Emergency goalie steals the show in Chicago

Emergency goalie steals the show in Chicago

36-year-old accountant and emergency backup goaltender Scott Foster makes his NHL debut after injuries, making seven saves to preserve the Blackhawks’ 6-2 victory and steal the night in Chicago

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107 Responses

  1. Sheik -Kun says:

    Give that man the Vezina

  2. Bearded Sharks Guy 661 says:

    That is amazing. Great job Foster!

    • #1 CanuckFan says:

      I liked this even tho I hate the blackhawks

    • Bearded Sharks Guy 661 says:

      All of his saves were really good. But that stone wall save on Stastney was awesome

    • I. Rex says:


    • Moris Davis says:

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    • B m says:

      and 1:39 was a great save. would of been a normal goal on any nhl goalie.

  3. candlewolff says:

    Kinda late in the season now Hawks.

  4. Noraa 666 says:

    Feel good story of the year in sports for me

  5. D. Dalb says:

    I have a feeling his mens league team is pretty good lol

  6. RaiderO4 says:

    career 1.000 save %

  7. DoubleYou says:

    “then you’re living your dream” when he said that, it made me smile!

  8. Anthony Pham says:

    The guy got first star of the game. Amazing!

  9. bones343 says:

    Best story of the season for the Blackhawks.

  10. Brett Patterson says:

    Going to be NHL all time save percentage leader

  11. Subfail says:

    At least 3 of those shots were high quality chances too. Well done

  12. Pwn Shop says:

    The Vancouver Canucks would like to announce a trade

  13. Will Crespo says:

    Hey Hawks, the season is almost over…let the man start!

  14. jim Fitzgerald says:

    Retire now undefeated with perfect GAA.

  15. bertski60 says:

    he woke up an accountant…and went to bed a storied goalie and a YT phenom.

  16. sweiland75 says:

    Why put that distracting music over the video?

    • Charles Noerenberg says:

      Because they think we’ll get bored if we’re not stimulated with sounds every second.

    • Charles Noerenberg says:

      His point was that not everything needs dramatic background music to help sell a story. People are capable of watching something and grasping the significance of a moment without a soundtrack. And what you said is ironic because they put the music in their precisely FOR people with no attention span. I don’t think someone complaining about it has that problem.

    • superduperwiiuowner says:

      The NHL has the right to “steal” NHL broadcast feeds Pat.

    • Bill McLaughlin III says:

      They do it so OTHERS won’t use it — or are less likely to try to. By them putting a low-key audio track along with the original audio it simply makes the clip “less appealing” to be used by other (media) outlets.

    • Autumn Marie says:

      Patrick Hoff….. They have the right

  17. Evan11 says:

    That dude is gonna be a god the next day at work

  18. Andrew Persaud says:

    Foster > Laine

  19. ValkyrieBSG says:

    hey….remember that time the Jets got beaten by an accountant?? lol great game

    • Stupid Dumbass says:

      ValkyrieBSG I’m not a jets fan but I saw the game and they didn’t play there good players cuz they aren’t going up or down in the league

    • Caleb Miller says:

      Stupid Dumbass Laine was one of the players that got a shot on goal against Scott and he is definitely one of their best players

    • Riley C says:

      nah we were playing our top line. Just couldn’t get anything going for some reason. I’m glad Foster shut us out. We didn’t deserve a win last night and it made for a great hockey moment

    • Stupid Dumbass says:

      Riley C yeah I guess so

  20. Chris says:

    This should be a movie

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