Ellen & Oprah Take Over a Grocery Store Part 2

Ellen & Oprah Take Over a Grocery Store Part 2

Ellen and Oprah stopped by a local grocery store to check out Oprah’s new food line, O, That’s Good!, and even made lunch for one unsuspecting fan.

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20 Responses

  1. NaTaLiE343 says:

    Oh my god imagine being in a grocery store with Ellen and Oprah and then they’re like “can we cook at your house” oh my god TACO TUESDAY just got even better

  2. Marc Manuele says:

    How does she keep getting scared😂😂😂

  3. Lily Mutamz says:

    Always keep your house clean you never know who may turn up! lessons learnt..Lovely to watch.

  4. Robin Hood says:

    It’s really cool that this young woman got the chance to have Oprah and Ellen in her home, even though this is clearly just an advertisement for Oprah’s new thing. I pray that they set this woman up with some cash for using her in this marketing campaign

  5. RockyMountain Fam says:

    Like family vlogs? Check us out 🙂
    We just started and would love opinions and words of wisdom.
    Love you Ellen!

  6. LINDO Muchacho19 says:

    I love these women 😍❤️

  7. sức khỏe vì bạn says:

    ellen , we need engsub cause we want learn english, love you!!

  8. Laura Fifer says:

    Oprah is just awesome, they do better then Ellen and Michelle Obama.😂 Obama was too scared to get in trouble 😂
    Ellen don’t give a shit. 😂😂😂

  9. Purna Bista says:

    I’m crazy for allen show.

  10. operation stargate says:

    Ellen is like a 10yr old boy dumb

  11. Kevin Hinata says:

    When you let two strangers cook in your kitchen, but you actually know them cause they are famous. That’s not all. The little girl looks nervous or scared looking like look at this crazy lady. She is sillier than me.

  12. Matthew K00lkid says:

    So not funny but I like Ellen

  13. Marian Yulo says:

    Grown women in a kitchen don’t know there ass around a kitchen can boil water wow . I’m impressed not !!!!

  14. WillJ Y says:

    ellen is sooooo good at bringing out the awkward situation for celebrities

  15. Coaster Labs says:

    On a different note: can someone explain why she’s so scared of a lil plastic skull? Is that.some zenny funshua thing? Or just for comedy?

  16. Javier Vargas says:

    Being a mother is the world’s toughest job.

  17. xxalohaaxx says:

    i started laughing so hard when ellen gave the little girl 1 goldfish 😂😂

  18. Abraham Manzano says:

    This lady has a billionaire in her house

  19. Mark Oliver says:

    PR, stunts for black
    and whites after the shootings?

  20. T B says:

    I bet U clean up now!!! 😆

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