Empire Promo – SNL

Empire Promo – SNL

New hire Chip (Chris Hemsworth) learns it’s not easy working alongside Lucious (Kenan Thompson), Cookie (Sasheer Zamata), Jamal (Jay Pharoah), Hakeem (Michael Che) and Porsha (Leslie Jones) at Empire.

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19 Responses

  1. GG Babe says:

    Funny how Chris pretends to be the good guy xD

  2. drakenhart says:

    Please make the video’s available in my country! We can’t watch SNL here on
    tv :(

  3. Levi says:

    Hahahhaha Leslie Jones as Porsha

  4. frozenpharoah says:

    as an SNL fan, I expect more than a stereotypical representation of Black
    people. Empire is one of the highest rated show on TV, so clearly white
    people are watching. it seems like all of the work went into the 40th

  5. Kevin Robinson says:

    Fan of the show and this was hilarious. Laughed out loud at Leslie Jones.

  6. Mary Ogbe says:

    Even the SNL skit somehow managed to ignore Andre…Lol. Poor Andre.

  7. kay bradford says:

    Haha I’m dying… Can you sign this card it’s cookies birthday haha 

  8. Zoe Wilson says:

    This was crap the only funny part was horse and giving him the middle
    finger the rest was pooh

  9. Steve Flanders says:

    Think I’ll unsub if all this ‘not available in your country’ crap

  10. Dick Richardson says:

    and the award for race baiting goes to …SNL

  11. Jerrell Simpson says:

    Not even funny

  12. Frank Nunez says:

    Don’t get it…but ive never seen empire either, so…grimm

  13. Robert Jones says:


  14. Megan Marie says:

    “take a dip chip”

  15. Terrell says:

    Glad to see this before the buthurt black viewers get here, well apart from
    the ones who already commented, good thing their comments got outshined by
    the not available in my country comments.
    feels good :)

  16. blancmage31 says:

    Kenan was actually amazing as Lucious…that impression was on point lmao

  17. Tarek Abuaita says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  18. olivia4490 says:

    This was corny.

  19. Bri Jones says:

    I love Empire. SNL nailed it! Lol Hilarious!