Empoli 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Double In Juve Comeback | Serie A

Empoli 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Double In Juve Comeback | Serie A

Ronaldo’s double saves Juventus’ blushes | Serie A

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77 Responses

  1. Sultan Enterprises says:

    10 games, 7 goals, 4 assists new league new team. 🤫

    • FlamingRavenMC says:

      +Dec 6A Muhammad Haris Hasanain that argument makes no sense, a team beating another team once doesn’t mean that team is better than the other one. If so then you must also believe the Russian league is better than the Spanish league as csko Moscow beat real madrid. Therefore u think csko Moscow is better than the team that has won the ucl 3 times in a row

    • Wanwad Marwein says:

      +suhaimie shaarii messi is always better than ronaldo !!! All day long buddy😊

    • Ma Ángel says:

      +Sean Fernandes but you know Who is aspas? See his 2 goals from yesterday. 😍 With his 32 years old. https://youtu.be/j2kjoEKB1Hk

    • Diogo Oliveira says:

      By the logic of the retards here then players like Cavani, Mbappe, Neymar and Di Maria are shit cause they play in France in a League that is complete garbage… Just cause Juventus won the league 7 times doesn’t mean it’s not competitive… Roma, Napoli, Inter, Lazio. Juventus just has better players like Pjanic, Bonucci, Chiellini, Matuidi. All i see here is people that never touched a football in their useless life, don’t know shit about football. Ronaldo got speed, physique, he is explosive, shoots with left and right foot, he jumps like hell, freekicks, he adapts fast at age of 33, he is a leader… one of the most complete players of all time.

  2. Jon Con says:

    Madrid are starting to realize they have made a horrible decision in disrespecting the highest scoring player in Madrid history they thought he’s 33 he has nothing more to offer but they failed to realize Ronaldo loves it when ppl doubt him he loves making ppl eat their words and Madrid is gonna eat a lot of words this season and they also fail to realize Ronaldo is not just one man he’s 10 million ppl from a small country in the world called Portugal where one for all and all for one is what we live by viva PORTUGAL viva RONALDO our hero!!!

  3. Wild Cat says:

    2:56 CR7 is just unstoppable. Juve is a home for him, it’s right place for you CR7. Sorry Real Madrid, you did not know how to appreciate your big star and let him go. Poor Real and good luck in Laliga and Champion League hahaha

    • You Got Rice ? says:

      Wild Cat the Madrid fans are absolute trash…watch some interviews when ronaldo left real…they were all acting like it’s nothing…we don’t need ronaldo,ronaldo will beg for return,Ronaldo is arrogant,ronaldo is selfish bla-bla-bla…look at real now I bet they all eat their words,réal was ronaldo…now it’s just another team…karma bitches

    • Sir. Funnik says:

      yeah, real treat their player like shit.

    • Idlhar Naim says:

      DelPiero, Marchisio, say hi….?? 🤣🤣

    • Raúl says:

      I am a Real Madrid fan and I’m not gonna lie, so many Madrid fans didn’t appreciate CR7. It’s sad how many took him for granted and thought it wouldn’t affect the team if he left but now look at us. we are at the worst we ever been in a long time

  4. Mr.sahrul Arbangin says:

    Cr 7 fans INDONESIA 🇮🇩🇮🇩👍

  5. Iam Donnels says:

    Ronaldo becomes a legend where ever he plays!!!

  6. The1977andi says:

    Was best in premier league
    Was best in la liga
    Now best In serie a
    Messi who?

    • Amirul Zahin says:

      To all messi fans, i doubt that messi can perform in 3 different league & clubs. This guy is really something else & he also have the same Ballon D’Or win like messi. So what is your arguments?

    • alfredo Alexndria says:

      +just love it VEVO actually Ronaldo
      Get 4 UCL champion in real madrid, 1 in Man United how about Messi?actually 3, just in Barce

    • Govind Menon says:

      +palex6248 He started 2 years before messi could start playing.. Take their game-goal ratio!!

    • Govind Menon says:

      +palex6248 While doing nothing in the sidelines?? Plus UEFA is only for Europe.. Dude first get some knowledge about football!! U sound like a 13 year old kid trying to give facts he doesn’t understand

    • Govind Menon says:

      +Amirul ZahinIf winning in diff leagues r the standard.. Zlatan is a much better player than ronaldo.. so STFU

  7. Why need a name says:

    Let messi join series A….Is he good as cr7

    • palex6248 says:

      Why need a name he will never leave Barcelona he can’t play anywhere else…

    • palex6248 says:

      He can’t even win a copa America with Argentina and he’s going to join another team 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 he will never leave Barcelona. He needs Barcelona to get more players so he can just play easy fun and win titles that’s it

    • Demar #EverBless says:

      +palex6248 you just proved to everyone how retarded you are😪

    • NIGHT FURY says:

      palex6248 see the goals of messi with no body’s help..even a single touch..like free kicks..sortly solo dribble goals..all tht will say u something else..

    • NIGHT FURY says:

      palex6248 after those pls share sm goals of CR..like those..no mentions for wt messi awarded..only about wt he got..

  8. Lokesh kumar says:

    Is this real??!!? A 33 yo man adapting so easily in other leagues??!!? This is insane man

    • Drift Star says:

      Troublesome 96 which is simply why ronaldo doesn’t dribble much anymore because he knows one bad injury can end his career

    • Edgar Panganiban says:

      Well, if its the other player who play and start its career in Serie A the way Ronaldo started his, he won’t get that far aand get another chance. To be honest, Juventus gave Ronaldo so much time to adapt and now he’s getting used to. What I’m saying is, he didn’t adapt easily as you said, you guys all of a sudden forget his goal-drought and sub-par performances at the start of the season?? lmfao.

    • Diogo Oliveira says:

      +Troublesome 96 He had one 2 years ago (31 years) in his knee and he recovered so wtf you’re talking about?

    • Navi says:

      Edgar Panganiban you realize he’s been the highest rated Juve player of the season right? With the most goals, most assists, most motm’s, mvp of September…he has been good since joining Juve.

  9. Paulo Dybala says:

    Juve is on fire🔥Ronaldo the G.O.A T🐐 #finoallafine

  10. You Got Rice ? says:

    The dude is 33 and still play like a 25-27 year old guy….amazing

  11. Michaël RBC says:

    By the way, CR7 is Very goood😊

  12. Pandji Aryo Poerwono says:

    Won European Cup with his Country
    Won 3 Consecutive UCL
    Champion in England
    Champion in Spain
    Conquering Italy so far

    Just can’t help himself from established as a European King.

    • A Typical Ching Chong says:

      WWE And Soccer Reviews What about his 450 goals in 438 games for Madrid, being top goalscorer in Madrid history, and being the top goalscorer in Champions League history?

    • WWE And Soccer Reviews says:

      +A Typical Ching Chong He had a two year headstart calm down

    • WWE And Soccer Reviews says:

      +Pandji Aryo Poerwono no that would be messi

    • Pandji Aryo Poerwono says:

      +WWE And Soccer Reviews haha the man who failed 3 finals in a row with his country.

    • Firdaus Abdullah says:

      +WWE And Soccer Reviews and just because messi scores more goals and gives more assist with 1 club only. It doesn’t mean he’s the goat either.. He’s just a goat at barca but not the whole world. We’ll see how messi will do at 33 years of age later on.. Then we’ll know how to decide..

  13. Pratibha Thakur says:

    How can Messi be greatest when he played his whole life in a single club…at least Ronaldo is trying to play in different leagues and performing

  14. milo miriam says:

    crazy that he’s 33 and still in such amazing form!! 🔥 gotta see him live before he retires. we all lucky to be able to see players like ronaldo and messi play

  15. dann nazry says:

    Expectations : Ronaldo is nothing without Real Madrid.
    Reality : Real Madrid is nothing without Ronaldo.

  16. Katia Costa says:

    How is the best

  17. Just A Normal Person says:

    Did anyone noticed that since CR7 transfered into juve..!! Serie A is getting famous day by day again..!! i mean look at the views and total subs..!!

  18. madhu What's says:

    That second goal reminds of ronaldo in Manchester United

  19. krishtian Sev says:

    ON AUG 16 2003, I watched him play his first game for man United, I was 21years old. I remember this to this day, Bolton away fans held out placards saying ‘ YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG RONALDO ‘ referencing him to the Brazilian Ronaldo. And I saw them laughing. Now those bolton fans are the biggest losers for me. And When I was younger, the elders in my family, friends relatives said that they lived to see maradona play, great for them. But when I’m older, I’m going to say that I lived in the time where I got to see CHRISTIANO RONALDO PLAY.

  20. VIPER GAME ÎN says:

    #cristiano is an evergreen legend getting better day by day….fans show some love.siiiiiiiiiii

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