Emma Gonzalez gives speech at March for Our Lives rally

Emma Gonzalez gives speech at March for Our Lives rally

Speaking at the March for Our Lives event in Washington, Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez memorializes the victims of the Parkland school shooting and tells demonstrators to fight for their lives so someone else won’t have to.

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86 Responses

  1. Laura Otero Nguyen says:

    Authorities failed on every single level

  2. Cris Garcia says:

    Those dry sniffs tho

  3. Pompous Panda says:

    social conditioning for gun grab

  4. Frank grimes says:

    Crocodile tears, she’s going to be a award winning actress.

  5. Mr Chicano says:

    It’s sad that ya’ll people think this speech wasn’t fabricated by CNN. Wake up people this news station is trying to divide this nation but it won’t succeed cause there’s more people out there that can see right through this agenda!!!

    • Sina Bravo says:

      Mr Chicano really what about Fox News then?

    • M Romero says:

      Can we all just agree that both CNN and Fox News are laughably biased? Both have clear agendas that they are driving, if you want clear cut news with minimal bias try other news sources.

    • K H says:

      Exactly! Why the fuck aren’t they bitching about tobacco and alcohol. They probably kill way more people a day

    • john doe says:

      Wow your so woke emperor trump is truly making America great again your so wise! Fox News will save us all! Republicans and Jesus!

  6. Skid Louie says:

    Grab a gun protect yourselves they are here to stay 350 killed by drunk drivers since school shooting ,School shootings are a drop in the bucket

    • Trump Jr Jr says:

      Gafraat S Guns aren’t the problem. People are

    • Zav Dab 2.0 says:


    • Justin Ramos says:

      no you cant do anything about guns. making guns illegal wouldn’t prevent this.

    • mrmanown says:

      Skid Louie The media literally allowed a 16 year old militant-lesbian to lead this “movement”. Ain’t shit happening.

    • Kaminoneh Bhoot says:

      Gafraat S butch dyke skinhead has a flag of communist Cuba on her arm. The very regime that killed thousands of its own people with guns while the innocent civilians had nothing to fight back. And you expect me to trust this butch puppet and whoever is proposing her movement? Fuck you.

  7. TheJking85 says:

    Those kids are political pawns and they’re too naive and stupid to see it.

    • Kre says:

      ola johnson
      The NRA didn’t do shit. A NRA instructor killed the mass shooter at the Texas Sutherland springs shooting. The NRA does not pay the US gov off. Republicans support gun rights because if they don’t their base won’t vote them in. That simple.

    • Effie Jordan says:

      *W!!!аnt mе? L!ооk, I mаstu!!!rbаtе nаkеd,СHЕ!!CK VIDЕО!*

    • Zav Dab 2.0 says:

      I know right. they should copy the playbook of pence and spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to walk out of a game because some guys were kneeling. now that’s That’s how you play a political pawn

    • Chuck Beef says:

      daniel Davis How about activist? Or political lever? Maybe look into how CNN is “compensating” these vocal “students” before calling them all “victims”. David Hogg to be specific. They are on a payroll.

    • daniel Davis says:

      kre Your entire proves you are an idiot, hiding in you’re “SAFE PLACE”. The NRA admits it gave $20 Million to republicans and gave $30 Million to Trump. You don’t even believe the organization that you are trying to support, with your lies and liking your own post, is the same as masturbating to a picture of yourself… PERVERT!

  8. Joe Storto says:

    Professional speech writer probably wrote that, considering this was organized by the teachers union an anti gun dems, an anti gun groups.

    • Maul Nunez says:

      Joe Storto It is organized by us young adults because your generation will never understand and we want to show you how much pain and suffering guns have done to us…

    • Maul Nunez says:

      percy barker *you’re

    • Walter Smith says:

      “Or maybe an intelligent young women with a right…” Doubtful. Considering David Hogg makes demands and then when asked to discuss policy states that he shouldn’t have to, meaning he doesn’t know anything about gun laws, and she credits her AP GOV teacher because “without him they wouldn’t be able to be doing this”, it’s pretty likely she didn’t write her “speech”.

    • percy barker says:

      Maul Nunez so do you drive a car? I have lost family members in car crashes maybe you can start a movement for that next

  9. Dammy S says:

    That was hard to watch

  10. "Beer And Bones" says:

    How come when blacks who really go through violence in the hood dont act like little fairies and call for the rest of the country to be disarmed? This is definitely staged by a higher evil power.

  11. Maria More says:

    She needs to put all that ‘silence energy’ into repentence.

  12. Josh Coleman says:

    He is a cry baby

  13. Josh Coleman says:

    I agree never again shoukd u shave your head #neveragain

  14. Hunter Sears says:

    Emotions should not affect public policy!

  15. Adolf Hitler says:

    (((March for our lives)))

  16. Adolf Hitler says:

    Gun control isn’t about guns.

    It’s about control.

  17. maxi t says:

    el goblino

  18. Clay Hamric says:

    Another mindless drone with an agenda

  19. Mad Dog says:

    Ban tablesaws… an average of 31,400 people are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year for tablesaw injuries.

  20. jeremie a says:

    it is time to boycott CNN

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