Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord – April 12th 2020

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord – April 12th 2020

Worship Booklet – https://www.saintpatrickscathedral.org/documents/2020/4/Apr_12_2020-Easter.pdf

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Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-700542

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21 Responses

  1. MM M says:

    Happy Easter to all from Michelle originally from South Philly, currently living in Las Vegas, NV! 🕆🌷I have many fond memories of visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral numerous times over the corse of my life! Health & Happiness Blessings to the world!!!🕇❤🌍🔱🌎🕆🌏🕊🌹

  2. Jp Adan says:

    Was married in that church 1973 officiated by my relative, Rev Thomas Micheal Gillespie OSF Philadelphia USA. JEAN PATRICIA AYDIN

  3. fizbinsfire says:

    Imagine if there was a quarantine in effect and jesus had to wait a month later before getting to come out of the tomb.

  4. Susan Moore says:

    God bless you for making this possible. Such a blessing. Very nice service. 💖

  5. Joe sange says:

    Thank you for bringing Easter Mass into our homes, and God Bless our devoted health care workers!

  6. Joseph De John says:

    Thank you Fr. Pat for all your hard work Beautiful mass & homily

  7. Lisa Bizon says:

    Thank you for providing this beautiful Easter service for us to watch in our homes, during this difficult time in our world. Happy Easter! Stay safe & be well.

  8. Eileen Grunthaner says:

    Thank you for providing this wonderful Easter Mass, Cardinal Dolan. Watched this thru YouTube from NC.

    • Virginia Miller says:

      Thank you from Martinez, CA for this beautiful service! We are blessed with the fine example of Cardinal Dolan and his staff who have brought this uplifting experience from NYC, one of hardest hit centers of the pandemic. Thank you and blessings from all of us whatever religion around the world. Virginia Miller

  9. Lee Squiers says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song starting at 1:01:20?

  10. Berlinda Franscique says:

    Thank you for sharing the Easter Mass with us at home. Blessings and be safe everyone.🙏🕯♥️

  11. Radmila Khamzina says:

    Thank you Bishop Daniel for such a wonderful Easter

  12. Mgee V says:

    Thank you for this wonderful mass! Thank you, Bishop Dolan, and all the members of the Cathedral! I loved the service, meaningful, the soloist, organist, lightings, sounds, the whole Cathedral!…❤❤ God bless you all!🙏

  13. Mary Ann Carr says:

    So nice to experience Easter Mass today.

  14. paukenpete says:


  15. S Enebene says:

    Very comforting and uplifting. Thank you

  16. Xzvius says:


    That says it all.

  17. Colleen Fallon O'Connor says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful service! I was able to share this with my mom who is in a nursing home in Massachusetts. She has strong roots in NYC. Please keep her in your prayers! Happy Easter and God bless!! 🙏

  18. Marie.Nibbles says:

    wow just wow
    absolutely beautiful mass , love the message
    bless you all

  19. rihanna says:

    I’m not even christian Lol

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