Eating Weird Food from the 50s (with Katherine)

Eating Weird Food from the 50s (with Katherine)

Katherine got a sort of recipe book that her grandmother put together in the 1940s and 50s. It was fascinating enough that I decided we should cook some of this REALLY WEIRD STUFF!

So much Jello you guys. *shudder*

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20 Responses

  1. Kaija Schmauss says:

    I never knew popovers were weird. My mom makes them whenever we have people
    over for brunch, so I’ve had them quite a few times. That jello looks
    disgusting though.

  2. c kurova says:

    Make more of these!

  3. AnimeLovr4 says:

    Ok but popovers taste super good with honey and powdered sugar

  4. Nescophe Roth says:

    I really like The Katherine’s specs.

  5. Teri0is0Resa says:

    Popovers are my family’s traditional Christmas morning food. We’ve made
    them as far back as I can remember. They’re excellent with honey butter
    while still warm.

  6. m0erser says:

    if u had some cooking skills, the outcome of these recipes would be a lot
    better.. allthough, yea, pretty werid

  7. Nalanzazu says:

    this was hilarious XD

  8. hulahoolahoo says:

    you should make a part 2! this was so funny! or just you and your wife
    trying random weird recipes. I don’t know why I was so incredibly amused by
    this. love you, vlogbrothers!

  9. Katherine Wolinski says:

    ayeee katherine?

  10. Nathan Vorwerck says:

    Just casually drinking a Hamms with dinner like nbd

  11. Timetraveling360 says:

    It’s videos like these I remember how awesome Katherine is. Also food from
    50s is weird? But our grandchildren will probably find most of the stuff we
    eat strange and gross as well.

  12. Matt Miller says:

    when making cupcakes or muffins have water in the cups u aren’t using so u
    dont damage the pan

  13. batman the dark Knight says:



  14. fuad alsaiari says:

    The last one like you eating a live liver

  15. Neceros says:

    People didn’t know wtf was good back then, and experimentation was
    expected. Of course, through the ages, some food never goes away because
    it’s just such a hit. But a large portion of what we eat today will not
    make it towards the future.

    Further, people had to do with what they had. People today have it so much
    better, and have far more conveniences, than even the people from 25 years
    ago, let alone the 50’s.

    The world is getting better.

  16. Tanner Madison says:

    Your wife is funnier than you Hank.

  17. Daniel Schick says:

    No just no….

  18. inksplatter1 says:

    I love videos of Hank and the Katherine together!

  19. Jessika Isidoro says:

    you havr to keep in mind ingredients sold in stores in 40s and 50s were so
    different back then you can’t except to try the recipes with now a days
    ingredients to work at all. you know. times have change food,taste and

  20. paradoxdesigns says:

    Maybe this is why our elders always died so young.