EPIC Bruno Mars Medley – Peter Hollens & Roomie

EPIC Bruno Mars Medley – Peter Hollens & Roomie

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I found this cool app that acts as a marketplace like a new version of Craigslist, so im listing all the CDs on there as a Holiday thank you TO YOU! My amazing supporters!

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00:00 – 00:11 Marry You
00:12 – 00:25 Locked Out Of Heaven
00:26 – 00:54 Grenade
00:55 – 01:12 Just The Way You Are
01:13 – 01:33 Count On Me
01:34 – 01:54 Lazy Song
01:55 – 02:10 Young Girls
02:11 – 02:26 Natalie
02:27 – 02:37 Gorilla
02:38 – 03:02 When I Was Your Man ????
It Will Rain Talking To The Moon
Uptown Funk

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/7EIbKyiLnEJ1Y074UIUyZJ


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Mix: Ed Boyer
Arr: Tom Anderson
Master: Dio
Editing: FifGen Films
Shot: Merlin S

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20 Responses

  1. laraib syed says:

    Woah! i don’t know what is more awesome. the fact that u are giving out
    SIGNED CDS or that this song is truly EPIC!!!!!

  2. Lexiandy Kuswandana says:

    Btw, Peter’s ear looks like an elf..

  3. Annika Segers says:


  4. Emma Jane says:

    Please do a harry potter medley!:):)xxx

  5. marc jorba says:

    beautiful song

  6. Flexin ninja says:

    Auto tune

  7. African Guy says:

    African guy

  8. Elias van Mourik says:

    This is a wonderful collab, Peter! ??

  9. Eva Wendelin says:

    It would be amazing when you two sing the hole song “Count on me”!
    Favourite of this beautiful medley :D

  10. Linn Larsson says:

    Evertime I see Roomie I think…. Sweden FTW

  11. Gabriel Tomboc says:

    awesome work Mr. Hollens 🙂 idk if you are still taking request but i would
    like to see if you can do hey pretty girl by kip Moore. and keep up the
    awesome work man 🙂 love your music :)

  12. Mia Read says:

    Peter plz do a collab with Caleb Hyles!!! Please it would be amazing

  13. Iron and Diamond says:

    do the gravity falls

  14. Thunder Lighting (TL104) says:


  15. Tammy x says:

    That was A-fucking-MAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The dark Knight says:

    I love your music videos

  17. Joey Cipres says:

    Videos are awesome ! Wish you could publish them on Spotify. Just searched
    and I didn’t find them. Haha… Keep up the good work. =D

  18. Maggie Wathen says:

    OMG I found you though sky does minecraft and omg
    I love a cappella and music
    This is so amazing
    You are like advance Jon cozart
    Especially liked the uptown funk arrangement

  19. Leah Amelia says:

    this is actually so good omg

  20. Eric Bieche says:

    Peter could you do Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce… I think it would be