Eminem – Untouchable (Audio)

Eminem – Untouchable (Audio)

Eminem’s new track “Untouchable” is available everywhere: shady.sr/Untouchable

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Music video by Eminem performing Untouchable. (C) 2017 Aftermath Records


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62 Responses

  1. emre says:

    R A P G O D

  2. 219toChi says:


  3. Knox says:

    Is Eminem back on drugs?

  4. Hydra509 says:

    Eminem officially went full sjw

    • Ivan Franco says:

      Because pointing out America’s racism issue and siding with a culture he has always been a part of is just awful. Man stfu

    • Horseman Secretariat says:

      Hydra509 there was a black man who jumped in water to save this guy whos car went into it and he drowned trying to save him a few days ago… My parents still had the audacity to call him a nigga while following it up with saying that what he did was great… My parents will sit there and say “yea.. Not all black people are bad but most… Most are”…. They got skeptical when a black friend of mine came to my house for a birthday party a few years ago. They don’t believe that black and white people should date…. I realized how prevalent racism still is in the shadows when in my sophomore year of high school there was talk going on about dating and just having fun talk with students about what restrictions their parents have on dating and there were about 7 to 8 white kids just in my class alone stating how their parents would never allow them to date a black person and the teacher was just like “wtf”. If you even listen to the song you’ll hear him say that the cops causing police brutality are giving a bad rep for good cops… If he was full sjw he would just say all cops are bad and go out and shoot them… That’s not the message

    • Joseph Velasquez says:

      John Smith uuhhh no? He used to be anti-pc af

    • Crown Me says:

      Huge difference between point out injustice and being PC. joking about anything is fine but systems against people are not and speaking out about those doesn’t make you “PC”.

    • MAN says:

      lizzy Black people all hate white people. They’re so shit.

      Why are you mad? I’m clearly against racism.

  5. Ms Audacity says:

    Gotta respect a man for touching a sensitive subject like this. Applauds to you Eminem

  6. Retro Chuck-E-Cheese says:

    I hear a little Slim Shady in this πŸ™‚

  7. FROM KNight says:

    One word to describe

  8. srishti Verma says:

    Love this one 😍

  9. Ruweyda Omar says:

    Can’t wait for the hole album!

  10. Revizer says:

    Omg im so hyped for the album this is dope

  11. Bacchus says:

    “Damn Slim, we were all cool with you talking about slitting your girlfriends throat, but talking about race inequality? That’s taking it waaaay to far!”

  12. No Name says:

    “Wait, why is there black neighborhoods? Cause America segregated us, Designated us, to an area, Separated us, Section-eight’d us”

  13. Sprittenmonster says:

    1. listening: Wtf is this shit?
    2. listening: The lyrics are great though…
    3. listening: … last verse is great too..
    10. listening: WHITE BOY, WHITE BOY!

  14. Sprittenmonster says:

    Who else is hyped for Revival?

  15. FireFrost COC says:

    Eminem is back ❀️

  16. justin Bieber says:


  17. Gravuun says:

    yo *f u c k*
    best eminem song in a *while*
    let’s fucking


  18. JESSE'S KICKZ says:

    this is wack…
    -Lord Jamar

  19. LukasFaitSonShow says:

    Eminem is cool

  20. Mike ADHD says:

    Who wants to see a video for this?

    D12s Bizarre and I just dropped a music video πŸ˜‰

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