On Today’s show, we talk about Old Spice Fiber Wax with Jason Nash as my handsome model. Being a guest on the show is harder than styling with this product … just rub a small amount in your hands and work through damp or dry hair. And boom! You’ll get that international superspy versatile look. Thank me later. #SponsoredObviously #JeffsbarbershopWithOldSpice
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People in this vid:

Jason Nash

camera man

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74 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    “Most guys his age…have passed away”

  2. bellaamour says:

    Old spice has such a classic scent! I’m so glad they sponsored you! The products seem amazing!

  3. Yuna Nomoto says:

    yo I love how Jeff was like most guys his age are dead and then Jason comes out of the closet dead on the floor

  4. javeria naeem says:

    ur set has improved i’m so proud also u managed to get a sponsorship i-

  5. Stephanie Hollier says:

    Jeff and Jason’s personality together ?? and of course Jeff is eye candy ?

  6. ashley scott says:

    It’s always so satisfying when Jason gets his hair cut he looks so much cleaner

  7. Journax says:

    Did the quality get better or what? ?‍♂️

  8. Felisha Cook says:

    Jeff missed a golden opportunity. Trisha popping out would have been ???

  9. Yikes Oof says:

    Clicked so fast there isn’t even thirsty comments about Jeff wow

  10. Oscar says:

    Give bad boy David a trim of his famous tuber hair (a mop(but a cool mop)).

    Give him a bit of payback (again)

  11. Butter kuchenyummyumm says:

    so your using jason for the OLD spice thang because he’s OLD. smart.

  12. Jekyll Hyde says:

    *Jeff Telling The Truth… Trisha Was Trying To Kill Jason… Jason Gained So Much Weight And Was So Unhealthy While With Trisha… He Would’ve Died An Early Death If He Stayed With Her*

    • Jekyll Hyde says:

      @Majowski *The Lifestyle Trisha Was Having Him Do… Could’ve Easily Gave Him An Early Heart Attack From Unhealthy Over Eating And the Stress Trisha Was Giving Him The Whole Time…Plus What Hearts Love Said In A Reply… Trisha Was Getting More And More Insane.*

    • Heart Eater says:

      Special Eades bro you really said “subcomes” ?? it’s succumbs

    • Majowski says:

      Jekyll Hyde bro I was making an age joke chill

    • Haleigh says:

      Jekyll Hyde Jason wasn’t in the best shape of his life RIGHT before Trisha. He wasn’t ripped than. But he was YEARS before Trisha. That’s the best shape he’s ever been in. He literally mentions it all the time. It’s on camera, why you lying?

    • H. Louise says:


  13. Yikes Oof says:

    I love this “giving free haircuts to the homeless” series you have going on , it’s really heartwarming

  14. Morgan Aring says:

    Jason is the OLD and Jeff is the SPICE ?

  15. Sara Doglover says:

    This might be weird but Jeff looks like he has such soft hands

  16. Hind AZZAOUI says:

    Petition for alex ernest to come on this show.
    This is how many people signed the petition

  17. Mike Honcho says:

    For some reason I feel like buying Old Spice products

  18. Jeff Wittek says:

    Thanks for washin. three more action packed episodes coming this week!

  19. Wendi says:

    Theory: Jeff came up with this series to build an army of Jeff lookalikes. Why? The world will soon find out

  20. Teresa De La Rosa says:

    Jeff: “Because most guys his age…”
    Everyone: thinks he’s gonna say “have no hair”
    Jeff: “have passed away”

    • Sha says:

      sorry to bother you but would you mind checking out my music if you get a chance? im really tryna make it as an artist

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