Emotional swede expresses what we all wanted to express after the game against Italy

Emotional swede expresses what we all wanted to express after the game against Italy

From TV4 Sport and Fotbollskanalen



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20 Responses

  1. Francisco Arce says:

    I didnt know pewds like soccer so much

  2. TheDriftdog says:

    It’s only a game!!

  3. AbovyantsiAper says:

    Lmao I love how he accepts the hug

  4. Anita Hava-Shite says:

    Swedish Guy #1: Oh man, what a good bunch of partying at that disco-tech.
    They played one of my audience requests.
    Swedish Guy #2: Way awesome! I myself drank like five liters of beer. Any
    more and I would have ended up in hospital man.
    Swedish Guy #1: Oh you said it friend, but I wanted to stay, because I
    almost had sex on this girl.
    Swedish Guy #2: Oh yeah, but it was so expensive. Each drink was like six
    dollars forty!

  5. Omar says:

    Your ancestors would be disappointed.

  6. DJ Khaled says:

    Being an Arsenal fan, I can relate.


  7. Matias says:

    That’s nothing, cheering for Argentina, losing 2 finals in consecutive is
    the worst feeling ever

  8. fucduck says:

    I lost it at the “give me strength”.

  9. Mal Crini says:

    Trendoids… Worry about the single male rapeugees rather than a childs
    ballgame…jwo seeks to genocide you….wake up europe!

  10. punklelo says:

    Who slipped?

  11. James Duckworth says:

    Now think how England feels

  12. HazzBro says:

    I was watching the match live and I’ve got to say – I’ve never seen more
    Swedish ripped shirts by the French in my life! ??? are their kits made
    in China?

  13. Deos says:

    Swedish sounds like Arabic..

    P.S. is that the Swedish chef?

  14. Irish Athiest says:

    7-0 chile

  15. youmongrel says:

    You know, if you hadn’t hard-coded those subtitles this could have become
    the next Hitler tantrum meme.

  16. 10TimesOver says:

    Well you have John Terry and Steven Gerrard slipping, losing the Champions
    league and Premier League, respectively. So…

  17. TheSololobo says:

    Thats a viking right there.

  18. Gigi Buffon says:

    “How can someone slip”. You clearly have never watched the premier league
    my friend

  19. Laura Akalon says:

    Calm down Pewdiepie… dang

  20. God says:

    Why the fuck do people keep asking me for strength? like how the fuck would
    I physically do that? I mean I guess I could show you how to do push up or