‘Empire’ Might Be Canceled Entirely Because Of Jussie Smollett

‘Empire’ Might Be Canceled Entirely Because Of Jussie Smollett

R.Kelly responds to Gayle King interview (00:06)
R.Kelly publicist says interview helped R. Kelly (00:43)
Juice Wrld on track for Number 1 album (01:49)
Juelz Santana and Kimbella expecting (02:18)
Kevin Hart new Netflix special (02:45)
Jussie Smollett might get ‘Empire’ canceled (03:59)

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‘Empire’ Might Be Canceled Entirely Because Of Jussie Smollett

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88 Responses

  1. Everything Bothers My Bipolar says:

    Every time I hear Gayle say… ROBERT ?? and yea the interview helped?

  2. Daniel Wright says:

    You’re having a baby but the baby daddy’s going to prison.. congratulations..

  3. RASTA GOD says:

    I haven’t seen a whole episode yet . o well!!

  4. The Wright’s Way says:

    They killed James Evans on Good Time when they fired him or left

  5. Ry Bread says:

    Juelz isn’t slick, he was about to go to jail so he decided to lock it down until he returns ???

  6. Drew EX says:

    Oh well,, I watch Sanford and Son anyway not Empire.?

  7. Christian Barrett says:

    It was too much gay shit on Empire anyway. Nobody won’t miss it really.

    • Young Kills says:

      Yeah that gay shit was throwin me off I just stuck to Power it was much better

    • Joseph B says:

      donrainesoh BOOM! And that’s reality. But they don’t wanna hear that tho. Str8 people kill me like their living the right way. And I’m waiting for someone to comment because my phone is always on me.

    • Joseph B says:

      Kas It’s not just Chicago it’s the human race period. The point he’s trying to make is y’all dislike someone just because they’re gay. Not because they have personally did something to you, but simply because they love the same sex. And for some reason, society tend to overlook two women. But I digress. He’s saying that instead of trying to educate people on the gay community, because like it or not it’s never going anywhere, then they should focus more on str8 people being together, having babies, getting married then divorced…and while we’re at it let’s just show niggas on the down low. Because if we’re gonna keep it ?, isn’t that the majority in the black community??

    • Chosenone For the masses says:


    • Davis Campos says:


  8. Budda Baby says:

    You know how many people are going to lose their jobs over that show? Do you realize how many crew members work on one show? He’s literally responsible for all those people losing their jobs now. SMDH.

    • Queentee Onehundred says:

      There not canceling because of Jussie that show was going downhill before this happened. They was losing viewers the show was having the same ole story lines anyway. They using him as an excuse

    • RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot says:

      Peoople keep saying the show went “downhill”, yet it’s still the highest rated show on Fox….. so I don’t understand. Ratings tend to drop and elevate for various shows, that’s nothing new. If they cancel the show, it won’t be over ratings.

    • Anunnaki J says:

      RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot … FINALLY someone who isn’t talking out their ass!

    • Ibrahim says:

      RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot I just hope it brings them more money than they spend on it

    • Sabra Salvia says:

      Budda Baby exactly. Atleast Roseanne has the decency to allow the show to continue without her.

  9. Budda Baby says:

    How you die in life is how you died on a TV show lol. You never know. ?

  10. TheLovliestTear says:

    Who still watches Empire? I haven’t since that ‘You’re So Beautiful’ song. ???

  11. Movie Messiah says:

    They’re cancelling Empire cuz the viewership has dropped

    • ken_mrgentleman of YPG says:

      +Dee Jay I think 911

    • OH Yeh! says:

      Movie Messiah I never even watched it until after the Jussie drama and like the show – was it on its way out anyways or because of Jussie scandal?

    • Kendal says:

      Too many gay sex scene’s for my taste. Don’t nobody want to see that!! Especially if you ain’t gay. So I stopped watching it.

    • kamaboko1 says:

      +Archduke Franz Ferdinand Hannity is the #1 drama on Fox

    • Kendal says:

      +Yung Sammy Sosa I agree!! I’m not hating either, but I don’t want to see guys in bed and kissing with each other, that shit is nasty. So I stopped watching it. It started to become gay porn.

  12. blumountaindew says:

    Wasn’t that show already on the way out? That’s a scapegoat to finally put the writers out of their misery.

  13. ezthejedi says:

    I’m ready for this Kevin Hart Netflix special so I can not laugh & complain bout how he not as funny as Dave Chappelle

  14. TripDarlin says:

    Still waiting on that Gayle king interview with Harvey Waste-stein?

  15. Slick James says:

    Oh happy day that jiggaboo Minstrel show getting kicked off the air???

  16. Godwin James Apuede says:

    His character should be killed by two Nigerians when he goes on tour in Nigeria ???

  17. Jermaine Blalock says:

    Show is trash, perverted and detrimental to the youth. Great news, Thank God

  18. dru jackson says:

    they canceling empire?!? they gunn really beat yo ass now ??

  19. vegetarian girl says:

    How ironic, he did all this to make more money, and now he’s making no money at all

    • joanofarc33 says:

      vegetarian girl Divine Justice. Karma.

    • D_money says:

      It’s actually not ironic at all. God don’t like ugly. And this guy planned this for a while, yet God had the final plan.

    • James H says:

      Don’t forget his auntie is Kamala Harris and she was pushing some bullshit anti-lynching bill that we needed 100 years ago LOL not in 2019!! We already have an anti-lynching bill it’s called anti-murder laws #CancelThatShit #CancelHisCareer #ShameToKamalaHarris

    • Josh Newkirk says:


  20. Earthworm Jim Jones says:

    I’m sure it has more to do with the fact that several million viewers stopped watching the show 2 seasons ago.

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