Eighth Grade | Official Trailer HD | A24

Eighth Grade | Official Trailer HD | A24

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From writer/director Bo Burnham and starring Elsie Fisher. EIGHTH GRADE – In Theaters July 13.

RELEASE DATE: July 13, 2018
DIRECTOR: Bo Burnham
CAST: Elsie Fisher and Josh Hamilton

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79 Responses

  1. CollegeMovieGeek says:

    Art is Dead

  2. Lucan Reynolds says:

    A24 are simply the best!

  3. Peete Schneider says:

    i´m so proud of Bo

  4. BluRayMan12 says:

    As soon as I knew Bo Burnham was writing/directing a feature it automatically became my most anticipated film for 2018. The man is a genius. The great reviews from Sundance did not surprise me in the slightest.

  5. emm says:

    This seems cliche but just because it’s bo in charge of this I’m pretty sure I’m wrong and I’ll be amazed by the end of it

    • Brad Niemeyer says:

      Angel Pygs I’m talking about the eyelid thing, the pool parties, the overload of social media innuendos and awkward conversations and teachers dabbing and stuff.

    • Joe Kohle says:

      Brad Niemeyer I don’t think that’s the case. He’s my favorite creative person and have been a giant fan of his since his YouTube days, have watched everything he’s ever made, and watched/listened to any interview available online. His interviews have helped shape the way I think about things. Didn’t mean to be hostile, you just seem like a person who is negative just to get a reaction.

    • Brad Niemeyer says:

      Joe Kohle I do that sometimes yes. I’m not doing it to get a reaction I just despise the mindless following of celebrities in anything they do.

    • Pickle Destroyer says:

      Brad Niemeyer That’s the point, it’s meant to seem that way. People in my middle school dab and say random things like lit and Gucci, it annoys the hell out of me, but so many people do it. With the social media thing, you can’t deny that we’re almost all attached to our phones, and WAY too many kids my age use social media.

    • Brad Niemeyer says:

      Pickle Destroyer I agree

  6. Mega MovieZ says:

    Lady Bird in 8th grade

  7. Misha Krynauw says:

    So happy for Bo!

  8. Imam Syafi'i says:

    Maybe working out some deals with streaming service like the one they did with Annihilation would be beneficial to the audience outside North America so we can also see the movie around the same time
    I just wish I’d be able to see it before next year –yeah it’s that bad

  9. Shamus Quinn says:

    Bo. Oh my God. Mr. Burnham.

  10. Min Khant Kyaw says:


  11. Emily says:

    a teen movie w/ a character who actually has acne? bless

  12. Lika says:

    we think you changed, bro

  13. Lika says:

    “it’s gonna be lit”

  14. Melanie Murphy says:

    I’m way TOO excited about this. It looks incredible, Bo x

  15. TJ Hastie says:

    I was a quiet, socially awkward kid in middle school when Facebook was still the hot new thing. I discovered YouTube around fourth grade. Twitter and Instagram were also really big by eighth grade, with Vine and Snapchat coming out early into high school. I can already tell this is gonna hit hard. It’ll be great for today’s kids to have a coming of age film that addresses social media and how it can affect adolescence, made by a younger person like Bo who actually understands how this generation communicates and isn’t just saying “ugh kids these days iPhone bad go outside read book”. As someone who grew up with all of it, I agree it has a lot of problems, but it’s more complicated than that.

  16. heybigsplendour says:

    omg why do ppl flip their lids for 😩

  17. Melanie Anne Ahern says:


  18. your memes are gay says:

    As an 8th grader I can say some of the stuff in this aren’t as true as you think but most of it I can relate too and I love bo hes super funny I’m really existed for this.

    • shortyrags says:

      as an eleventh grader, stop using your vocab words on youtube.

    • Flipflopz Threeonethree says:

      As another 11th grader, I don’t know what that word means, but I don’t give two shits if they use it or not

    • kaia ! says:

      your memes are gay well as an 8th grader I say all of this shit is true for me.

    • Big Audos says:

      People have wildly different experiences at similar points in their life. I’m sure bo will have some kind of message that will stick more universally through the guise of a coming of age story. It might be a message not even necessarily about coming of age. Plus real life is pretty boring. Doing a cut and dry “the average 8th grade” would be terrible, because most of us didn’t enjoy school while going through it. It’s long and taxing and even if you liked it more than others like I did, you would be hard pressed to find people in school talking about how much they hate days off. Making a realistic movie would also be realistically boring.

    • Pickle Destroyer says:

      your memes are gay It’s just like my school, you’re probably a… Popular kid.

      gasp oh wow more opinions

  19. yepisuredolikecats says:


  20. Anna Woods says:

    Wow you had me when Enya started playing lmao

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