Energy Balls – You Suck at Cooking (episode 72)

Energy Balls – You Suck at Cooking (episode 72)

Energy Balls. Do they really give you energy? That can be definitively answered with one simple word; maybe, maybe not.

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1 cup of quick oats (easier to stir than the thick ones)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup sticky stuff
teaspoon of vanilla (or not)
1/2 cup of coconut
Then some other stuff: almonds, seeds, whatever.
These last three ingredients can just be anything you think will taste good and give you energy.

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65 Responses

  1. Nice Guy says:

    Can I still stuff my mouth with it if I continue to judge myself though?

  2. Semi says:

    Is it possible to also make anti-energy balls? If so, what ingredients could I use?

    • Max MS says:

      Yeah. All you have to do is to make it necessary to use more energy to make them than you get when you eat them.

      For example you could go to the shop and find the thing with the highest fibre/other-stuff ratio, and then mix it with water. Finding that and mixing it would use more energy than you would get from eating it, wich would be close to nothing.

      Why’d I spend those minutes replying to this joke?

    • Mr.L says:

      Well that sounds just like what I need to not wake up in the morning, got to try this recipe asap

    • Jon Spell says:

      Just wangjangle some ground turkey with valerian root and crushed melatonin and include a secret Paxil center. May also help to throw on some Enya or Kenny G or C-SPAN.

    • Chu E. says:

      Semi Watch the video he answered that already…

    • Bacon in a sandwich says:

      Semi some poop, pee and anti matter, mix it all together and you get anti-energyballs

  3. Tommy Jarvis TGSR says:

    I love the randomness of this channel ? “Ondo on 2 hundo!!!”

  4. Chefe Jamon says:

    I love you

  5. Kelley Choo says:

    That energy bracelet is my life in a nutshell

  6. Knorkrax says:

    Finally I can use my secret wrist thrust technique.

  7. David DiGiacomo says:

    Nice silverface princeton, Is that the 68 reissue?

  8. Master of None says:

    Gigatrons of wrist thrust was my high school nick name.

    • Mikemenn says:

      *British accent* Then apologies, my good sir. Riffing off of your, what appeared at first glance, a self-aggrandizing of your high school “wrist action”, I thought the thread was ripe for a slight burn and the accompanying titter.. Furthermore, this channel specializes in pointing out that we, the viewers, aren’t quite up to snuff in the food preparation department thereby lending a certain decorum to the clientele is receives.

      So hence forth, “conversation mode shall” is engaged. Allow me to reposit my original reply …

      “Ha, ha. Tis a good one, sir! Very apropos.”

      *british accent off*

    • jasonhall10 says:

      You know it’s a good comment when it makes you laugh harder than the video it’s posted to.

    • Grindelwaldos says:

      So, wanker?

    • The Real Dunbar says:

      Mikemenn funniest comment ever!!!!!

    • The Frenzied Ferret says:

      Master of None were you also ‘boner champ’?

  9. Jackattack809 says:

    Swigity swooty.

  10. Bright Eyes says:

    That dog is just living life to the fullest ???

  11. Mojito says:

    Come for the cooking, stay for the epic puns.
    Seriously, if they ever make a reboot of Xavier Renegade Angel then I want you on the writing team my dude.

  12. Savi B says:

    To stuff a face you don’t even want.
    Same, I honestly don’t want my face either.

  13. Savi B says:

    What happened to your hand!

  14. Savi B says:

    Dude, that dog at the end was me trying to get out of bed.

  15. HentaiSenpai9000 says:

    You just made this video as an excuse to says “balls” as many times as possible didn’t you?

  16. louisng114 says:

    You can re-power Pimblokto using these energy balls.

  17. LucidDreamer says:

    By far the best cooking show. It keeps you interested and if you want to take it seriously you can just wangjangle yourself over to the description 😛

  18. Sarge Scum says:


  19. James Tree says:

    Imma make myself a battery-hoover-sun-redbull-youngdog-gasoline-energyball yummi, thanks for the hint.

  20. Jaime Reynolds says:

    These videos always make me happy 🙂

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