Elon Musk’s Mars Buzzkill, Genetically Modified Babies & Wildfire Containment | The Daily Show

Elon Musk’s Mars Buzzkill, Genetically Modified Babies & Wildfire Containment | The Daily Show

NASA lands a craft on Mars, a Chinese scientist claims to have successfully edited a baby’s genes, and firefighters contain the wildfires in California.

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86 Responses

  1. Emm Bee Sea says:

    While cleaning up the rubble from building Elon Musk’s Mars base, the Caucasian hymn shall be changed to “Sweep Caroline.”

  2. aklip says:

    People need to stop making fun of/harassing Elon, this is how super villains are made.

    • Guv09 yio says:

      +Emma With The Gs Grimes is 30 though.

    • Richetoku says:

      Modern day Hank Scorpio. He just needs to finish his Doomsday Device under the guise that it is for fixing the environment.

    • Mr. Boomguy says:

      +brainflash1 He was a little hot headed at that time, because his his rejection. But yeah, bad move… I agree.

    • chocobonita says:

      secretly that’s what I want to happen. I want to see him go over the edge. Buy a huge army, weapons and tech and take over a whole continent. Wage war and completely fucking annihilate vast swathes of human civilization. If anybody has the potential to become the emperor of earth its elon fucking musk. or jeff bezos but i digress.

    • Ivan Kazakov says:

      +victor maphosa all hes missing to say is what Tony stark said: My bond is with the people… I will serve this nation at the pleasure of myself .

  3. AgentMassif says:

    That handshake at the beginning was pretty cool.

  4. Sean McPherson says:

    Is no one gonna address that handshake tho

    • corba dankoshav says:

      Right that was off the chain.

    • jashane stone says:

      That was so lame.. It’s the equivalent to the “raise the roof” gesture that once again white people turned something else black people created into cornball status..
      And to think? My uncle said they’ve been doing these since the 70’s before black athletes started doing it with Latinos during the early 2000’s.. It started from the hood / inner cities..
      Just look at all the old black TV shows from the early 1970s..
      Quote: “give me five on the black hand side” and so on..
      My self being 38 been doing handshakes with crip signs in them in the 90’s alone.. 💯🔵🔵

    • PUDDLEZ Inc says:

      +jashane stone You really just brought the race card into a fun handshake

    • Sayjovan says:

      jashane stone hood Niggas watch the daily show?

  5. DoYouHaveTheBallz says:

    Elon Musk’s “sales pitch” for Mars sounds a lot like what I told my son about college.

    “You’ll be working non-stop. There’s a good chanse of Death. We Think you can come back from it, but we’re not sure.”

  6. Damaris Ponce says:

    I love how Trevor makes a story out of everything. Giving a voice and attitude to a fire arguing with another fire lol

  7. chris mcfadden says:

    Harriet Tubman doing the birdman hand rub at the thought of old rich white men slaving away on Mars

  8. Star Cherry says:

    The genetically modified babies claim has yet to be verified.

    • dashaun Stewart says:

      Yeah finally it is time for the matrix. However most of use my die but those who live will have one good story to tell.

    • Richard Rester says:

      It won’t bear out as fact. China and Russia keep doing this. They lie about how they made an amazing advancement in science and a month later no one remembers because not a single other scientific group ever verifies these claims. Every few months on average one or both of them pull this shit.

    • dashaun Stewart says:

      +Richard Rester dude it is possible and when you think about it pretty easy to do with the right funding and team.

    • Its My name I wont share It says:

      I hope the man gets locked up, far away from the children he did this to. Can you imagine growing up knowing you are literally just a science experiment to some crazy dude who illegally modified you? Sounds like the summary of a dystopian sci fi novel but for these children it’s the reality they’re gonna live in. I hope to god they’ll be alright.

    • no says:

      +Its My name I wont share It that would be kinda cool, and kinda terifying

  9. Kiera Holmes says:

    Makes me want to join in so I can do that handshake

  10. brainflash1 says:

    “There’s only one reason people go to Mars. It isn’t where you’d go for hard work, but it is where you’d go for something else.”

  11. Mihir Patel says:

    I have been to the Mars. It is made of chocolate.

  12. Ahmad Khan says:

    *you one of those snitch fires*

  13. Jeff Rozak says:

    Anyone else have “Sweet Caroline” stuck in their head now? 🤣

  14. RoM says:

    90% certain the first to go to Mars ain’t coming back

  15. Emily Z says:

    People will still want to go to Mars after hearing that.

    • Tyler Norby says:

      Ya cause they still want to be the first few to go. Hard work and tough situation don’t scare everyone away. I’d be cool with the work except that’s all there is to do. No vast bodies of water or hills filled with trees would make me go insane.

    • Olanrewaju Wale says:

      Let’s go 💪💪💪

    • Nylak Otter says:

      I hear statements like that and think, “Challenge accepted.” There will be many who will froth at the mouth to go.

      I genuinely wish I had skills that would be beneficial for an initial voyage, death be damned. There is something so appealing about a new frontier. I feel like that’s part of being human.

  16. Samir Hussain says:

    Old Caucasian spirituals🤣🤣🤣

  17. David Madej says:

    Genetic editing babies in china gives a whole new meaning to “made in china” 😂

  18. Cornelius White says:

    LOL Noooo! Caucasion Spirituals “Sweet Caroline” 😂😂

  19. palmieres says:

    What Musk is saying is basically what all would-be explorers must know: you’re doing something no one has done before, and going to a place no one has been before, so yes, there’s lots of work to be done and a huge risk involved.
    What, you think the first people sailing from Europe to the Americas, or centuries later to India, or later even when the first astronauts were being prepared to be strapped to a rocket and shot into space, didn’t get this talk?

    • chocobonita says:

      palmieres ahh yes. The original Canadians lol. My bad. Totally slipped my mind.

    • palmieres says:

      +chocobonita “The original Canadians”
      This got me thinking: what the hell did Greenland do to the Vikings to turn them from raiding maniacs into _Canadians_ ? Was Greenland made of weed?

    • chocobonita says:

      palmieres lol it’s not specific to Canada because they’ve changed a lot from their ancestral ways even in their homeland. The Scandinavians are the most egalitarian society on earth. I think ,and this is just conjecture, a society needs to get it’s violent tendencies out if it’s system before it becomes truly civilized. Like the muslim world still has a lot of killing and conquering before they settle down and start working on turning the deserts into an agricultural haven. Just my opinion. Lol

    • palmieres says:

      +chocobonita Just joking 😉
      I know vikings were just part of what was a very complex and rich set of cultures. It’s just that when you said Canadians I immediately pictured extremely friendly vikings with huge smiles, hugging reluctant moose and saying “eh”.
      And I know Canadians are friendly, but I wouldn’t piss one off if I wanted to keep all my teeth…

    • chocobonita says:

      palmieres yea I knew you weren’t serious because of the weed thing. But yea, I wouldn’t either. Seen some ice hockey games to know better than to piss off a Canadian lol. I like my nose intact and not bloody.

  20. Darth Black and Mild says:

    I’d have to add “Don’t stop Believing, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Country roads” to the catalog of Caucasian Spirituals🤣

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