ELLE Presents… Kylie Jenner

ELLE Presents… Kylie Jenner

WHAT do the 90s mean to Kylie Jenner? WHO is her ultimate spirit animal? And WHY is model Lucky Blue Smith just so very majestic?
In this ELLE film, shot on the set of Kylie’s cover shoot and directed by Joy Collective, the star reveals all.

Read the full interview with Kylie Jenner in ELLE’s February issue on sale 1 January. And join the conversation #ELLExKylie.

Director: Joy Collective
Music: “Call My Name” by ‘Mosquito Coast’

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20 Responses

  1. Gayle G. says:

    whats the soundtrack of this ad ? its the only redeeming thing I picked up

  2. Melissa perle974 says:

    my Kylie??i love youu

  3. Munzy Banks says:

    If you imagine her with Kylo Ren’s helmet on it’s easier to watch.

  4. roccozilla1969 says:

    Epic Fail!?

  5. ChanDalf says:

    5 min with her and il cut my dick off, which will force me 2 kill myself

  6. Tru Knobull says:

    she’s cute for a neanderthal.

  7. Sasha Shakur says:

    She has the personality of a cracker. So stale and stiff. I don’t see the
    fascination behind any of them.

  8. Humberto Madrigal says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWW what the fuckkkkk she is fucking uglyyy. holy fucking shit

  9. David Nelson says:

    dumb ugly bitch

  10. Lauren Picon says:

    we will have to fucking hear about them until we die :,(

  11. Shueeb Mohammed says:

    u could’ve interviewed a cow instead

  12. Ralph Morales says:

    she’s famous because her sister is a whore. all my cousins are whores
    where’s my tv show ?

  13. Cierra Lynnlee says:

    I thought the title said ELLEN instead of ELLE. What a disappointment…

  14. Do You Even Lift says:

    Jesus, shut up and take your clothes off somewhere.

  15. Veronica C says:

    my wall is more interesting

  16. Mark Smith says:

    What is this garbage? Elle magazine might as well interview me….I’m a 33
    yr old male and I take one-a-day vitamins

  17. Brain Trollstan says:

    The 90s is the year between 1990 and 2000

  18. Shouten Ryuu says:

    Kill yourself

  19. grahamyodude says:

    Born in 1997, you’re definitely not a 90s baby. You have to be born from in
    the earlier half of the decade to qualify, its official coz I say so.

  20. evijen kerto says:

    Damn poor people are so jealous man ???