’s point of view, but instead they show him divebomb against a blue
    backdrop which makes it look like he isn’t even moving. Good choice in
    camera usage. “How often do people get the chance to see a divebomb from
    an eagle’s point of view? Eh, screw it, let’s use a different camera for
    that part.” Even if the wind speed from the dive didn’t give a super
    stable camera shot I would’ve preferred to see that over the shot with the
    sky as a backdrop.

  13. Nancy L. Stockdale says:

    Incredible! Thank you for sharing this. 

  14. Biscuitchris7again says:

    So now the moment has come, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… CUT

    … prefect.

  15. Hala News says:

    بي بي نيوز توثق أول صقر مع كميرة أكشن مثبتة على ظهره ببث حي ومباشر لمعالم
    دبي قرب برج خليفة.

  16. i208khonsu says:

    Watched the whole video for footage of the dive, and they cut away just as
    soon as that happened.

    Jackass BBC

  17. Cameron Fernandez says:

    at first i thought the video said eagle cum lmao 

  18. bloodwatch says:

    Stop the commenting and release the entire video pov! All I wanted to see
    was the dive bomb!

  19. João Pedro Tomás says:

    Why is the video interlaced? lol