Ellen in ’50 Shades of Grey’

She’s ready to take her starring turn in the highly anticipated new film, and she’s got the trailer to prove it.

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20 Responses

  1. Femboi the Cleric says:

    Im dying! this woman is perfect

  2. Ronald Guillén Aguilera says:

    hhahhaha oh hell no

  3. Kailyn Cover says:

    Oh oh here she comes… She’s a man eater… RAWR XD

  4. laiba mujeeb says:

    If she was in the movie there was noway this movie would be rated r and all
    that restricted and porn crap. #ellen

  5. paw paw says:


  6. DiuQui says:

    Lmao. Ellen is hilarious

  7. TheDeehStuff says:

    0:24 front row?:) nicee

  8. Olivia Moran says:

    “oh hell no” I couldn’t stop laughing

  9. the king husky says:

    Hahahaha lol!!! Very good!!! XD super!!!

  10. Magaly Rodriguez says:

    Hahaha ‘Oh hell no!” best part of it.

  11. Fern S says:

    Oh my goodness this is beautiful and hilarious as much as the original is
    disturbing and terrifying

  12. Erick Romero says:

    Oh hell NO! LOL xD

  13. Annette Diamond says:

    Too Funny!

  14. angela simpson says:

    Crying right now! Hahah

  15. Dalina Ly says:

    Omg I never laugh so hard lol this is the best one ever then others

  16. Sandra Rusher says:

    This is why I love Ellen, she’s sooo funny…. ILY Ellen

  17. Naeemah Jacobs says:

    This is freaking hilarious: “Fifty Shades” of fun with Ellen DeGeneres

  18. Avery Alma says:

    I wish I have seen this trailer first! Love it! :D

  19. ThrillCaro says:

    I can’t breathe! Too freaking hilarious! I FREAKING LOVE ELLEN

  20. Suzanne Warren says: