Election Week Cold Open – SNL

Election Week Cold Open – SNL

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) performs Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

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20 Responses

  1. LIZZYRULES says:

    Thank you SNL & Kate McKinnon for this opening. It was truly beautiful.
    going down as my favorite opening ever.

  2. Yuno Gasai says:

    I just turned 18 and joining the military and I’m so afraid of what Donald
    will do but even tho I’m scared I will not back down and I will not give up
    on the county that gave me everything so why should you

  3. Robert Austin says:

    Kate McKinnon is the best, and Hillary is one of my heroes

  4. bryanttttttttt says:

    That was really beautiful. but remember this woman Hillary is probably
    going to be convicted of treason, fraud, and corruption.

    and some will never understand how someone so polite and experienced could
    lose to someone like Donald Trump. They still think she is a beautiful soul
    when they see that polished smile. But they are wrong

  5. Lee Murdock says:

    Wow – it is telling how much hate the trump supporters have in their
    comments. No wonder the country is protesting.

  6. fabd.lxy says:

    I’ll never give in to hate

  7. Going Green says:

    Trump is a disgusting Human. #NOT MY PRESIDENT. Hillary said she was sorry
    for saying “1/2 of Trump supporters are deplorable”, the truth is they “ALL
    ARE DEPLORABLE”. David Duke is going to have a KKK parade celebrating
    Trump’s win. This is a new low for America, my heart bleeds.

  8. Lanie Santiago says:

    wow this comment section is sad. These Trump supporters need to stop with
    the racist comments. Trump is president you guys got what you wanted. Stop
    with the insults already. I’m so disappointed with this country. I want to
    move to Canada so bad lol. People are praying for peace and shit but with
    this election over its sure as hell not going to be peaceful its actually
    only going to get a lot worse. So stop with the racist comments you
    ignorant Trump supporting assholes.

  9. Alyson Desylva says:

    This was very well executed- no I’m not crying…

  10. MattsThirdTimeLucky says:

    this is so beautiful and lovely
    kate mckinnon, you rock.

  11. funkyjimm says:

    Hey idiots this was more of Leonard Cohen tribute than a Trump bash!

  12. Nunya! says:

    Kate was great. I had no idea she could play and sing! So good

  13. JJDiablo says:

    Is there anything Kate McKinnon can’t do?

  14. Connor Twigg says:

    I think a LOT of people commenting on here also missed the fact that this
    in was in addition a tribute to Leonard Cohen’s passing this week..

  15. Keith Machi says:


  16. UnitedWeStand4EVR says:

    She almost cried at the end. Can’t believe America chose him over her. What
    a mistake. Hillary will always be my President. <3 #Imwither #Trumplovesate

  17. ModernPlague says:

    Haha, acting like Hillary Clinton was some Christ-like saint. Get real.
    It’s this glossing over of her dark side & ignoring all her shady aspects
    that made so many people dislike her to begin with. Maybe if her team
    hadn’t cheated Bernie Sanders out of the primary nomination, then we
    wouldn’t have Trump in office. This presentation of Hillary as some
    angelic, righteous saint only highlights how out-of-touch even American
    liberals are, too busy virtue-signalling and ACTING progressive & just to
    notice that even under Obama, America is crumbling for most people. “Oh but
    now there’s a guy who acts mean! Suddenly America is in trouble!” American
    liberals are too busy regarding themselves as ultra-hip intellectuals to
    realize that in many ways, they’re just as dumb as the “rednecks” they love
    to look down on, and have no sympathy for. Millions of Americans becoming
    poor? Oh, we’ll they’re just redneck losers, who cares. But when Trump says
    mean things about illegal immigrants, suddenly they’re overflowing with
    empathy & concern…….Get real. You people specialize in ACTING like you
    care about justice, not actually doing it. This country has been fucking
    over other countries AND its own working people for decades now. You just
    want a nice friendly mask put back on the imperialist U.S. machine so you
    can go back to pretending like everything is fine, just because your own
    lives are comfy.

  18. BrotherLeon2010 says:

    America – 1776-2017 / May She R.I.P.

  19. Richard Head says:

    Yeah, he is your president. #MAGA

  20. Austin Funnell says:

    I’ll watch from overseas with my box of tissues as I watch Mr Trump slowly
    destroy your country. RIP America.