Epic Mini Boat Battle | Sink the Ship!!

Epic Mini Boat Battle | Sink the Ship!!

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47 Responses

  1. Dare Devil says:


  2. Tyler Johnson says:

    This battle was awesome like if you agree

  3. Pikachu lover26 says:

    Anyone think they should bring back the Wheel of Misfortune??

  4. Big Cardo says:

    Can we see dizzy olympics

  5. Johnathan Filip says:

    Team edge Hi and everyone have a great day!🤗

  6. GillyFish says:

    I just tried for about 15 minutes to download it but I don’t have enough storage 🙁

    and I have no other way of downloading it…

    • Chris the gamer Delima says:


    • GillyFish says:

      +Chris the gamer Delima
      My laptop is literally rubbish, I have been having a problem with storage since I got it…

    • Chris the gamer Delima says:

      you could run a junk file scan (i forget the name) and clear up some space, but also go in your file manager ( the file on your taskbar that comes with windows) and open it up and head over to This pc and see how much storage you have left.

  7. Team Edge says:

    We’re playing right now under the username teamedge2018!! See you there!

  8. NerdDude_46 __ says:

    Please do a Harry Potter escape room.
    I’m in the notification squad!

  9. Mehrad 1113 says:

    More strange sports plz
    Like water filled volleyball and …

  10. Andrew Albert says:

    Team j fred!!😁😁

  11. Coolicycle12 says:

    I got the game it’s really fun

  12. Dodo223 says:

    Hey crew at team edge i love the content…Keep up the great work

  13. 999889989889 says:

    Two United States warships fighting each other…. CIVIL WAR PART 2

  14. Corey Mangione says:

    You should do a build a boat competition like the one dude perfect did but have a budget of like 20-50 dollars. like so they see

  15. Every 07 says:

    Bring back the wheel of misfortune. Do Giant Uno cards

  16. JS Koh says:

    Heya! I just wanted to give a suggestion for an airplane challenge! It’s just that you guys did tanks to master the land, then this amazing warship battle to master the water, but there is still one more… the SKY. So yeah I would just love to see this in a future video, for I love to play the aviation modes in war thunder, so thank you for taking time to read this comment, and please take this idea into consideration. 🙂

    Read this if you are interested!
    So for the video plan, here is my idea. One team will have a bomber, (or more if you can include more people,) and the rest of the team will be fighter airplanes. Their main objective would be to protect the bomber at all costs till it reaches it’s target. The second team would also be a bunch of fighters with their objective to destroy the bomber, by shooting the bomber propellers, like the fuel tanks on the warships. If all the propellers are destroyed then the bomber is then destroyed. Once the all the bombers are destroyed then the second team wins. If there still at least some bomber(s) once they reach the target the first team wins. And the amount of bombers, and propellers they have still intact, will measure the penalty of the second team’s loss. So for example let’s say that you have 3/3 bombers and 6/6 total propellers still intact, that would give the second team a big penalty. 2/3 bombers and 4/6 propellers would be a medium penalty. And 1/3 bombers and 2/6 propellers would result in a small penalty, but this would also result with first team getting a medium penalty for not saving enough bombers. If all bombers were lost then the first team would get a big penalty for losing all their bombers. If the design of the airplanes is a design just like the mini boats in this video, that would be perfect. If you guys don’t have enough of those little vehicles, maybe try something like a wearable plane design with a gap at the bottom so the person inside can slip his/her legs through. Fighters will he able to run, but bomber will only be able to walk. Each person will carry one of those guns that you use filled with baseballs, to destroy the fighters, and bomber(s). Talking about fighters, in order to destroy the fighters, they will have weak points like the ones used in this video, near the front of the fighter, since in real scenarios, this would be a critical spot, for most engines were located in the front of the plane. Soooo yeah, thank you for taking time to read this, and please take this into consideration… Again! Like if you want this in a future video . 🙂

  17. Jaimme Pineda says:

    Bobby should lose for he is a fisherman and not a general😂😂😂

  18. cynran gamer says:

    I Made my boat with flex tape :v

    Edit:thx for the like, wait i like my own Comment :v

  19. Carla Houston says:

    Hey Team Edge

    Tap On me || %%%

  20. MoomMoo Maddie says:

    when j-fred gave instructions, it sounded like a flight attendant 🙂

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