Emilia Clarke Talks About Game of Thrones Deaths – The Graham Norton Show

Emilia Clarke Talks About Game of Thrones Deaths – The Graham Norton Show

SPOILER! Emilia, star of Game of Thrones, discusses the controversial ending to the recent season.

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20 Responses

  1. morgan noland says:

    +jdlaw001 i’m a hetero woman and i would definitely look at emilia the same
    way she’s a goddess

  2. Ray McGrath says:

    Who wouldn’t?

  3. abi7183 says:

    For some reason, Cara decided to leave the equivalent of a whole seat
    unoccupied, so they were all forced to scrunch up together. It was quite
    uncomfortable to watch actually, I can’t imagine how they all felt?

  4. FifiB723 says:

    Emilia Clarke + Daenerys Targaryen = Khaleesi Perfection <3

  5. Leon de klerk says:

    Love ms clark….she is one if the best things about got and the only
    reason i would still watch…

  6. Dimitri Mitrovic says:

    Emilia at 2:09. Priceless.

  7. SamSam962 says:

    Jake taught is a lesson, watch your six when your ex’s best friend is
    sitting next to you. 

  8. HotRecent.com says:

    Emilia Clarke talking about filming sex scenes with Jason Momoa

  9. kristie737 says:

    It kind of looks rude when jake signals cara to move over

    • abi7183 says:

      I actually think he held it together for as long as he could! That happened
      about 40 minutes into the show. There was all that space at the end of the
      sofa and they were all squashed together awkwardly and I’d imagine quite
      uncomfortably…it was even uncomfortable to watch, so how could she not
      sense that?!

  10. Turbo9987 says:

    So like, marry me, Emilia Clarke?

  11. Benjen Stark says:

    Emilia Clarke, will you marry me? pls answer

  12. Alex Ry says:

    What did Emilia say at 2:06?

  13. Luke Foord says:

    Easily my fave Graham Norton. love all the guests.

  14. Chandima Bandara says:

    Did she just say Khal Drogo has a big dick?

  15. ZombieSpinks says:

    I wish Cara would jump off the radar already, annoying af even when she
    doesn’t speak and isn’t focused on.

  16. catherine jovita says:

    1:27 Jake’s face.. “rape huh?”

  17. Christian Ulf says:

    Hnnngh, Emilia.. Stahp being so beautiful

  18. Wallace Morrison says:

    Looks like Jake is keeping that build from Southpaw. That beard fits him