Epic Pomeranian Puppy sneeze (Original)

Epic Pomeranian Puppy sneeze (Original)

Roux the Pomeranian and his epic sneeze. Follow Roux’s adventures on Instagram and Twitter @roux_pom

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20 Responses

  1. carinna Sarmiento says:

    woah…change the speed to 0.5

  2. Steadystrike says:

    I think this pom just cured prostate cancer with that sneeze.

  3. Shock The Boring - You Tube says:

    That was funny as shxx. It made me laugh.

  4. Kurt Wagner says:

    My dog would do that when it had something stuck in it’s nose.

  5. Rory Humber says:

    Pretty sure its possessed 

  6. 7+2 channel says:

    Wasn’t expecting that at all hahahhahaha

  7. Bananaboxers25 says:

    This is the meme of 2015.

  8. Bruce Wayne says:

    Im gonna kill it cook it and then eat it with my Asian friends

  9. Summer Fisher says:

    What on earth 

  10. Nastya Nika says:


  11. Sir Egg says:

    That tablet has germs now

  12. mamc1986 says:

    That was hilarious! LOL

  13. jimmyshitbags says:

    hahahaha was not expecting that

  14. blurryface says:

    MY HEART. Ugh this is so cute. I wish my Pomeranian would sneeze like that.

  15. Caroline Campbell says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  16. rustypro98 says:

    of course right on the ipad.

  17. Cata Tiburinciin says:

    Ohh cx so cute!!
    Da best sneeze ever cx
    Y can’t stop replying x’D

  18. Tyrone Biggs says:

    really people……… this?…. really?

  19. Orka Drones says:

    HA! That’s fucking hilarious!

  20. Malis Ek says:

    You’ll need a new screen for your iPad