Elon Musk Reignites Libel Controversy, California Cash Bail Reform Explained, BTS, Pewdiepie & More

Elon Musk Reignites Libel Controversy, California Cash Bail Reform Explained, BTS, Pewdiepie & More

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84 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Oh hi. Let me know what you want me to talk about tomorrow in the comments down below! <3
    Elon Musk (00:29), Industry Quickies (2:59), TIA (6:09), Bail Bonds (8:00)

  2. kaingates says:

    Regards to the Pewdiepie-/T-Series-story: I think it actually is kinda sad. Even though a lot of people have felt like it for so long, the fact that a *massive multimedia conglomerate* will take the #1 spot says a lot about the path Youtube took and how they changed from the days of Fred, =3, Smosh and Nigahiga. It’s not “hey pick up a camera and start rolling” any more it’s ad-sense, marketing, surveys and targeting groups. I don’t know, maybe I’m romanticizing the age of yore but I still think it’s sad.

    • TheSmilodon85 says:

      Youtube hasn’t been the same since they censored all the good shit you know like secret files of the establishments alpha gangs cover ups and many more Youtube is now mainstream TV.

    • btd9 lord says:

      le penguini I’m not sure about that one, India has the second highest population in the world, behind China. I know not all of them speak the language, but I’m willing to say a majority do, and it’s a music channel. Think Indian Despacito.

    • ayushi says:

      +le penguini There is no such language as “Indian”

    • Tim Baksh says:

      @Direcode Vincent

      This, completely. #1 labels don’t really mean shit if by the end of the day both parties are getting the desired attention/revenue they set out for in the first place.

      America has tunnel vision when it comes to entertainment, most of us here only look within the country’s borders for “top notch” media. In fact, India produces and has a much larger global audience than pretty much anywhere else. Their music shows, award shows, game shows, all music based, has everyone from 6 year olds to grandmas watching them. MANY of our soap operas often originate from hindi/latin speaking countries. The entertainment business outside of the US is insanely huge, despite the fact that most of us here only watch what america produces. In india, bangladesh, china, etc, people consume EVERYTHING. ANYTHING they can get their hands on, and a lot of the time, they don’t really care if it’s objectively “good” or “bad”. So long as it’s entertaining and distracting enough, it’s a done deal. That being said, it’s really not surprising that T Series is gettting massive followers, they were always there. They just now have moved onto the YouTube platform.

    • Jimmy Darling says:

      Yeah but pewds doesn’t really care tho lol

  3. TæhyungChim says:

    These anti BTS comments are the pettiest things ever. Fragile masculinity is so sad. You don’t have to like the group but you should respect the hard work and time they put into their music and career. Why is being a fangirl also a bad thing? Being a fan of something shouldn’t be shamed. Especially if its a safe environment where cute boys and girls sing songs that make you happy or give you hope. It’s sad seeing how many people think any of this is cringy as if feeling attraction to someone is absolutely ludicrous. Congratulations to my boys for achieving the goals they have and I’m so happy to see their hard work pay off. Good job Army!

    Edit: It’s also fine to dislike or hate the music because music taste is completely subjective and if your ‘insult’ is seriously going to be that Kpop music is trash or all sounds the same then that is incredibly stupid because that doesn’t make sense. One person will think Country is the best genre in the world, while others think its the most horrid genre out there. Saying Kpop is trash or cringe isn’t going to get you anywhere because none of it is factual. I also agree with people not liking Kpop because I will agree the fandom is toxic and the fandom is whats trash about the genre. Luckily for me I’ve stayed away for toxicity and if you find the right places and people the fandom is beautiful and loving an supporting not only of eachother but of the boys and other groups too. As long as you can respect the fans and understand not all of them are this way (Because that would be silly to say) Then there’s no problem. Please don’t judge Kpop groups or idols based on their fanbases either, they don’t have a say in what their fans can or cant do/say. Don’t hate BTS because of their fans. Make your judgements based on their personal achievements, goals, personalities and what they’ve done. This is why I’ll never understand the hate for such sweet, loving men. Y’all can clown me and say that “ThEyRe AlL fAkE aNd mANufActURed” But I won’t believe it until I see otherwise. All they do for people is help them and give them hope through their music, videos, and personalities. They help charities and do fantastic things for their fans. The amount of people I’ve met struggling with anxiety/depression/suicidal thoughts that have gotten help through BTS is truly incredible. I see no reason to hate such kind-hearted people with a gorgeous outlook on the world. Hate some of the fans if you want, hate me if you want, but please leave the boys alone. Then again, in the end your opinion doesn’t matter at all and I don’t really give a shit because arguing about a Korean boygroup that doesn’t know we exist won’t accomplish anything. Just wanted to give some of my insight. If you’re anti-BTS or anti-Kpop and took the time to read this, thank you.

    • Canadian Owl says:

      Word of advice: using fragile masculinity as an insult towards guys who are traditionally masculine isn’t helping your cause or the ways that BTS fandom is viewed from outsiders.

    • Princess Jello says:

      +01gharms did you just assume that what someone said in general about men must apply to you? Lol K.

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      +Jesus Christ I get you don’t care about a pop group but to say you’re an anti (wich means you basically spend time of your life to hate them) is just pathetic and sad. I miss the days when people just ignored what they didn’t like instead of act like a bunch of 5yos.

    • Andrew Lockheart says:

      I mean, the way you literally worded everything makes you sound even more ignorant and petty, it’s a shame because this comment shouldn’t even be top comment but I guess there is a lot of angry petty people who dislikes opposition. It’s pretty edgy when you say “Your opinion doesnt matter” because I’m pretty sure public opinion is pretty important for boybands like them. I don’t hate BTS but the annoying minority of their fans sure are the worst. Next time figure out how to argue without sounding ignorant.

    • who am I????????? says:

      Andrew Lockheart plus this person failed to address many points made against that person. It’s made plenty clearly it’s not BTS it’s the toxic minority fans.

  4. Pink Suicide says:

    “T series could be the next most subscribed channel”
    Remember when YouTube wasn’t companytube?

  5. Viva Frei says:

    I’m a litigator. Responsible litigators should not be taking their litigation to Twitter. Period. They CERTAINTY should not be tweeting documents that may be confidential, and which will CERTAINLY be evidence if the disputes goes to litigation.

  6. Luis Lopez says:

    Hey Philly, could you talk about the whole Sony copystriking pewdiepie for making a Despacito Cover and how does it affect fair use in YouTube.

    • clash yosi says:

      +Thy Harvesting it’s kind of sad tbh that you have to get a permission to do a cover music, like basically you promote their music eventhough the song like despacito is popular as hell like anyone knows it, but as a side note that many people dont like the song but when felix made a cover it seems to me that there are many positive comment on it, to me it’s a win win situation, felix get the money and the song get more positive reaction. I’m sure any artist or musician that get a cover from someone is happy or at least an okay, it’s not like they stole the song or make a patent on the song

    • joeyno137 says:

      clash yosi especially a song that has the no. 1 view on youtube

    • ZEC says:

      Luis Lopez this please!

    • Johnny Lee says:

      +Thy Harvesting i honestly think Pewdiepie got hit with a strike because of his massive audience and the reach he has *cough* they want money *cough*

      In the other hand, I do underatand the struggle it brings for other artists current or in the come up

  7. Abhishek says:

    So all those who do not what t-series is, it’s like Vevo, but in Bollywood.
    It controls over 95% of the music industry distribution in india, which mainly comes from Bollywood movies, which means they’re licensed to distribute all the popular music in an industry.
    It would have been similar if Vevo didn’t have “Justin Bieber Vevo” “Selena Gomez Vevo” Taylor swift Vevo” , but instead had only “Vevo”, one channel, whict would distribute all the music of this industry..

    Since t-series have that monopoly power over distribution, and it’s possible audience is bigger than PewDiePie, it makes senst that this is happening..

    Got it ?

    • thegirlinterruptedd says:

      Coffee Break did an awesome video on this subject btw.

    • Kurosora Ryuga says:

      +Siddhant Banerjee Hmm well im not that familiar with bollywood to begin with but i imagine it to be simmilar to pop music, meaning that while you can consider it to be a subgenre, it also has many branches or niches within that genre. It is way too diverse. As diverse as entire mediums of entertainment even. Saying that you’re a fan of pop music would usually just pertain to a certain section of it, which is what i imagined to be the case with bollywood as well.

    • who am I????????? says:

      True. Monopoly do that.

    • Mister Skarred says:


    • Prashanth B says:

      +Kurosora Ryuga: Music industry in India is structured very differently from other parts of the world. Most of our popular music comes packaged as part of a movie. So, each of these songs are made by a team working together. There is a specialized song writer/ poet, a separate music composer and the artist just sings the song. Finally the music video will feature the actor or the actress from the movie the song is part of. These movie songs dominate the market compared to any independent albums released by the artist. Therefore the artist/ the singer does not have the same bargaining power as compared to artists in other parts of the world.

      T-Series caters to only this movie music. These songs are written or composed based on the story or mood of the movies. So, we don’t really apply classification like pop, rock etc. What you refer to as bollywood music, is just songs from the Hindi language movie industry. The songs are usually classified under the movie name and not by genre.

  8. 8111y says:

    I picked up my new Tesla this week. It doesn’t really have that new car smell. I would describe it more as an Elon Musk.

  9. ZAYD says:

    I am from India, T-Series is a big corporation posting 10-15 videos per day, including music videos, movie trailers nd basically every fkn thing their banner produces, it doesn’t count coz it’s exactly like VEVO having one common channel for all artists instead of one for each artist…..

  10. David Carter says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that the bail industry can sue to stop a law from being put in place. I understand that this law will eliminate their jobs, however no part of the free market is more important then treating people fairly under the law. The presumption of innocence is being ignored when people are in prison simply because they cannot pay their bail prior to their trial.

    On a separate but related note, this new law may not be perfect but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Let’s experiment with ways to replace this ridiculous cash bail system.

    Also if bonding agencies want to maintain their jobs then perhaps instead of suing the government for taking a step towards a just system, maybe they could find a way to encourage the government to continue to pay for bounty hunting. Currently bounty hunting is a part of the bail industry, that part of the industry doesn’t necessarily need to disappear. If it could change along with the current laws then a portion of that industry could be saved.

    • Julio Ricon Delgado says:

      Chaos Miner do you have any references to your claim? Or are you just making a presumptuous claim?

    • Chaos Miner says:

      +tenacious645 it’s not working in DC asshole nice try tho

    • Chaos Miner says:

      +Julio Ricon Delgado yea I was arrested and actually went through it. You’re probably just virtue signaling or just going with what feels right like a douche

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      For real, if both system have flaws why not just do like DC and make the State save money in process? Not only pay for bounty hunting, now we’re paying to keep a shit ton of people waiting trial because they can’t afford the bail… food and all that stuff came out of our pockets. Looks like a dumb waste of money if is a minor crime.

    • Yekouri says:

      America is a country for the businesses not the people

  11. lauren X ocean says:

    The bail system is this way in the uk. They are granted bail based on their crimes and if they will come to court, or if they have committed a crime in the past. Usually they are just tagged with a gps ankle band. If they arent home by the time, the police go and arrest them

  12. awe shu says:

    I’m Indian, let me explain t-series. I don’t think they are using bots. Quite simply T-series = Indian vevo. There are hundreds of artists signed to this label and they make music for a number of movies in which some are popular and some are not. Hence there are difference in the views with some very popular videos and some not.

    Still, they’re a corporate channel and don’t count as the most subscribed channel. I love Pewdiepie and he will always be top ❤

  13. Bath House Becky says:

    It’s a little hard for me to sympathize with the bail bond industry given that they’re just as shady as some of the criminals they loan to. I’m with ya on this, Philly D. Throw the cash bail system in the trash.

    • dane mathews says:

      Eric No it doesn’t. Just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s true. These people have not been tried for their crimes but spend time in jail because they can’t afford bond. Bond helps nobody, it’s not a good system, and no it hasn’t been working. Of course you would say that, your job is based off a bullshit system. It’s innocent until proven guilty, remember? It’s also not lawless, because like I said, the judge still gets to decide if you leave or not. Get a clue dude, you should know more especially as a bondsman.

    • Nathan Stokes says:

      +dane mathews, eric seemed informative. No offense Dane, I mean I’m kinda on the fence about the whole thing. Full disclosure, I’ve never been in jail, I’ve never been to court, I’m a good missouri kid; that being said, there is definitely something wrong with our legal system. We have overcrowding and yet crime is rampant. I think the system is biased towards the poor and is failing but Eric made several sensible points about the ramifications of this change. With Dane, he sees it as a step in the right direction and obviously has some issues with the current system, albeit a little aggressive.

    • dane mathews says:

      Nathan Stokes Well the problem is private prisons. The fact that companies profit off of incarceration is insane, in addition to all the prison labor they use. Very little prison labor is actually used to pick up trash and stuff like that. Why does he seem more informative? Of course he’s going to not want cash bail, he makes money off of people who need to pay money to not be wrongfully jailed. Innocent until proven guilty, Ill say it as many times as I need to. Why not just use GPS tracking like they do for parole? And if they don’t show up for court, seize all the property that you can. I hope you see how cash bail is unnecessary and could be replaced with much more sensible policy. Judges *still make the choice of whether or not you leave. Just because there’s no cash bail, doesn’t mean everyone is now roaming the streets. Judges now have to do their job, and not throw everyone in jail with bail.*

    • Nathan Stokes says:

      +dane mathews Yeah it does seem like a flawed idea but this may not be the best alternative. Eric sounded more informative because he had a stronger sense of expertise on the subject. Heh, goes back to “what do I know” though.

      I guess, personally I also think it is a step in the right direction and actually putting the responsibility where it should lay I just don’t know how impartial, talking case by case, these new assessments are going to be. If the new assessors are ran by people they can be bought, probably for less than bail. As I said, I think it is a step in the right direction I honestly just don’t know enough to formulate an educated opinion.

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      I’m not even sure why we have to question it; if both system have flaws, let’s pick the one that cost less to the State; sorry for the bail bond folks but they’re being selfish to make we pay more to keep poor people waiting trial.

  14. Legends Always Die says:

    I hope this means people who committed violent crimes will be remanded til trial

    • tenacious645 says:

      Legends Always Die I agree

    • Julio Ricon Delgado says:

      What if they weren’t the ones who committed the crime they just suspect that they were the person, do you really think a person should serve time if they were innocent? Cause once they’re in and found not guilty they’re not compensated for their time

    • Legends Always Die says:

      +Julio Ricon Delgado look if they’re remanded that means they would have sufficient evidence to hold them. That’s the best case scenario. Unfortunately we do have situation where innocent people serve time. It’s unfortunate all around.

    • Legends Always Die says:

      +Julio Ricon Delgado oh and I absolutely believe that falsely imprisoned people should be compensated fairly for their time

  15. Legends Always Die says:

    I think all violent crimes should be remanded provided there’s enough sufficient evidence. I don’t think someone who murdered should be let go on bail because they have “strong ties to the community and pose little flight risk”

  16. InvisibleEmma says:

    Ok so I’m not a k-pop fan, I really don’t like most of the industry, but I’ve been a huge fan of BTS for a few months now because I love their music, what they stand for, and the fact that they actually became idols because of their love of writing and producing music unlike most idols. Their company also gives them a completely fair share of the money and has very few restrictions, unlike most companies which give their artists glorified slave contracts. I see all kinds of comments all the time, whether it’s simply “lol bts are gay” or uninformed comments about how they aren’t involved in their own stuff. I just really wish people would at least look into them a bit before making assumptions about them, and who cares if they’re gay? Also, honestly I get people who say they won’t get into the fandom because of the toxic fans, but from what I’ve experienced most fans are super nice and the toxic ones are the most vocal but get called out by others. Plus, you don’t even have to be involved with the fanbase, just support and respect them and that’s enough.

    • DoSHachiko says:

      I’m sorry, what turned me off is how much pride your fandom has over your group. They literally compared your group to The Backstreet Boys, and regardless of sales? Do you guys really support them in terms of buying their music? Because I see them being spammed over YouTube, but they haven’t I haven’t see them making much in terms of actual music sales (which actually supports them over their company).

    • Mirax says:

      Wow thank you InvisibleEmma! i was not sure if i wanted to be a part of that community but since i joined in i’ve never regretted it! i’m 26 and i’m happy to be an ARMY!

    • Tony Meono says:

      Wrap Mon I watched a Phil defranco video and saw an insane amount of disturbing comments. I don’t care or pay attention to K-Pop, I would say a similar spiel about any celebrity worship, it’s unhealthy.

    • OneWingedHoneybee says:

      +DoSHachiko Of course a fandom is gonna be proud of their group?

    • mArco pOlo says:

      oof i don’t understand why ppl don’t like kpop, it’s just music in a different language sis. and that’s the tea sister

  17. PlexyPanda says:

    One Swedish boi VS the entire population of India

  18. Retro Fury says:

    So sad that pewdiepie won’t be no.1 anymore
    Tseries basically just spams music videos and isn’t deserving of the top spot of YouTube
    It should be someone who made the platform into what it is today

  19. hansel walker says:

    T series doesn’t count
    That’s a huge ass music label

    Pewdiepie is Pewdiepie

  20. Shaneel Singh says:

    Alexa, can we copystrike T-Series?

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