Ellen Keeps Up with the Best Kardashian Moments

Ellen Keeps Up with the Best Kardashian Moments

Members of the famous family spent a lot of time with Ellen this season, and Khloé is helping look back at some of their most memorable moments.

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20 Responses

  1. Extraction Satisfaction says:

    I make gross pimple popping and earwax extraction videos!

  2. MoonwalkersLife says:

    Ellen bring back Jeffrey Perez !!!

  3. Khaled Sobhy says:

    ellen < you did spell Chinese Viewers' Names , Do you wanna try the Egyptian names , it would be fun , many people here in Egypt love you so much , I think they are 12 , but don't worry i will help you to be more famous :D

  4. Dulce Lopez says:

    I’m watching this on TV? right now.

  5. SPACE POTATO says:


  6. katniss everdeen says:

    can someone tell me the song that plays when khloe enters?

  7. rhaebeam says:

    Ha ha she looks nice being a brunette. Ellen is an attractive woman!

  8. x.lupe says:

    khloe is not a good host .
    she just didn’t seem natural and comfortable in situations like this .
    ex: x factor and kocktails with khloe

  9. Mike Jones says:

    i like khloe

  10. Eats free samples at Costco & leaves nothing for u says:

    I don’t hate them. It’s the media I hate. They turned them into the royal
    family of America.

  11. Scrotum Splitter says:

    it sucks Ellen stands for so many good causes… and thinks she has to
    attract more people by bringing the kardashians on her show. leave those
    cunts out of it, they don’t deserve anything.

  12. Evelyn Garcia says:

    you’ll are so rude and mean to this family saying their untalented yet they
    have their clothing line, make-up ,their own tv show and have wrote some
    books but thats non of my bussiness ?☕️

  13. Melissa Hayes says:

    Ellen is such a lovable person

  14. Emilios LR says:

    Why are people so excited to see a Kardashian!? They didn’t do anything and
    they are famous… I dont give a shit about who they are or what they do

  15. Kirsten K says:

    I thought to myself “how tacky, she has a stain on her dress” but then
    realized it was just something on my phone

  16. Robert Cornelius says:

    Real Man speaking here. Those poor girls and their awful looking bodies. I
    guess fame can do that to you if you’re not careful.

  17. Adrien Florentin says:

    Khloe is my spirit animal

  18. Kylie Sarpong says:

    the public didnt scream for britney spears like that wtf is wrong with

  19. Yox Parker Jimenez Cabarcas says:

    jejejejeje love

  20. Mega Man (Blue Bomber) says:

    The KarTRASHians are fame whore sluts. If or your daughters look up to