Edgeland | Battle for The Trophy! pt.2

Edgeland | Battle for The Trophy! pt.2

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61 Responses

  1. Leeland Stonehouse says:

    I watched part one and again nice beard Matt

  2. Áine O' Gorman says:

    2 videos in 1 day!?!?
    I feel so blessed!!:D

  3. RJ Gamer_07 says:

    Yes this was my favorite vid now there is a part two sweeeet

  4. Skyolle says:

    Hello Team Edge i love your videos (tell me who is replying :P) matt at the start ARE YOU KIDDING ME xD

  5. Drew Batt says:

    It is under GOD not all!!!!!!!

  6. TurtleBeatz says:


  7. Angel Wolf Music says:

    I’m not kidding I just did a project on Louis Braille and I legit said true for the trivia question out loud lmaoooooo😂😂🤣🤣

  8. Rn Tn says:

    Great part 2!!

  9. the great gamermaniac2005. says:

    Can you do the channel war(i made this challenge up)it’s where all your channels battle each other,for team edge it’s joey,bryan and matt,rekt gunner,Tanner and meria(i didn’t know how to spell her name),BU sam,Kevin and devon,and GG paul,cj and connor,each team play a nerf challenge like memory match,build your weapon,find your weapon and mystery box challenge,the team members will battle each other for team captain,at the end,all channels battle each other for the ultimate winner.(if you don’t get it in sorry,it you do plz do it)

  10. Donuberry says:

    Lmao when part 2 is uploaded a couple minutes before part one

  11. harvyx says:

    do more edgeland

  12. TiaraGaming2005 says:

    Looks like the winner is the winner of Season 1, Matthias!

  13. Daniel Vreugdenburg says:

    Ahh original team edge members

  14. Tip of The Day says:

    Under “All”? Joey, if you were a true christian you would have said God. Joey why

    This seems really mean sorry, i just wanna know why

    • HurtfulShrimp says:

      Saying all instead of God isn’t making him any less christian. He isn’t denying god in anyway. 1) he either doesn’t want to bring politics into youtube or 2) he understands that the word god has no need to be in the pledge in the first place.

    • ZepylPSN says:

      HurtfulShrimp cuzzo did you just say god is a politic

    • HurtfulShrimp says:

      ZepylPSN politics as in one side wants god in the pledge and the other doesn’t want god in the pledge. You know what I mean?

    • Kelli Apple says:

      Tip of The Day not the national anthem. It’s our pledge. They are two different things

    • Braidyn Price says:

      Tip of The Day Give him some slack geez so many celebs have messed up on the national anthem in front of more people than this video has views

  15. JJ Albanez says:

    Joey said the pledge of allegiance wrong

    • K M C Nightcore says:

      I think he said it for a reason

    • Golf Fan says:

      He left out God in the pledge

    • Joshua Latham says:

      Did he leave god out? Strange. Joey is religious.

    • Jordan Hagan says:

      BasicallyITry except it wasn’t. Look it up. Under god wasn’t added to the pledge until 1954. 62 years after it was written. And they revised it twice before adding the word god.

    • HurtfulShrimp says:

      Having the word god in the pledge doesn’t make you any less (or more) Christian (or whatever religion) there’s no reason to get butthurt over a word anyway. Religion and politics should not interfere with each other in the first place

  16. Daniel TheLepord says:

    Why couldnt they just make ONE twenty minute video instead of TWO ten minute video?

    • Nerdy Curls says:

      Daniel TheLepord Longer vids dont do aswell, for some reason anything longer then 10mins drops heavily in views(people click off the vid). Matt mentioned it in a vlog but i dont remember which one.

    • Tip of The Day says:

      Nerdy Curls more views

    • Timberwolf#9 says:

      Daniel TheLepord more view which equals more revenue

    • HurtfulShrimp says:

      Views don’t necessarily matter in this case because the longer a video is the more ads you can place in it. Having two shorter videos means more people will watch 2 full videos instead of just one half video and getting bored. Therefore boosting the amount of ads viewed.

  17. SAJI DANIEL says:

    Joey took revenge by putting spegatti on his face lmao

  18. ItsRqndom says:

    Part 2 w/MATTHIAS!!

  19. One Nation Under God says:

    One nation under all? You making a political stance there Joey?

  20. Shubham Shrivardhankar says:

    matthais won again

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