Eminem speaks on working with Beyonce

Eminem speaks on working with Beyonce

Eminem speaks on working with Beyoncé on his Shade 45 interview with DJ Whoo Kid + Lord Sear.

Shade 45, the uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem.

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82 Responses

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Go trump!!!!!

  2. The Egg says:

    I can barely recognize him.

  3. Red Bear says:

    This is garbage

  4. TrickFam says:

    Why is this trending with 11k views hello anyone home

    • gmc4jc74 says:

      RUN-DMC/It’s Tricky
      Professor Griff/Are You Following Me
      Gay Mafia In Hip-Hop
      Gay Mafia In Hollywood
      Kinsey’s Pedophiles
      Corey Feldman/Pedophile Interview
      Pizza Gate
      Sex Kitten Programming
      Wonderland Club
      Soda Pop Club
      The Tall Israeli Runs Hip-Hop

      “M&M sideways is 33, Eminem is a New World Order, Mason, and a Scientologist puppet.”

    • Modesty Bear says:

      TrickFam cuz (left wing) propaganda.

    • DemPrincessBoyz says:

      TrickFam nice mom

  5. Léon The Professional Procrastinator says:


  6. Typical Asian says:

    How is he talking with his mouth closed

  7. LINEDOG 24 says:

    Eminem is douche bag sale out

  8. Trump2020 says:

    Why is this trending

  9. Krayola D says:

    Walk on water is lame as hell, he should have brought rihanna in on a track, instant chart topper.
    And Copyonce has fell down stairs several times whilst performing songs, sounds like mistakes to me

    • Krayola D says:

      Del Perro I didn’t read all of your first post, just the first sentence and I can honestly tell you that you seriously need more English classes, and as for your second post, her fan base is predominantly gay men and black women, no one else is checking for Thiefonce. Fuck her

    • Del Perro says:

      Krayola D
      Lol I love this. How many gay men do you think there are in the world?
      You have to be trolling I would sooner believe that you were arguing that Gucci mane is anything other than pop trash than Riri! Like what are you a fucking stalker ?

    • Krayola D says:

      Del Perro That’s nice

  10. Berzerk Troll says:

    Jesus life hit him hard.

  11. Spiral Breeze says:

    I love how it’s still called working together even though it’s all recorded separately.

    • christian sullivan says:

      Spiral Breeze you act like he only sampled her music.

    • Red Scorpion says:

      Spiral Breeze Its true that most artist dont really record together,they just record separately in different places and different times but they do get together when they go on Tour

  12. Jason Bequette says:

    When you’re counting the signs of a washed up artist…

    • Hippy Killer says:

      Jason Bequette I’m sorry you a stupid racist bitch. Like on the real, Only reason you talking shit because you mad he made fun of Donald Trump like the little bitch you are.

    • Jason Bequette says:

      Hippy Killer

      Lol. Genius.

    • Hippy Killer says:

      Jason Bequette Hahahaha bitch! You actually replied to me!? I ALREADY LOOK UP YOUR ACCOUNT, YOU DUMB BITCH! Lmfao! Your entire history scream small dicked racist bitch!

      You know what is so fucking funny, You are such a pathetic bitch you just tried to lie about what kind of person you are. *Pathetic.* If you can’t even be honest about yourself on the internet you really are a worthless sack of useless life.

    • Jason Bequette says:

      Hippy Killer

      Actually you’re the lil bitch. I never said anything about myself, hid whatever you think I am, and I don’t hide my name because if your balls ever drop kid you’ll understand.

      And yes I replied. I’m the guy that knocks on your door to tell you to your face that you need to get off the tit.

  13. 413 Sporting says:

    Hip-hop, pop, and even modern country is getting out of control. Let’s stop contributing to these crazies

  14. 56sonya says:

    Beyonce is such a legend & a quadruple threat,the men in these comments y’all are sad hating on a female cus she’s great,get over it how about yall go do something with your life so you can be a boss to.lol

  15. x Deadlyzz says:

    How this got dislikes? And tf does trump gotta do with this lmao

    • gtube says:

      Baller Brothers Entertainment that isn’t eminem

    • gtube says:

      Marquis Blue that isn’t eminem

    • gtube says:

      x Deadlyzz that isn’t eminem

    • Del Perro says:

      True DukeBlue7 the fact that ur corrctinh my grammer shoes yore have no thing to say????

      Like at the end of the day I’m understand Trump is a bitch, His supporters are dumbasses and Eminem is rich enough to do what he wants. I don’t need to defend him in fact I’m pretty sure I haven’t defended him at all. Why would I? No I’m making fun of the dumbass sensitive little Stans that can’t deal with the fact that he doesn’t like a bigot, and keep in mind I’m by no means a hardcore eminem fan and even I wasn’t really surprised at this. Especially on his older stuff he’s basically always talking about how stupid his fans are, particularly the white fans
      “I don’t even listen to CRAP music except Eminem because he’s different his songs actually have meaning!”
      Which is really one of my main problems with him in the first place most of his songs are revenge fantasy or shock humor. It still baffles me that he gets away with the shit he can rap about and people still eat out of his hand because he’s white.

      Of course things have changed now, hip hop IS pop so people like Drake can appeal to the masses. The reason I’m saying all this is to let you know you’re still my bitch lol. I wonder how long I could keep going before you stop reading? Honestly I wouldn’t reply to this if I was you, just go throw your pregnant girlfriend in the trunk and drive off a bridge

    • Del Perro says:

      gtube this Stan though he’s having a full mental breakdown. Tragic

  16. delilahsara1 says:

    That song with Beyoncé sounded like crap!

    • Roxy LMS Kahama says:


    • Logic says:

      delilahsara1 What’s funny is Walk on Water is specifically addressing you and this part of his fan base. It’s basically a giant fuck you, I’ll make the type of music I want. Bitch he wrote Stan

    • Dwayne Robinson says:

      I didn’t want to give Em another big hit. I’m the real writer of Eminems music except The Shady Project, which I only wrote GOAT (that I can recall) which was a purposefully mediocre song. The album, shady project, was my idea and the idea was for him to use any other writers and see if they could match or top me, guaranteeing that fans would still buy it even if it sucked, which many did. Em never paid me for my work so i’m finally calling him out and the other fakes I wrote music for. GL on the album Eminem, ill be coming to see you eventually to talk.

    • UraniumUniversity Gaming says:

      Merchndice Gaming You gotta admit that song was horrible. And you’re not wrong it isn’t mumble rap. But it’s still a bad song. Eminem is getting too old and his music stoped being good after 2004 although Rap God and Not Afraid were good songs. 2 songs are unfortunately not enough to save a dying rapper’s career.

  17. Baller Brothers Entertainment says:

    Man, some people are just snowflakes these days

  18. Jeannie Michaels says:

    Not really trending YouTube!!!

  19. Vikings426 says:

    Retire em, u too old now bruh…

  20. Trap Soul says:

    Why this video is trending? Oh right… youtube again.. lol

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